I’m totally with you all children to
support an extraordinary man this incredible around huge crowd high people
from every single batter’s can’t hear him New York to New York but they came
to America from Ireland to escape poverty and parents came from holiness
to they all believed they created a better life for future generations here
in America and they could but over the latter forty years that promise has been
eroded and burn plans to change all that improving the quality of life for all
Americans and building a country based on their goodness
come – it’s at the core of a message he’s more than ready to continue his to
fight for the working people of America now you’ll be hearing from some
extraordinary people today and bottle the agenda that bernie is fighting for
more than the Oscar award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore to expose the law you have domestic and
foreign policy the cruelty of our dysfunctional healthcare and my whole
life exposing hypocrisy from the CEO to the president is by much of their
embarrassment Michael Moore is committed to making
America a more competitive country and that’s why today I am so proud to
introduce the next speaker are a true friend
Michael Moore please thank you the first time that I spoke
overly and he really was the time in the bird won his seat in Congress in Vermont
in 1990 it uh he called me they were trying to get it they’re trying to find
a celebrity salute there could be a big problem but this
was just a few months after my first film and nobody would really knew who I
was and I said have you tried anybody else that could bring in a bigger crowd
the big dollars at that time were Crocodile Dundee
nillili nillili vanilla ladies could we get any of them he can only get two guys
from Vermont who made ice cream No I remember asking I remember he said
well it’s very simple if what was then the burger needs to be he said to me what these white is that
everyone get this CD at the person taking the cross of the law he said that
means that they need notice about our CD in our electoral politics we need that
economy focus on the different birds socialism I
said she’s always essentially that the last shall be first and the first shall
be last he said it I it started here here and here we are today the powers that be are they were here and so they can destroy everything they
can come up with to get people to think that you’re give me about poverty to get
people repeating their gross yeah what is that super weird final few y’all there were two all apparently a gift that we have a 78 year
old American running for president of the United States and you know why
lactic failure what have 78 year old will see they see me burn see the things
many mama have you ever seen know is look at to defeat oh boy No Oh the help of the younger one Emil who sat
on the bed there all three have danger here in Berlin infinite burn one the prior version of
the ulema states that one of the qualities Burnie one West Virginia according to
the polls here your last one he’s been number one in the banana he he’s in a
dead heat he was Bertie when you say burner can’t win
you are lying to the American people and say you can’t you can’t every because
well you know when they say on TV they should have always say and the American
people have for the last 70 years the American people love their total
security you married people of have any public school people you know what you
really want to do is tell you the truth they don’t want to tell you the truth of
what if instructor learner cannot mimic a policies differently if we struggle
with democracy instead of a funeral funeral system
and not cannibalism of our great-grandparents it’s a form it’s a
new form of agreed and so that is and make sure that that just as a very
review of the top and everybody else Ruggles what they’re really afraid of is that
tax on the river go up with Bernie Sanders and when they claim this was so depressing the debate we
watched mmm go after Medicare say about these
Democrats why are we unable to figure it out never
say the water no they stayed up there anything
oh come right now they’re gonna go home that has far over the big wall your
dessert already it’s different we don’t don’t Paula what’s has in the United
States in Canada or France or Finland or any of the number of other countries
they not only get good three healthier free or nearly free create here they are
you free or nearly free family and they can we do now what what’s the average
American pay who has a need for trout there what would you do and edge of a
word thousand a year but what do we pay for your deductible your premium here are very busy here health care and
too long that’s what would be bowing down over here and we don’t know yeah
they do depend on these countries take it all things for free or nearly free if
it’s a room that’s American people and this is what we used to be people
I just noticed there was just playing and how that is how rare it is they see
me these days I love Oh media all free this is a mirror in people from a half
mile away from of us this has to stop they ever hear they it’s the seating of trimming over there
there we’re like really wasn’t aware is the
East River Butler says this is not just about feeding problem this is about of
feeding there would Jesus from the lawn consistently show can be drawn but be is
enough can we meet them we need to not only crush her at the pool every week
this is run crop I rode a two are mine just read anyone one defense one Dennis
when I heard this I thought well this is really the best scripted into what we
all want it’s really the best description of what
democratic socialism is or what the democratic party hello will be I’d like
to just read this sentence to you it’s me does it all and inspires that this is
not about as he says me it’s about this is this is the sentence that I describe
this listen to these words we we Oh – you won one of your riddle a photo put
in it nasty women the brave courageous and necessary you know we were and I’m to tell me how it was not on
ERISA forward 21 mix apini I was wrong to the video no no no just the man on
the breathing hard the llama and he want you can come visit and he didn’t karere
and he intermitted to change it the Lyle Feeny and I’ve had one of us now we well
when we well when come on we we we we we we we we must win we mainly give elemental
universal batteries that people should be able to go to college and afford to
have a life after college we might win because of the fundamental battle in the
sense that our power is in his treatise and the government
it’s the serve people I don’t know what Stan sad with me we went because there is
today tomorrow today in the Negev election it is about whether we believe
that anymore are arguable it is about what we believe that those people living
in the United States but not immediately innovating we but we are almost women
but thinking no no travel younger people on our minds
are in the military trad rights are human rights I don’t know everybody’s right we are
all one and together in a universal agenda that are really really made us be
compromising I love it whatever burden that is one on me and if you didn’t
detective saying with me let me be absolutely right yes we wish that again those made 100
million dollars an hour and pay their workers
sarvam wages yeah we used an again those they’re
gonna take away a woman’s right to choose and we will stand against the
terrible crime of separating families of the southern part of the border of the
United States we must women rations we must win to
ensure that everyone everyone anywhere Skinner the religion it doesn’t matter
and we must wait in order to take on climate change I’m just going to take a few more
minutes of your time look I don’t know I’m gonna climb into
change expert I am a climate change survivor I don’t know the ocean that’s
gonna get her haha time the tides are gonna go say it louder sailor I do know this one thing climate change
is real climate change kills 3d I’m pouring into denial under my eye this
morning because I’m a predator that was she’s concerned about looking good
rather than doing weakness demagogue xenon of away redness hey throw away president the car never be compromising but I’m
not to be your little business but no I was not have to be the beautifulest the
time is not to be people the time dancers are there with burners members and what we cannot respect every other
candidate but we know that there is why no sir 800 numbers
Emunah sort of a beginner in one voice one program a different voice that will
provide a cross generations that a lot of – but united that her lineage or a
day in January what matters it is the real matters the real humanity
the real compassion and the unrelenting there is no middle ground
no baby steps but bold moves that do everything we can let our not leave
anyone I’m tired or in turn let us move forward in a path of a progressive
agenda that will make sure that we all understand that we are in close that no
life is worth more than another get the lucky ones salty waters so we will win
and we must win we we please Oh oh sorry I need to put Oh in empower marginalized community by
beating the city’s okra the cover of law because the revolution has baby businesses New York spa all right okay see we know how senator
Burton is always this move maybe this is presidential run not about me but it is
about so all give a shit about the people you serve Oh brother so now my foundation comes from
congresswoman barbara and she said she was a congressman from Texas ed what the
people that’s all so we will ignore the matter we are looking for hospitals we don’t even give me stored on the hack we do we got mainstream and the neoliberal
side so they are meeting happy being on a
framework Oh this other one is the one this is the
one it’s only one my mind
howl amazed you will reclaim the won’t be me ageism isn’t over you know so middle to the mainstream
media memo to the hands and we go and baby when we get to the White House well inequality
and we baby now brothers and Senators please welcome
to the stage Queens worker group evident and bore when we return hey y’all thank you some of you might know me me my name is
Tiffany cava and I heard you euro we’re and I have in my entire adult leg
fighting to bring real justice to working people and then here but you know it is completely surreal
for me to be here with y’all my grandparents came here in Puerto Rico and my parents grew up in public housing
in the woods not far from the housing units that are right across the street
they they walk with mold chipping bikini asbestos crumbling ceilings namely
serious health risks and – had to live with it and early on sure I’m sure our family learns that government didn’t
really care about our schools were overcrowded our apartments and homes
were crumbling and our neighborhoods were over police and any source starved so my dad came in elevator mechanic and
my mom looked after other people’s kids and they saved up to send me to a
Catholic High School and for me that long bus ride into a different
neighborhood my husband said well had might I don’t have been in to a
different planet I thought that that well we why communities needed help they
get access into resources but when he needed help
I love government sent in college so believe me when I tell you that I
never thought that someone like me could run run off this little mobile those to
come the District Attorney of your weenies and I think with a they far more
than a minute a sense of what’s possible and then came a yeah and I’m not sure
that everyone here remembers of the first time I saw Alleluia this is one
year old bartender ferociously not walk a little little machine laugh and and
I’m sure they think you remember the first time you’ve heard speak this is
young latina women who is finally hello the truth about our a little bit old
system him and what we could do to fix it who was railing again Canada
memorized out and I’m the murder healing linkogle and also incredibly energized
and it became a part of my story I decided not to run for office because I
saw that I know no one else in the league would forward to decriminalize poverty mental health
and substance use disorder criminalize sex work and but I only believe that it
is possible in the first place because Alexandria showed that a working woman
in this country could run for office any win by the real issues affecting our
neighbors she showed me that you know Wall Street bankers and real estate
developers five thousand dollar check to run bras you don’t need the political
machine you don’t need the you just need the people and so over me
that’s what Alexandria really represented she’s a con woman and a
moral leader and a clear way for workers rights met here near all and climate
change but most of all she is a symbol for any difference kind of a little
system a political system led by real working by people like you maybe come in
all of us not just a well well hidden and negative you a system glad and
powered by defenders and bartenders and hopefully with schools heaters and
libraries and you know when I was running for da I
had to talk a lot of different elected officials and democratic organizations
to ask for their support in our community and they’d ask me how much
money do you have who else was endorsing whether I running
before and I remember vividly the first time without because it was so wildly
different she didn’t care about how much I used or what I like they had endorsed
me she just wanted to know if it my neighbors how many volunteers we had
brought in was there real roots enthusiasm because we’re redoing the
work to building local coalition’s and how there are on tribution or where we
just ask on check originals and by the way no video but the answer is weekend
weekend alone we have fourteen hundred volunteers not over 100 doors because when I meet people the working
people please show but my point is Alexandria focused on volunteers and
coalition building not checks and endorsements this is who out exams area
is behind closed doors when all the cameras are all her North Star is still
pointed in the direction but you don’t have to sacrifice your
values your beliefs you don’t have to appease the establishment and you can
build a movement of a working people and it’s why she’s making choices other
elected officials and just woody and her her sweet on the job she joined the
sit-in and any philosophies office in the memo since she’s challenged
conventional wisdom in DC every single day every chance she’s got she’s used her
power in service of the movement is bandits like me across the country poor
civilian government powered by people who