foods and life where healthy living and great recipes come together with me to day I have Dr. Michael Blanc how are you doing today im going great mark well we have something really special for you today sweet but not something so sweet not so sweet where not everyone can have it so im excited to see when I saw this on the line up I said how is this going to come together so im excited to see how we make this happen into a desert you’re like berry nachos well that’s what we are making healthy berry nachos so we are going to start by brushing our tortilla with a little bit of there is sour cream but you can change that you can use yogurt in that it’s a little more tart if you use that but it has more protein and less calories so this is so easy if you want to make them smaller you can but I think a good serving is one wedge is perfect you know you can have anything in moderation and this is moderation and so this is easy you see how quick that was and we