Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
today a little different type of video I had to take a quick trip to Brazil and
my best friend invited me for dinner. So I’m gonna share with you a little bit
of my trip. This is my hometown in Brazil! What’s going on everybody.
I was invited and I’m so thrilled from one of my very good friends to have a
nice traditional Brazilian lunch and he’s gonna make it for me together with
his wife and I’m gonna show you guys how they do it here traditionally. Should be
really good let’s check it out! So you see that guy right now I’m following him
he’s the one that is gonna make us some beautiful dinner, I mean that’s what he
said at least I don’t know what he’s planning So that’s the plan, we are going to see what we got here today. Look he got security here everybody, he got security. He’s ready Check it out everybody, they got the wooden fire here, they also got the other one. It’s Beautiful! They are gonna make this nice beautiful dinner
for us you guys gonna get to watch it and see how traditionally it’s done. It’s
their little kitchen look at that, it’s very nice. Beautiful kitchen.
And we got the baby! Cute baby, baby! It is not uncommon in my city to have a wood fire stove Brazilians claim that it makes a different flavor. But to be
honest it does not it just gets nice and hot and that’s why we like it. But we
gotta blame the wood! That was my best friend’s wife her name is Nayana, and she’s the master chef. And she was letting me know that this is okra . She’s gonna be preparing several different dishes today including chicharrones Brazilian style
which are first done in the pressure cooker and then she fries them to get
them crispy. And this is a very traditional appetizer
in Brazil, we call it torresmo. She also made some rice balls. I’ve made it
on my sous vide channel before but hers is just way better and she gave me the
recipe so stay tuned for it real soon. I had to steal one because she said that it has some type of different kind of cheese that’s called catupiry. Oh man that is good! So this is how we know a person really knows how to
cook very well, they grow their own chives everybody and they got obviously
here rosemary, beautiful rosemary also they’re
growing garlic as you can see right here I mean they have all kind of spices and
if you’re wondering about the egg which is I asked her I said why in the world
you put an egg in here and the reason is the butterflies were laying the eggs
here so it was eating all their you know spices and plants and things like that.
Once she put the egg shell in there they completely disappeared. So that was
pretty cool. And that’s their spice garden there you
go that’s what it is. A real spice rack for real. So Nayana is a
machine she just keeps putting dish after dish with nonstop action and my
friend Marcelo wanted to treat me to a beautiful picanha and he knows what’s up.
Here he is showing you the three veins. And as you know anything after the third
vein it is not picanha. So believe it or not
he just cuts it out and give it to his dogs. Yes I did say dogs, I know he’s
crazy but he said you know that tastes like bleep so I rather not eat it. I was like
ok! Then right after cutting the dog’s
portion he proceeded to cut it into steaks. And if you can see it, he is
cutting it with the grain. But apparently his knife is not that good he needs some
sharpening, his wife saw it and took charge. Check this out! No good. No good? Ha, Ha! And that’s how you sharpen everybody. Good! Now is good? Good! See she is the real cook everybody. Now that he has a very good sharp knife
we finished cutting the steaks. Then like always he seasoned everything with
rock salt nothing else. He was telling me he likes to wait a little bit so that the salt can penetrate. Unlike the salt I use here in the US which are salt flakes
the sodium Brazil is like a rock salt and it takes longer to penetrate that’s
why he likes to let it sit and then season the other side. And then of course you’re gotta have
some homemade drinks. That’s a liquor everybody.
This is a traditional cup that you drink it in. Saude! Cheers! By this time you already know what’s going on. When you’re having a good time with your friends, you forget your meat and sometimes you overcook it. And that’s
okay. Are you recording? Yes. Ok You’re ready? Cheers everybody! Hmm he’s the man! He’s very shy everybody he is
very shy. Ha, ha. It is incredible. Oh look that’s how you
do it everybody a little bit traditional you got a little bit of this is called mandioca.
You get a little bit of mandioca. Which is basically yuca you put it together
like that very traditional. Boa Nayana. Good Nayana. After that his wife
finished off all the side dishes so we can have dinner and this is called tutu,
which is basically blended beans and cassava flour together. And it is amazing.
And other side dishes like potato salad, and yes she makes her mayo from scratch.
That okra we saw earlier Feijão Tropeiro which is beans, with sausage, bacon,
cassava flour, kale and Brazilian sausage. She also made frango caipira which is
free-range chicken that is slow cooked for hours and she also got the leftover
picanhas and sauté it with some onions. Let’s also not forget about boiled yuca,
deep-fried yuca, that beautiful potato salad and tabbouleh salad. And there you
have it a very traditional Brazilian dinner now comes my favorite part.
Let’s go Nayana. Let’s go! Tutu. Carne Asada Churrasco. Mayonnaise Tabule Thank you Marcelo. You’re welcome! Your welcome. He’s learning English everybody my best friend right here everybody. All right so
we’re gonna give this a try. It’s so much food guys we
don’t know which one to try it first this is wonderful. Tabule, tabule. He doesn’t even know the names because there’s so much traditional food. Here we
go! mmm this is an traditional as it gets, tutu. Wow! So here is the deal everybody when you make it directly on the wood fire stove
there, it does give a different type of flavor because it’s so hot. Not
necessarily because it’s smoky it’s not that it’s smoky is a different way that
the food is cooked and the browning and the charring when she’s cooking it
directly on the wood fire stove, it is almost impossible to replicate. All her
pots that she uses has been used for years, years, many, many years so you know
that flavor is almost impossible to replicate to be honest with you it is as
good as it gets. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do enjoyed this video
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remember if you are interested in any of the equipment I use everything is always
on the description down below. Thank you so much for watching, we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care bye bye. Bye bye Marcelo, bye bye Hold on a second I thought
everything was done but then to my surprise she went a little crazy and did
a little Brazilian dessert for us everybody. We got figs over here, we got
crema de leite, homemade she made this from scratch
this is dulce de leche, homemade queso blanco. I mean they’re just spoiling me
here you know it’s my family and my friends, haven’t seen them in a long time
so that just went all out. She even made this one this is called romeu e julieta.
Guava this is kind of like a guava thing on top this is like a cream everybody.
We’re gonna give this a try right now. We’re having an argument here which
one to go with first because we’re full we ate so much food everybody. But
it’s so fantastic so we’re gonna dig in Sorry this is too much! Traditional. Look
guys here you got a little bit of the queso blanco okay and you put
homemade dulce de leche everybody. You can make this at home everybody, I
showed how to make this you can do this at home. Wow she’s the real chef
everybody, the real deal. Thank you! Thank you. Thanks for watching we’ll see you guys on the
next one take care bye bye