Hello there! It is a Tuesday afternoon here in Budapest
and Sam and I have decided to go on a fancy date. On a fancy date and why not? It is a beautiful day outside. It is! And we’re just having a really lovely day
so let’s go out for a date. Let’s go get some nice dessert or something. Dessert yes. So we are going to a place called New York
Cafe (New York Café) and this coffeehouse has been voted one of the most beautiful in the whole world. It looks really luxurious online. So I’m really excited to get there. Yeah, it is a real institution and what it
dates back to the late 1800s. Yeah, it is old. It is very old so it should have some nice
charm and yeah let’s have a nice date. And there it be. So quick update. We did not make a reservation. You probably should be we are next in line
because it is the middle of the afternoon. Fingers crossed. So many choices. How will he ever decide? Sweet, savory what should he choose? Probably going with the sweet. Okay, so Sam has not seen any photos of this
place before coming here. So first impressions? Wow, this place is so much fancier than I
expected. Like this is up there with some of the fanciest
kinds of cafes we’ve visited in the world. And like afternoon tea we’ve done a few of
those. Yeah, it kind of reminds me a little bit of
the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong and it also reminds me of Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires. And what was the place where we had the brigadeiro
in Rio? Oh my gosh, that was a Colon or Colombo? Yeah, ah Colombo sounds kind of right but
I think we obviously forget the name but uh yeah it is right up there with those 3 places
for sure. (Live performance music) So poor Audrey, I was I’ve been waiting here
for like fifteen minutes. I was really going overboard with the food
b-roll here. My ice cream is melting. My gosh! There is just so much going on with the music. I know. With the desserts. Look at this. You decided to indulge our sweet tooth. Our sweet tooth. Oh, so they just finished playing. Yeah, so I ordered a sorbet and this is strawberry
sorbet and champagne sorbet with real chunks of strawberry. And some mint leaves on top and. Mmmm. What do you think? Oh yeah. That is champagne alright. Mmmmm. Good quality ice cream as well? Oh yeah, this is delicious. Worth the wait for sure. You’re going to have to share that with me
by the way. And what did you get? So I probably went for the most bizarre drink
and food pairing that you could possibly have at a fancy cafe. I’m going for a beer and cheesecake. Borsodi. Yeah, Borsodi which is a local beer and this
looks like a classic kind of New York style cheesecake and I think that is a passion fruit
sauce. Apricot. Oh, apricot. Ooh, alright, so I have yet to try the beer. Beer first. I’m thirsty. It is really hot today. It is super hot. Like summer has arrived and it is still spring
time technically. Oh, that is a nice beer. And when you’re like as hot as I am and you’re
trying to cool down the beer tastes at least 3 times as good as it probably would on a
normal day so that is really nice beer. Um, time to try the cheesecake. Time for the cake. Time for the cake. Oooh, I can tell that is really dense. Oh la lah. That tiny little piece is already heavy in
the fork. Take it for a swim as we like to say. It is a really big swim. Mmmm. Mmmm. The quality of the cheesecake, I mean it is
scrumptious. It is delicious. It is really well made. It is a New York style cheesecake. You can tell it has been baked. But what really makes this is the apricot
jam. Like this is definitely made from pure apricot
and it has like a strong fruit flavor. Also there has obviously been quite a bit
of sugar added but just a really nice puree and it just compliments the cheesecake so
well. That is absolutely delicious. And you know what? Because I’m such a nice wife I’ll share it. Alright, let’s do the food swap. Food swap. Okay. Oh wow. And I’ll be nice and I’ll leave you your strawberry. Mmmm. Oh wow that is different than what I thought
it would be. It is a lot more. It is a sorbet. It is a lot refreshing than it is creamy. So it is the perfect actually that is the
perfect dessert for this kind of day. I know. I don’t need a drink. It is like dessert slash drink. All rolled up into one. And they just finished playing again so let’s
give them a round of applause. I’m really enjoying the music. Yeah, the music is great and this is going
to be really tough Audrey because she hates cheesecake. I love cheesecake. Are you kidding me. She doesn’t like cheesecake. I love cheesecake. She doesn’t like it at all. Mmmm. Isn’t that good? What do you think of that apricot spread? That is a nice combination. Isn’t it nice? Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever had that, I mean normally
when I have like a cheesecake sauce it tends to be like chocolate, strawberry, blueberry. Like it is different from my Mom’s cheesecake. My Mom’s is more cheese-y like cream cheese-y
and this one is more cake-y. Yeah. More cakey. More cake-y cheesecake. But still good. Alright, so time to assess the damage. Price point time. So basically that came to 19 Euros total. Uh-huh. Oh, we did order some of the cheaper options
on the menu like the desserts were the cheapest food items that you could order on the menu
and beer was literally the cheapest drink so we did get the beer but some of the other
menu items that I noticed that you could get were there were two different kinds of tea
sets. One was 40 Euros the other one was 60. I also noticed that they had a New York burger
which was 14 Euros. And they had other things. They had salads. So they have a pretty extensive menu. You could even get goulash as a soup. And so yeah if you come here there is a lot
of different choices. You can come for mains, you can come for dessert
and coffee like we did or you can get a great big tea set if you’re willing to splurge. So yeah, highly recommend this place. The atmosphere was really cool and this was
just yeah this was a wonderful date I have to say. So we hope you enjoyed that little food video
but it was just short and sweet to kind of show you how beautiful that cafe is. It was more impressive I think than either
of us were expecting. Yes, absolutely. So yeah, successful date and now I think it
is siesta time. Siesta time. Bye.