a few months ago we made a full video
called best cheap eats in Vancouver. It has gained a lot of attention among
locals and tourists thanks to all of your support and great suggestions we knew we
had to make another full video like this this summer we’ve been busy with taking
care of our little boy Kai but we didn’t stop going on our food adventures all
over the city. going on a diet in summer? I don’t
believe you desserts make life a little sweeter.
living in such a diverse City it’s easy to find many different cultures
influencing each cuisine reinvented desserts are coming to our city in full
swing from all over the world. whether you are ice cream lover, a chocolate expert, a
cake addict or a waffle fanatic. this city has a lot to offer from deep-fried
pastries to fancy mini cakes created in different forms, colors and flavors.
without further ado, here are this summer’s best sweet recommendations for
Vancouver so your next sugar fix is the best one you ever had. let’s check it out
number one mini cakes. bigger isn’t always better.
from tiramisu to Cheesecake, mini desserts prove bite sized is just as
delicious. mr. mustache cafe located near metrotown offers mini cakes made
daily by in-house bakers perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. they prepare a
tiramisu cake, peach oolong mousse cake milk chocolate mousse cake, passion fruit
mousse cake cheesecake matcha cake, chocolate brownie and a
swiss roll cake. you can also have dessert platters customized for your own
taste or special occasions such as birthdays. the chocolate brownie is our
absolute favorite if you’re a brownie addict like us, you know what to do all
right there’s no point telling you about how amazing it is you should go see
taste for yourself. number two bingsoo bingsoo AKA shaved ice
dessert is a popular korean invention that has recently gained massive
attraction in Vancity it is probably the most sought-after summer dessert in
Asia that contains a base of fresh creamy ice shavings with different sweet
toppings from chopped fruit condensed milk, sweet syrup and red beans the
shave ice milk has a unique smooth texture that melts in your mouth like
butter. perhaps the most popular place to indulging these treats is passion8
dessert cafe located at to 261 East Hastings. the mango Bongo bingsu is handmade beautifully and it tastes as delicious as it looks. look at this, this
is the bomb mango bongo reminds me of
Coco Bongo from Mexico number three
bubble tea for those of you who have no idea what about tea is you sure I’m
missing out these refreshing drinks originally from Taiwan comes in a wide
variety of flavors and combinations using milk teas and fruit teas fruit
flavors are much preferred in summertime there are one of the most popular drinks
that has taken over the city there are plenty of options in a bubble tea market some of our favorite flavors are mango
frappe and a passion fruit green tea from tea mix bubble tea shop in Richmond one angel brat milk on a toxic beautiful
oh yeah fresh so I can’t wait to try it out I
want to say that the bangles taste so real I mean it is real mangled but it’s
not like a sweet artificial sweetener and a just like a real mango taste that’s a big gulp so it’s pretty much just like blended
mangoes there’s little layer of Pacific putting things look really cool and all
so yeah so refreshing
is it too sweet or it’s just the right? No and already yeah number four
sweet toastery. Sweet Toastery is a reinvented french toast that consists
essentially of a bottom layer of toast a spread in the middle layer and a puff
pastry top layer with a final touch of whipping cream and other toppings the
picture-perfect puff pastry is a great blend of flakiness from the toast bread
and a richness in chocolate spread it definitely satisfy the chocolate lover
in us passion a cafe specializing this unique reinvented dessert with great
presentation I would definitely recommend giving them a try the talent on screen
smells amazing yeah with a caramelized brown toaster yeah it’s amazing so they
got some marshmallow for decoration and on top of it a bit of whipped cream some
chocolate and this is just the toasted bread and it contains Nutella spread
choco sauce brownies pika marshmallow and almond that’s
that’s a scenery right there who DST it’s my way to eat it it’s a little hot
it’s all have you ever tried something like that
something new huh so maybe what do you think you can’t wait to try you’re such a big fan of Nutella out of
it ace OH the toast underneath? yeah number five bubble waffle bubble waffles
are an extremely popular Street snack that originated in Hong Kong
these egg-shaped waffles can be made in a variety of flavors and served in many
different ways they can be eaten plain or be topped with fruit and sauces like
chocolate coconut and strawberry these days you can find on curled up as a
bubble waffle ice cream cones or in a cup as a bubble waffle sundae tea mix
bubble waffle cafe offers customized waffles with a dozen choices of toppings
some variety they offer our strawberry cream frozen creme brulee banana and
chocolate Oreo bubble waffles we order the number one seller chocolate Oreo
bubble waffle with house-made ice cream which I would highly recommend Oreo flavor
like a chocolate waffle cookie crumbs all like someone on top
chocolate sauce and there’s a he’s in cream ice cream oh my gosh like
hopefully when I do a bubble waffle you gotta do it right and this is how you do
it right Wow boy your favorite yeah I’m gonna be
here for a few minutes so I endure this honorable mentions goes to pies a
freshly baked slice of sweet apple pie is the ultimate comfort food
Pete pies cafe located in West End and Mount Pleasant offers a selection of
Australian style savory pies and a variety of sweet pies such as the apple
crumble pie a tender flaky crust filled with sweet fresh juicy apples together
with a delicious crumb topping this is the perfect dessert to crave after any
meal doughnuts doughnuts are the ultimate sweet indulgence and then
Coover is full of them cartons offers so many awesome flavors and it’s a
challenge to pick one way walk in Earl Grey London Fog an apple fritter are
among the most popular lists you can find these delicious treats from their
three locations in downtown Mount Pleasant and Kitsilano which one’s your favorite writer and these toons are amazing
I know I can’t pick a favorite D fry milk custard an evenly popular Cantonese
dessert that taste crispy and buttery fried fresh milk eat the donut that’s
why brown sugar rice cake a popular Chinese
delicacy that brings me so much childhood memories as you can see there are so many great
cafes around Vancouver that offer amazing summer desserts to satisfy your
cravings next time if you in our city or in a move for cheesecake or ice cream or
Asian desserts we’ve got you covered with all these spots around Vancouver
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