My favorite: Donuts. Aw man. It’s too bad we’re not coming to get that right now.
甜甜圈是我的最爱,好可惜今天不是为了它来的 But this food court has almost everything.
不过这个美食区有超级多好吃的 And right next door to the donuts, just as a little teaser,
提前预告一下,在甜甜圈的旁边 is the dessert we’re actually getting today, which is Egg Waffle.
就是我们今天要吃的甜点,鸡蛋仔 What’s up? It’s a great day in Shanghai.
大家好,今天天气很不错 We’re continuing our dessert hunt for awesome Chinese desserts.
我们继续去搜寻中国特色甜点 And we’re getting a Hong Kong street snack called “Egg Waffle.”
今天我们要去吃香港街头小吃鸡蛋仔 It’s basically like a waffle and a pancake combined.
有点像华夫饼和松饼的结合体 And it’s eaten plain or with chocolate or strawberries on top.
他们有原味的,或者草莓的和巧克力的 But we’re here at this chain called Yoobaa
我们现在在的这家店叫Yoba to get a special version that has ice cream inside.
他们在鸡蛋仔上加了冰激凌! Wow look how many flavors they have.
哇快看他们有好多口味! They have M&Ms, gummy bears, they’ve got chocolate and strawberry ice cream.
他们有MM豆,小熊软糖,还有巧克力和草莓冰激凌 Oh looks amazing. I can’t wait! I don’t even know what to get.
看起来好赞!好想吃!我都不知道要选什么 I mean I only have to pick one. But I can’t just pick one.
我只要选一个但是我不知道该选哪个! Ugh, it’s a tough decision.
啊太艰难了,我都想吃 “Hi. I want two of these Egg Waffles.”
你好我要2个鸡蛋仔 “One of these. And then one of these Cheesecake Egg Waffles.”
一个这个,一个这个茄子(芝士口误了)鸡蛋仔 Oh they’re cooling it down. That’s hilarious.
他们让鸡蛋仔吹风让它凉下来,好搞笑 “Oh thank you!”
哦谢谢 Ooooo it’s warm.
哇温温的感觉 Hahahaha
假笑 Here it is. This is the Egg Waffle that we came for.
这就是我们要吃的鸡蛋仔 but the special Egg Waffle that has ice cream and toppings on the inside.
不过它加了冰激凌比较特别 I’m really excited! They put it in this little box so it doesn’t fall apart.
我好兴奋,上面有一些小格子所以冰激凌不会掉下来 It’s really warm. It’s kind of like a warmed up ice cream cone with ice cream inside.
摸起来好温暖,感觉有点像温暖的冰激凌筒 If you feel the Egg Waffle, you can feel it’s really crispy, like a waffle,
我可以摸到这个鸡蛋仔很酥脆,感觉像华夫饼 You know, it has these puffy things. But on the inside it’s going to be very very
它外面看起来脆脆的,但是里面是非常非常的 flaky and airy, kind of like a pancake is. So that’s where the combination comes into play.
松软的,就像松饼一样。所以我说有点像华夫和松饼的结合体 We made the treacherous adventure outside because it’s such a nice day in Shanghai
我们在外面吃因为今天天气非常好 we figured we gotta eat ice cream out in the sunshine.
我觉得在阳光里吃我的冰激凌鸡蛋仔 But it’s melting really quickly, so we’re just going to dig right into it
但是它一直在融化,我要快点吃了 And I’ll let you guys know how awesome it is.
我会告诉你们有多好吃的 The outside is really crispy.
哇外面好脆 The ice cream will be a good little, sweet topping to it
冰激凌有一点融化覆盖在鸡蛋仔上面 And let’s just bite it!
我来一口把它们都吃进去 Mmmmmmmmmm
嗯嗯嗯嗯 Oh man!
天呐 That is absolutely AMAZING.
这真的是太棒了 The inside of the waffle is surprisingly smooth and fluffy.
鸡蛋仔里面出人意料的顺滑和蓬松 It’s not crispy all the way through.
加上外皮的酥脆 That’s why it’s a “waffle pancake.”
这就是为什么说是华夫松饼 Oh my god.
我的天啊 “Cheers.”
干杯 This is a fantastic dessert you can find anywhere in China.
这个是完美的甜点你可以在中国的很多地方找到 It’s from Hong Kong but there’s different variations.
它源自于香港但是有一些改良 You know, you can have this part plain, you can have it with some different toppings.
你可以吃原味的鸡蛋仔,然后加一些料覆盖在鸡蛋仔上面 I definitely recommend getting the ice cream on the inside. It’s amazing!
我绝对推荐加冰激凌,真的是太惊人太好吃了 It’s a great treat. And it’s not that expensive, it was only 20 Kuai at Yoobaa.
很棒的体验而且一点也不贵,只要20块一个 Check it out. See ya later.