(upbeat hip hop music) – It is the holiday season
and we are at Disney Land picking out holiday treats. Which only come around
this time of year, I guess. So we’re gonna try them and
tell you what we think of them. – I know what I’m getting. – [Christoper] You know
what you’re getting? What are you getting? – A caramel apple. – [Christopher] Caramel apple? Ooh they have a couple to choose from. (bright pop music) – [Christopher] Which one do
you think is gonna be the best? That one right there? Ooh that does look really good. Which one do you think
is gonna be the best? This one right here? Mmm that does look good. – That one I picked out. – Our daughter Bailey is gluten free so she can’t eat all of these treats. But I will show you what
we were told is gluten free in case you need that. These three are gluten free. This one is gluten free. And because she’s gluten free
and couldn’t eat everything Bailey got to pick out something extra. What is that? – A lollipop. – So we have the Weiss
Life ladies with us. And he’s even baby Jemma. – Yay! – She’s not ready to eat but
she can watch this video later. The Weiss girls are really
good friends of ours and we’ve gone to Disney
Land with them before. We’ve gotten princess makeovers
with the Weiss Life girls before and had a lot of fun
in Disney Land with them a couple months ago. You should check out those videos and also check out their channel. They’re a great family and
they make really fun videos and they go to Disney
Land a lot like we do. – [Christopher] What should
we start with Bailey? – That! – This guy right here? Okay. Good? Got a thumbs up. Okay. Bailey. Okay a little bite for Bailey. (children laughing) Ooh it looks like it’s
got some caramel in there. Or carmel depending on
who you’re talking to. Oh you got down to the stick. How is it? Good? Taking some from the bottom, okay. – It’s really good. – [Christopher] Really good? How is it? – Definitely taste the peppermint. – The peppermint? It’s very pepperminty – I’m really picky when it
comes to peppermint on dessert. – Oh you don’t like peppermint. How is it? – Really minty. – [Christopher] Really minty? – I’m not sure. – You’re not sure. You’re not a mint fan. Okay Parker just going for it. – Parker loves these things. – [Christopher] Parker,
Parker pace yourself. We got a lot of things to go through. Pace yourself. – I think that’s why he went last. – That was so good! – So you didn’t like it but
did everybody else like it? You liked it. – I kinda did and kinda
didn’t because it was like too much peppermint. – [Christopher] Too much peppermint? Okay some people said
it’s too much peppermint. Some people said it was good. – More peppermint! More peppermint! – More peppermint! – Since there’s a tie on
whether or not this candys good I’m gonna have to try it. That’s really good. Now we have a wintery
cupcake with blue frosting. Wanna take a bite? Looks like it’s chocolate on the bottom. – It’s red velvet. – [Christopher] It’s red velvet? – The only reason she
taking it off is cause she doesn’t want straight
down and get it on her nose. – Okay, how is it? Thumbs up again. Your turn. Taking a bite from the
top and from the bottom like a real connoisseur. And one from the middle there. How was it? Does it taste blue? (laughing) – Okay, Jake what are you doing? (children screaming and laughing) – Oh no! Oh disaster! (children laughing) It’s good. You have blue teeth now. – I didn’t take a bite yet! I didn’t take a bite! I didn’t take a bite yet! – [Christopher] How is it? – It’s good. – [Christopher] Okay, uh oh now we’ve … (children laughing) Oh dear. This is what’s left. Just frosting. (children laughing) How is it? Oh he’s going for more! (children laughing) Parker no, no, no! Oh no! That’s too much! That’s too much! So we’re trying the hat
off the Mickey one first. How’s the hat? Good hat. – Really good. – [Christopher] Really good. – First it just tastes like
hard and then it tasted good. – It just tastes like hard? – Yeah, its like hard. – [Christopher] Okay. – My napkin is still clean. – [Christopher] Your
napkin is still clean? We’ll see if we can fix that. – No. – [Christopher] Yeah, we’ll get it dirty. Is that a button? How’s the button? – M&M. – Oh, it’s an M&M. – There we go. – [Christopher] Okay, pretty good? Okay. (upbeat music) Oh it’s hard to get to the apple. How is it? Good? Okay. Awesome. – I just want the apple. – [Christopher] You just want the apple? How’s the apple? – Really good. – Really good? Good apple? Okay Parker, take a big bite! – Don’t eat the paper. – [Christopher] Did you eat the paper? – No. – [Christopher] Don’t eat the paper. Is it good? This is a cake pop and it’s kinda tiny so we’re gonna do a little
bit of surgery on it. Oh, we’re taking off the ears. We’re disassembling? Okay. – We’re disassembling first. – [Christopher] Okay, and
then we’re gonna cut it into little pieces. Ooh, okay. Ooh that looks rich. – Is it chocolate? – [Christopher] Yeah, it’s
chocolate on the inside. Okay, excellent. Let’s chop it up some more. How is it? – It’s good. – It’s good? How is it? Good? Ooh a snowflake. I see you put that on
your napkin very quickly. (child laughs) – It’s like a brownie inside of a brownie inside of a birthday cake in heaven. – Wow, okay. So, good. It tastes good then. Good would be the word. How is it, good? – It’s good chocolate. – I got some snowflake. – [Christopher] You got some snowflake? Is it delicious? Nice. Now it’s time for the Jack
Skellington caramel apple. Actually no, Gretchen’s gonna go first. We’re going around the table like this. And you have one just like it. Let’s see what that tastes like. – Oh it has caramel on the bottom. – Ooh lets see. Oh yeah, it’s dripping with caramel. How is it? Yeah! Alright, Bailey’s turn. – The hat! Don’t take the hat! Don’t take the hat! – How was that hat? Okay. And you’re trying to break a fork? (children laughing) Oh no! How is it? – I’m trying. This might hurt. – [Christopher] Just eat it. – This might hurt – [Christopher] Did you knock out a tooth? How is it? Aww look at his face. How is it? Yeah? Good? Did you get any apple at all? No, of course not. How is it? – It’s really good. – [Christopher] Did you get any apple? No? Well don’t hit it. Don’t do that. Before we keep going, I haven’t
had any caramel apple yet. So I’m gonna try some. Gonna plan my attack here. Mm hmm. Yup. That’s delicious. That’s so good. Alright we’ve got another cupcake. This one has Mickey ears and a Santa hat kinda thing going on. Let’s see. – I’m taking off this. – [Christopher] Yup,
you can do the honors. – This looks relatively easier
to eat than the last cupcake. – [Christopher] You think
this is gonna be easier than the last cupcake? – I think it’ll be a little bit easier. – Let’s see. We’ll find out. Oh. Oh no. How is it? How’s it smell? (children laughing) How is it? – Really good. – [Christopher] Really good. Okay. Jacob’s turn. How is it? – It’s good. – How is it? – Pretty good. – [Christopher] Pretty good? – My turn! – I love chocolate cupcakes. – [Christopher] Chocolate
cupcakes are your jam? Uh oh! Oh no! How is it? (children laughing) – Is is good? – Terrible! – [Christopher] Terrible? Then why did you take multiple bites? (children laughing) – It was yummy but it was terrible. – [Christopher] Wait, it was
yummy but it was terrible? – Because I ate the
top and it was frosting and I did that for the other one. And it was really yucky for your body so that’s why. – [Christopher] Just too much frosting? Okay, too much frosting
for Parker on that one. This is a gingerbread looking
little Minnie Mouse thing. But it’s actually covered in brown sugar. Oh yeah, look at that brown sugar. Look at it sparkle. Nice! Going straight for the marshmallow ear. How’s the brown sugar? Good. Okay. Bailey, big bite. Right in the face. Just right in the face! – Oh my God. You can see the sparkle in her eye from all the sugar she had. (children laughing) – [Christopher] Are you
sucking the apple out of it? How is it, Bailey? Okay, here we go. Oh, you’re dissecting the
ear and taking some bow. Okay, how was the ear and the bow? – They’re really good cause they’re candy. – [Christopher] Really good? Okay. Oh, almost lost it. There it is. You’re snowing sugar everywhere. How was it, Jacob? That’s a good one? Okay, alright. Got a little marshmallow there. A little taste of the marshmallow ear. How is it? Awesome! – Right through the marshmallow ear. – It’s really good. – [Christopher] It’s really good. It’s really good. – Don’t look at me, I’m a mess. – Okay. – It’s Parker’s turn! – [Christopher] Embarrassingly good. Alright. I’m curious about the brown sugar. Okay, how did you guys bite into it? – Use teeth. – You really gotta got for it. – [Christopher] You just gotta go for it. It’s like cinnamony. (children laughing) – Look at his face! – [Christopher] Alright,
I got it. I got it. Here’s the real question,
which one was best? Which holiday candy treat was the best? – One of the cupcakes, I think. – [Christopher] One of the cupcakes? Okay, there was a blue
one and a Santa hat one. Which one? – I like the Santa. – [Christopher] Santa cupcake. Terrible! – [Christopher] Terrible? Which one was your favorite? – After hard consideration
I’ve decided that I liked the Mickey Mouse apple. – [Christopher] The Mickey
Mouse apple was the best, okay. – I agree with her. – [Christopher] You agree? Mickey Mouse apple? Jacob? – All of the caramel apples. – [Christopher] All the caramel apples. They were very different. Which one was your favorite? Any caramel apple is Jacob’s favorite. – Well, I would go with
Mickey but that one with the brown sugar was really good. – [Christopher] The
cinnamon on it was good? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Okay, which
one was your favorite? That one? Brown sugar. Bailey, what was your favorite? – The peppermint one. – [Christopher] The peppermint one? The peppermint with the marshmallows? And yours? What was your favorite? Jack Skellington! It’s a good thing you’ve
got backup Jack Skellington! So that was us testing out
all the brand new stuff at Disney Land. All the new treats for the holidays. If you’ve tried these, tell
us which one was your favorite in the comments section. And if you haven’t tried
it, tell us which one you would want to try the most. I wanna thank the girls
from the Weiss Life. Thank you for eating delicious
treats with us today. Go check out their channel. And we’ll see ya next time.