(“Symphony No. 9 in D Minor” by Beethoven) – Good morning, everyone! I am super excited today because, first off, it’s a beautiful day, and secondly, we are
going to Disneyland today because Tomorrowland has
completely been redone with Star Wars stuff. So there’s new stuff on the rides, there’s new shows, there’s new food. We’re going to try all the new food and tell you what to think of it, so I’m super excited about it. We’ve got friends meeting us there. Let’s get on the road
and go to Disneyland. – Hi! We’re going to Disneyland. We’re gonna get me some glasses. Like ’em? – Today we are going to Disneyland, and it is so amazing that
we’re going to be able to go because we haven’t gone in so long. – [Dad] It hasn’t been that long. (funky music) All right, we made it here. Now we’re going to get on the tram. You like the tram ride?
– Yep. – Is it your favorite ride, no. It’s not our favorite ride. But it’s a good ride. – Daddy, it’s lunchtime! – [Dad] It’s lunchtime? – It’s 12:15. – Do you think we should get some lunch? Let’s get some lunch, too. All right, I should probably mention that we ended up not bringing Parker. Jessica is staying with
Parker at the house. Parker’s okay, he’s not like super-sick. He just has a really nasty-sounding cough, and so we’re
– Like me! – And Bailey had one
when we went to Hawaii, and when we were in Hawaii,
Bailey wasn’t getting better because we were constantly on the go and constantly moving around so we decided that with Parker
we were going to give him as much rest as we could and that’s why we left him home today. So here at Disneyland
you can take the tram to the front gate, or you
can go into Downtown Disney and take the monorail
right into Tomorrowland. And Tomorrowland is our
main objective today. We’re going to run over
to Downtown Disney, enter the park through the monorail, and get dropped off right
where we want to be, right in the middle of Tomorrowland. (futuristic music) – [Train Operator] This
is the Tomorrowland monorail station. – All right, we’re at
Tomorrowland, and it’s kinda nuts. There’s a lot of people. Lots of people. They changed the name of Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain. I don’t know what that means,
but I’m excited about it. And there are Stormtroopers out here. Everything is Star Wars! All right, my plan for today
was to do everything Star Wars. But I don’t know if that’s
going to be possible. There’s a lot of people here that have the same plan that I do. Right now we’re trying
to get Star Wars food. There’s like new food at the restaurants, so we’ll see if we can get some of that. We’ll taste it, we’ll
let you know how it is. You can kind of see the line behind me. It’s kind of madness here today. We’ve been in line for
food for like a half-hour, and these guys are the
most patient kids ever. I know you’re super hungry. Can I get two Force Power Packs? First order, specialty burger. And I’d like it in the box. The Hans Solo Carbonite box. Can I get the Pastry Menace, Darth By Chocolate,
BB-8’s Rice Krispy Treat, The Dark Side Lemonade, and
the Light Side Lemonade. – [Cashier] Anything else?
– A cup of ice water. All right, here’s a rundown of
the ridiculous things I got. Han Solo box. – [Son] This is spicy. – [Dad] Pastry. – [ Woman] That’s a Darth Maul pastry. You have to say what it is. – [Dad] Darth Maul Pastry. Dark Side Lemonade with
light-up Death Star. Light Side Lemonade with
a Millennium Falcon, and something floating in it. Bailey’s really excited
about the something that’s floating in it. Darth By Chocolate. BB-8 Rice Krispy Treat. And then snack things. Let’s eat. This burger’s from the Dark Side, I think. – [ Woman] That’s a weird burger. (laughs) – It’s kind of spicy. – That’s, that’s why
it’s from the dark side. – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh, it’s spicy because
it’s from the Dark Side? It has, like, these, like, peppers on it. These grilled peppers or
fried cricket peppers. It’s actually pretty good, I’m surprised. Normally you get a burger
at like a theme park, and you’re kind of like, eh,
this tastes really processed, but it tastes pretty good. – [Kid] Even the crickets? – Especially the crickets.
Especially the crickets. This is the Dark Side Lemonade, got a little ball that’s glowing in it that looks like the Death Star. Trying it out, let’s do it. If I can find the straw. If I can find the straw,
I’m going to try it. Ooh, that’s really good. I didn’t think I was going to
like the Dark Side so much. – I love that. – [Dad] That’s a really big sip. – It’s really good. – The Light Side has a special straw. Jacob just made a hilarious joke, I don’t think I got it on camera. He said these are Boba Fetts, because they’re boba balls. I always have a hard
time when something weird comes up my straw, and they, like, pop. I don’t think they’re bobas. They’re not bobas, they’re like… – I had those before in my yogurt, my frozen yogurt. – You’ve had them in your
frozen yogurt before? They’re just like, they just… Explode when you chew them. (light acoustic guitar music) – That’s pretty good. – [Dad] That’s pretty good? Hey, I said one sip!
– (laughs) – We got some Darth Vader,
and he’s got a lightsaber, and there’s like different
layers of stuff in there. Is that good? Okay. Mmm, that’s good, it’s dark chocolate. – Mmmm, I love that. – I haven’t been able
to get, I’m one-handed, I’m trying to get the spoon out, and they’re eating all the chocolate. I want to try some of this. I’m going to try and get all the layers, all the way down to the bottom. Wow, that is really good. I recommend that. – I recommend that too. – You guys, oh my gosh. You can’t can’t, no, you’ve got to try the other desserts. You aren’t gonna have room, stop, stop. The rest is for me. So this is actually, like,
printed onto the thing. – [Son] Really? – [Dad] Yeah, you’re going
to, like, eat it off of there. – Wow. – [Son] Hey, you can’t (mumbles) – Wait, wait, wait, don’t eat it yet. Is it good? It’s BB-8. Soon he’ll be BB-Ate. I’ll spell it so you get the joke. Yesss. – [Kid] It didn’t taste like marshmallow. – That’s good too. Usually when you buy a Rice Krispy Treat, if you don’t make it at home, you buy it, it’s like super hard and messes
up the roof of your mouth, that, perfect. The final one is the Darth Maul Pastry. Supposedly this is filled
with something spicy. – Is it spicy, Daddy? – That’s the inside. It’s not spicy yet. You try it, tell me what you think. What do you think? Spicy or no? – Doesn’t taste like it. – It’s really good. – Out of the three desserts, which ones did you like the best? – That one. – Um, that one. – Darth By Chocolate, I
think it’s a resounding Darth By Chocolate. That was the best one by far. But the other ones were pretty good too. – Spicy in the back of my mouth. – Yeah, yeah, I’m
starting to feel that too. It’s filled with spicy chocolate, and you kind of feel it in
the back of your throat later. So this is not something
we would normally drink, but I got it so we could try
it on camera for you guys, so the kids each had
one sip of each drink, and I’m trying to drink the rest of it to not be wasteful, and it’s way too much sugar for me. I feel really sick,
but I’m going to do it. I’m gonna take it for the team. All right, as you can see, we’re about to go on Star Tours. I almost said Star Wars, I
know that’s not the name. Star Tours. Apparently there are
scenes from the new movie, or like from a planet from the new movie, on every ride. If you’re not familiar with this ride, there are different tracks that you go on, and they kind of combine, and there’s like a ridiculous
amount of combinations, so the ride is always
different when you go on it. Right now they’re guaranteeing that you’re going to at
least see one new terrain from the new movie, so that’s pretty exciting. I won’t be able to record it, though, because it’s in 3D and it’s
going to look real funny for you guys, and I’m pretty sure they probably have
rules against that also. And I like to follow the rules. New Star Tours, awesome. Very cool, very exciting. What’d you think of the
new scenes in Star Tours? – It was awesome. – [Dad] What did you think
of the new Star Tours? – I loved it. – [Dad] What was your favorite new part? – Um, the part where they, like, shifted. They, like, put a sign up. – My favorite part was BB-8. – Stormtroopers! Next stop is Hyperspace Mountain. We’ve been hanging out with them a while, but I haven’t introduced you guys to Crystal, Ben, and Zach. They’re our good friends, and they’re hanging out with us today. – You’re hanging out with us. – Oh, excuse me. – [Crystal] Because you
didn’t know about this. – Yeah, they were the ones that told us, they were the ones that told us about all the Star Wars changes. I had no idea, I didn’t
know, I didn’t know. – Yeah, we invited you guys, and we’re so glad you’re
hanging out with us. – That’s true, it’s a very
important distinction to make. We are hanging out with them. – I just want to say,
some of your memories are because we’ve invited you guys. – That’s right, we went camping with them. I’ll put a link to our camping trip right on Zach’s face, right there. Click on his face and you’ll get to see us camping together. Jessica just sent me this picture. Apparently he woke up even more sick from his nap, so it’s a
good thing he didn’t come. He was kind of on the verge. I was like, ah, he might
be able to make it. But I’m happy that he’s home resting. I feel really bad that he’s sick, but… So here’s what’s going on. We just waited in this line, starts where you can’t see, to here, it’s been about two hours, almost two hours. – [Crystal] Oh yeah, hour 40 minutes. – Hour 40 minutes, hour and 40 minutes. And they just made an announcement that the ride is now closed. Which is fun. But we’re going to wait it
out and see if it reopens. I think, at least for a little while. I hear cheering. I don’t know why they’re
cheering, but it’s happening. – It’s starting up again! Aren’t you glad we didn’t leave? – I guess we’re moving, we’re going in. That wasn’t a long wait,
that’s a minute 30. I got it on my thing.
– That’s awesome. – That’s how long we waited extra. – We’re in, this is really exciting. – We are now inside Space
Mountain– Hyperspace Mountain. (jazzy music) (Star Wars music) – [Ride] This is your
leader, all wings reported. Hyperspace online mod, punch it! – [Rider] Whoa! – [Ride] What was that? We’re coming out of nowhere! Evasive maneuvers! – [Dad] How was it? – Very good! – Did you guys like it? – Whoo! – That was the best. – Yeah, that was awesome! That was so cool! You think they’ll let us do it again, if we just do this hand motion? If we just do this, will
they let us do it again? – Let’s do it again. – Let’s do this, one more time around. One more time around, just one more time. We’ll see if that works. Nah, he’s giving us, he’s
giving us one of these. We gotta get out. That was good. So I don’t know how much the camera caught what that was,
but essentially there, you had all these projections
that were Star Wars-y, and we were in the
middle of like a battle, and there were lasers
going right past our face. It was super cool. – Yeah, it was amazing. – Oh, that is blurry, that
is some blurry business. That’s really blurry, it’s blurry. There it is. All right, so the rest
of our group went over to see “Star Wars: Path of
the Jedi,” which is there, and I’m here with Bailey, and we just got pizza for everybody, and we’re going to eat the pizza. And look what I got. It’s a Chewbacca Cheesecake, of course. Do you think it’s gonna
be really… Chewy? Yesss! Sorry, that was kind of a cheesy joke. Yessss! It’s time for Chewy to be chewed. Oh, Chewy does not want to be chewed. (laughter) He doesn’t want any part of this. – [Kid] Tell Mr. Ballinger
you’ll have to eat him. – [Dad] We’re going to have to, we’re going to have to go this… – [Crystal] Wow. – [Dad] I’m trying to break it up so all the kids get a little bit of Chewy. – [Crystal] That’s so gross. – [Dad] That was really gross. – [Crystal] (laughs) – [Dad] You’re welcome
to try some Chewy now. – It’s good.
– It’s good? – [Ben] I’ll take the small part. – Ben, that was very kind of you. – [Dad] Ben, what do you think, yes? Jacob, good, thumbs-up all around? – [Crystal] That face is delicious. – What is it?
– What is it? – I think it’s white
chocolate, but I can’t tell. – [Dad] Wookiee. – Kinda hairy. – [Dad] My kids are only
gonna get one bite each. – [Jacob] But I– – [Dad] You may have another bite because Bailey’s bite was so huge. What do we think? – It’s good.
– It’s good? – [Kid] Pretty amazing. – Well, hold on now, hold on now. I get a bite too. What happened to my one-bite rule? – I didn’t like it. – It’s not a bite if you’re licking it. It’s a lick. I’m just saying. Semantics, Chris. (funky music) (applause) – I totally stopped filming, and then the finale happened. And it was beautiful and epic, and I’m sorry. Next time. Hey, look who joined us! It’s the Bellissimos
– Hi! – And it’s hard to focus,
I’m trying to focus. There, okay, everybody’s in focus now. Look at those necklaces! Everybody’s got ’em. – I’m real excited about Christmas. – Yeah, you should be. So we’re super excited, they just happened to be here today also,
so we ran into them, so that’s awesome, yay! (Star Wars music score) – Do you recognize that?
– Yeah! We are at the Star Wars area. You can kind of see behind
me that there’s like, outfits for the movie. Have you seen Star Wars? I think that’s the outfit they
used for the movie, right? It’s the one that Darth Vader uses? – [Crystal] You go. – [Dad] Go say hi… to Darth Vader. Can you stand next to Lord
Vader and smile this direction? Thank you. Look this way. – [Vader] … your initial training. Do not disappoint us.
– Okay, Lord Vader. That’s kind of an awkward
interaction there. Feel like I didn’t make a
very good first impression with Lord Vader. What did you think of the Star Wars thing? What was it called, the
Star Wars Launch Bay? What was it called, Bailey?
– It’s pretty cool. – Really fun. – What was your favorite part of it? – Meeting Darth Vader. – Meeting Darth Vader was pretty good. – I like seeing that costume.
– The costume? We saw a pretty cool Darth Vader costume. It cost $4,000, and I
considered it for a second. So I feel really bad that Jessica couldn’t come with us today, so we’re getting her a macaroon. (light jazzy music) Hey, we had a great time at Disneyland. We’re back home now, and I have some kids to
carry into the house. As you can see, there’s Bailey. She’s totally asleep. And you can probably hear
Snorsey McGee over here. He’s wrapped up in my sweater. I’ll see if I can get a good shot. Totally wrapped up in my sweater. (laughs) Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that you
should unwrap your spoon before you give your kids the dessert they’re supposed to share with you. We learned that, if the ride breaks down, and you’re waiting in line, just wait an extra two minutes, it’s easy. And finally, we learned that doing this does not get you a second
round on Space Mountain. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (baby giggles)