how are u guys?! first, i’ll wish u guys a happy eid if its not today, then understand that im a 13 year old desperate kid and iv posted it early today on this sepcial occassion when everyone eats sevaiyaan and no one at my home knows how to make it *sad* w’ere going to watch such a show, such a show where people smash mirrors on their head *weird music* *smash* *bloody hands* junaid bro your selection is done, go… give him some medical aid peeps man…. what is this? means he’s treating him as if he king of bullshit and has recently finished rice and curry and he’s being said Junaid bro, your food is done so you go give him some halwa (indian sweet dish) peeps This show’s symbol is such that only this guy can make it with his hands looks as if his nerves have been stretched and then rotated This stupid show’s name is ‘Living on the edge’ But if i speak it with my hand on my heart, it’s Pakistani Roadies so come let’s measure their bakchodi (stupidness) First, let’s come on creature #1 Who has already drank ‘bakchod and dew’ and come Ayyy, I’ll throw you up and then hit you don’t you know john Cena? Should i take your life? 我很笨,我知道 this creature was so mad that they had to throw slippers on him and make him unconcious And then when he woke up 2 hours later,they took his auditions *wierd music again* hey, what do you want just sit there, why are you doing this drama? yes, Jaaved… what do you do in your life and why do you think you should be a part of this show I do studies and I’m daring… that’s why i wanna be a part of this show With how many girls do you have a scene My affairs are many, one is christian, one is pathaans abe, they are not talking about b*tches when it’s too sunny he lies down with b*tches beneath the cars and talks for hours with them yea, basically oh, are you a rapist yea basically you have a secret malady? yea basically for porn, your net package gets over? yea basically bro he’s suffering from all the ailments , we’re seriously nothing in front of him bro how do you impress (trick) girls? *acting dumb as if he’s really thinking hard* (wierd expression) charms come handy for this once look at his “charms” do you , for even a second feel that yeah, you can have a scene with him literally NO! his looks are as if you have watched dhoom 4’s trailerand abhishek bhachpan has just made his entry if it’s a girl, how will you impress her? *shock after getting the unexpected* how will i impress her? can i stand up and do it? do whatever you want…. what if she’s meeting you for the first time? what will you do with her *building up orgasm and pressure* oh jesus! oh jesus probably he’s the first organism who’s taking pleasure off the pee pressure oh jesus! oh jesus! i’m telling you motherf**ker this organism is crack what a nature has jesus made *orgasmismic over nature -_-* your alcoholic eyes, babe, god promise i want them i want to drown in them AND wanna drink from your eyes *lol he’ll lick her eyes* firstly, the public will thrash him for this after that girl’s bro will come and will make him eat sewaiyaan(pakistani dessert) bro too sweet! and this guy is such an emo that when he feels thirsty he drinks TEARS instead of WATER bro these things were just to test wheather to see if you can talk or not *obviously everybody can talk unless there’s a defect in your tongue or something* now we’ll see if you’re a brave guy or a p*ssy pick up this bat you don’t have to hit this bat on the floor or anywhere else you have to hit this bat on one of your body part and break it and in such a way that your body part doesn’t break your time starts now we have seen glass slabs being broken on this show *wierd music* *smash* ok dude so glass still works cause you can still break it if you swat it on the floor but this is a bloody bat!! sisterf*cker people are beaten in noida by this *foolishly tries to break it* *suspenseful music* girls hit that lightly *sexist af* *lol wierd actions* this can create a whole dance “chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyan” (indian song) now comes the turn of such a woman who’s very daring listen to her dare once what do you want to do? i’ll do what i’v already thought if you want me to show any kind of dareness* i’ll do that too what? what have you thought to do? I can even kiss you *wierdly repeats herself* if the genders were opposite, apart from the women’s helpline , she’d also get bonus slaps and then you’ll be after his ass kissing is not like that ,it’s not a bad thing we also kiss our parents i just like that went near to a girl and directly kissed her *as if you’re that daring carry* and said that i also kiss my parents so NO BIG DEAL and after 2 days my face became like this should i dance? yes, dance… on which song should i dance? without any song who dances without any music this is living on the edge, not america’s got talent now this woman will herself sing and dance he did this thing well now the dance that you’re gonna watch; neither can madhuri viksit nor can sharda kappoor rival it “i know you wanna but you’ll never gonna get it, i won’t be caught by your hands” “beleive it or not but this whole world is a fan of my love” “now slowly i feel like hugging myself” ~so from this, what moral do we learn? dont do bullshit in front of waqar zaka otherwise he’ll f*ck your ass now comes the turn of one more unique personality let’s see what does waqar zaka say about this what daring things have you done in your life? sir i have kissed a snake like you sisterf*cker, they don’t have any other time pass? always smacking coconuts and glass on their heads always kissing snaks… dude you should do some real work so that our country develops a little but no they have to kiss snakes all the time sitting, do somethng within 1 seconds that will make me feel that you’re a little daring or interesting; you’re seeming like a boring person and may a shoe hits you are you ready for such a kind of entertainment that if you’re d*ck erects or not, you third eye will awaken for sure (like sharingan) “eye yam a diisco daancer”x2 “whoo” *wierd step* OUUU….. these were the auditions for abcd 3 ; short for any bakchod can dance when i saw this dance for the first time , i felt sorry for the sadists and emos in this world and these people promote suicidal thoughts ok so what dare can you do , if i reject you you’ll become hot headed ok what can you do? tell me for yourself sir i can break this guitar on my head ~waqar~ what can you do? (he couldn’t believe it) sir i can break this guitar on my head cunts, these people don’t have any work to do ; they only wanna smash things on their head… WHY ARE YOU GUYS ON THIS EARTH? this is enough, enough is enough and apart from that, it’s wrong too in one night i can’t tolerate more bullshit than this, im packing up ok so if you like this video hit the like button aiming for 2100 likes (pretty less); this time do it, i’m telling you i’v tolerated a lot of shit and if you’re new, subscribe do you see that red button, love him, kiss him or smack it on your head but it should be clicked now i too am going, my friend is calling so that we can play with snakes.. bye mohit, stop putting this bat in your hole and turn some music on for them *avi gujjar ear rape starts* (nashedi in the video)