Electro Freeze’s batch machine for making
Italian water ice product also known as water ice. Electro Freeze has been making batch
freezers for many many many years and it’s the most used batch machine for the Italian
water ice product in the world. This is a 20 quart machine, it will make two tubs of
water ice at a time. We have a single latch door here. It’s very simple to operate, wide
mouth. Digital timer to time your water ice. water fill hose. adjustable can stand. It
has all the features you need to make water ice on a daily basis. And those of you that
make water ice or are thinking of making it know that it is a very labor intensive and
time consuming process. You want a machine that makes your life easier on a daily basis.
Today we’re going to be making a mango product. We’re going to start with a gallon of mango
water ice base. We’re going to fill it up and add 16 ounces of a stabilizer , a liquid
stabilizer. There’s many different recipes to make water ice. It’s much more of an art
than a science, this is one basic recipe, just to show you how the machine works and
how easy it is to make the product. We’re also going to add a little bit of sugar. I’m
going to add three pounds of sugar in this recipe. If you want a sweeter product, add
a little more sugar. Add our sugar. You want to mix it up. You
never want to put dry sugar into your machine. you always want to have that sugar dissolve.
dry sugar is not good for your machine, or the life of your blades, or the product, the
dasher inside. We’re going to add this in. The nice part,
we have a little more residue here. The nice part of the electro freeze batch freezer is
the water hose, we’re able to conveniently and easily save all that flavor, and sugar,
so we have a nice consistent product that follows our recipe.
Now I’m going to fill our machine, and once it is full we’ll turn it on to freeze, let
it run for about 12 ti 15 minutes depending on the flavor ad then we’ll see it come out.
So, it’s been 15 minutes and now we’re ready to take the product out. As you can see we’re
going to crank open the door and we have beautiful mango water ice coming out of the machine.
Smooth, creamy consistent. Once we get this bucket filled, I’m going to shut it down.
We’ll get some of our smaller buckets, but I wanted to get the clear buckets so you could
see the product a little bit better. We can allow this to fill. The little bit at the
top here you want to push that down. We have nice finished water ice. The smoothness, the
creaminess of the product is amazing. Again you can play with the recipe to get it thicker.
You can add a little bit of sugar to make it a little sweeter. But the mango water ice
is unbelievable. The most popular flavor of water ice there is. With the Electo Freeze
machine you’ll have a smooth consistent product. When we’re done, we want to clean our machine.
All we have to do is add a little bit of water, rinse it out. Turn on our dasher again, let
it run for about 5 minutes, drain it out and we’re ready for our next flavor.
So we’re done extracting all our water ice and the most beautiful part of our batch machine
is that when you are done and your buckets are full and you open our door you can see
this machine gets out all the product out of the machine. There’s very little yield
you need to scrape off into your bucket. Which is amazing, it cuts down on your cleaning
time and it lets you get everything into your buckets to get your most yield out of your
recipes. Very exclusive feature to the Electro Freeze machine for our batch freezer and that’s
why most of the water ice being sold today comes out of an Electro Freeze.