Hello Friends! Today we will look into growing betel leaf
plant at home and look into some of the important care tips and how to propagate betel leaf
plant. Betel leaf plant (also known as piper betel
or wild pepper), it is a creeper herb grown in Asia and mostly in India and Pakistan,
It belongs to Piperaceae family � the same family to which pepper plant belongs to. We all know its used to make a famous dessert
what we love to eat specially in functions and weddings, its called PAAN, which is chewed
with beetel nut as a mouth freshener. This is also used in various rituals and poojas
in India. Its also a medicinal herbal plant used for
cough and cold. This perennial herb is also grown in Thailand,
Indonesia and Vietnam. Growing Betel leaf plant is not so difficult
but you need to be aware of some of its requirements. The betel plant or paan plant can be grown
in containers, in a balcony, and even indoors in partial sunlight. You can also grow this plant in hanging pots. You can see this betel plant, I got from a
nursery two months back. This was not in a healthy condition with pale
colored betel leaves and not really looking fresh and healthy. Now applying some care tips, I got this present
plant, healthy with lush green leaves and infact I tasted the paan dessert made out
of this leaf and its really tasty. Well, Now lets talk about the care tips of
betel leaf plant. 1. Planting Season: It should be ideally planted
in Spring and Early Summer, but in tropical countries like india, it can be planted anytime
of the year. 2. Growing Habits: The betel plant is basically
a creeper and a perennial plant. It has heart shaped green leaves. It can be either trained to grow as a creeper
by offering support sticks and strings or It can also be grown as a ground cover. 3. Soil Requirement: Use any well drained nutrient
rich soil for best results. And also here, remember to choose a deeper
container if you are growing in a pot, because, it need to have a well developed root system
to grow healthy. 4. Sunlight: Keep it in a partial shady spot
in your garden. Do not provide too much sunlight to this plant. But this plant prefers a hot and humid climate
for its growth. 5. Watering: It prefers a Damp soil but not soggy,
so daily watering is required. 6. Keep Plucking the betel leaves from the bottom
parts of the plant for promoting its growth. 7. Fertilizers: Occasionaly � like once in
a couple of months you can provide a nitrogen rich fertilizer like decomposed cowdung or
any compost like vermicompost after raking or tilling the top soil. Do not use chemical fertilizers. 8. Pest control: Sometime it might be infested
with pests like red mite � for which you can use neem oil + liquid soap mix spray. Also if overwatering is done or in rainy season,
its prone to fungus. Pull off any infected leaves or branches to
protect the plant. And one more point is: you can propagate betel
plant from stem cuttings either in water or in soil. I would love to experiment with the cuttings
once my betel plant grows little bigger and will make a separate video on its propagation
and results. So there we have it folks, that was our quick
episode on betel plant growing at home. If you have some more tips, please suggest
them in the comments section below the video. Also give a thumbs up if you like the video
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