Pie has become so complicated to people,
like they are terrified of making their own pie crusts.
It just irks me because pie is this really natural
thing. It’s this thing that our grandmothers made. It’s
full of love. It’s something the pioneers made. How complicated could
it really be, right? So I just wanted to dispel a lot of
these myths, the ones that I hear, the ones that I just get so mad about when they tell you
have to put only 5 tablespoons of water in your pie
dough and not a drop more or else you’re a failed pie maker. And then
no wonder people get upset because it’s not enough water. Their dough is too dry. It
won’t roll out and they feel terrible about themselves. I’m like, “No, don’t worry! I promise you. Just forget the recipe! Just pay
attention to what’s in front of you.” And really in that sense pie is just
a metaphor. It’s It’s a way to live your life. It’s just
like don’t follow the rules. Use them as a guideline, but you know you have to make adjustments in
life for everything. You have to adjust. You just have to keep an eye on what’s
happening in front of you. I’m Beth Howard, author of Ms. American Pie and you’re
listening to “The Studio” with Cheryl on KRUU FM.