– Hey, guys, today I’m gonna
share with you one of my favorite recipes for a summertime dessert, peach cobbler. This is one of those desserts
that really celebrates all the fabulous fruits of the season. It’s hearty, it’s delicious,
and the whole thing can be made in advance, my kind of dessert. The first thing we’re gonna
do is take eight peaches and cut them into nice size wedges. Now, there are two schools
of thought when it comes to peach cobbler and a lot of
the traditionalists out there will tell you to peel the peaches. If you wanna peel your
peaches, you definitely can, but if you ever tried
to peel a ripe peach, it can really be a messy affair. In the summertime, when
I’m looking for things to be a little bit easier, I
say go ahead and use the skins. They’re full of nutrients. We’re going to cut our
peaches and remove the pits and place them in a bowl. To that, we’re going to
add three tablespoons of Turbinado sugar. This is just that raw cane
sugar that you can find in the supermarket next
to the brown sugar. I like it better than brown
sugar cause I feel it’s not as sweet but if you can’t
find it, you certainly could use brown sugar as well. If you’re using brown sugar though, I would only use two tablespoons
instead of the three. Then, we’re also going to add
two tablespoons of white sugar and one one tablespoon of flour. At this point, we’re
going to add some spices. I like to use a half
a teaspoon of cinnamon and a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg. We’re also going to add a
quarter teaspoon of salt. I love to add salt in desserts
especially fruit desserts like this because I find that
it really helps bring out and heighten all of the flavors. Then, we’re going to add two
tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of water. Go ahead and just stir that
all up, making sure that all of the flours and the
sugar and the spices are well combined. Then, we’re going to take
our peaches and put them in our casserole. Now, you could either
use a large casserole, something like a pie
plate shape would work for something like this, but
for me, I really love to serve them in these mini cast
iron casseroles that I have. I do like to put them on a
baking sheet that’s been lined with parchment paper, so
that way if any of the juices bubble up, you know you’re
not going to have a big mess on your hands. Then, we’re going to take our
tray and pop it in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. We wanna bake our peaches
first to give them a bit of a head start before we
put on the biscuit topping. But while those are baking,
we can actually create our biscuit topping. In a large bowl, we’re going
to add one and one quarters cup of flour, one tablespoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and one
tablespoon of baking powder. Go ahead and just whisk that
up and then we’re going to add nine tablespoons of cold
butter that has been diced. Now the nice thing here
is you don’t need to break out the food processor. You could actually just
go in with your hands and start to work in
the butter in the flour. This is the way grandma must’ve done it and we can do it this way too. You don’t need any fancy equipment. Now, if you wanna speed the process up, you could also take a wired
whisk and just kind of pound in the butter with the flour. You’ll see that’ll kind
of speed it up a bit too. Then, in a separate bowl,
we’re going to take an egg and combine it with two
thirds cup of heavy cream and give it a good whisk. We’re going to pour that
into our flour mixture. Again, mix it all up with a
fork and you’ll see you’ll end up with this really sticky mixture. At this point, we want
to check our peaches. Basically what you’re looking
for is you want to make sure that those peaches are
kind of cooking down, releasing their juices and starting to bubble and caramelize. If that’s happening, you can
go ahead and take them out, if not, maybe give them
another five minutes. Them, we’re going to
add our biscuit topping. All we’re going to do is
just spoon out little globs and dollop it on top. Now, there are lots of school
of thought when it comes to a peach cobbler, but for
me, I find the best cobblers have more fruit than cobblers. So, you don’t want to over do it. A little dab will do ya. Otherwise, what ends up
happening is the cobbler gets to be a little bit too
cakey and you kind of miss out on the fruit, so easy does it. And the finishing touch is
just to add a little bit more of that Turbinado sugar on top. Now, if you used the brown
sugar, you could use that too, just a little sprinkle
on all of the dough. Then, we’re going to
pop it back in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. You’ll know that it’s
done when start to see all of those juices bubbling from the peaches and the cobbler is nice and golden brown. Now if you’re serving these for a party and you’ve made these in
advance, A, good for you and B, what you can do
is actually put them on your counter top and let them rest until you’re ready to serve. You can just keep at room
temperature and they will be fine. Then, when you sit down to
dinner, you can go ahead and pop them in a 200
degree Fahrenheit oven, just for 20 minutes. That will warm them
through well enough so that they’re warm but they
won’t be boiling hot. Then, to serve, I like to
take the cast iron casserole, put them on a plate because
they are a little bit hot and serve with a big
scoop of vanilla ice-cream in the center. You will see you will have
one delicious looking dessert waiting for you. I love this recipe because
to me it is like a taste of summer in every little bite. People are always so
impressed when you bring it to the table and the best part, you will see, is that topping. It is a deliciously light, flaky cobbler. It’s not like one of those heavy biscuits that we’ve all had in the past. I tell ya, you will really
love how light and flaky and delicious this topping really is. I hope you give this one
a try and let me know what you think and I will
see you back here next week for another delicious recipe. Until then, bye. ♫ Ain’t no woman should be this hard ♫ But a hard headed woman ♫ Is the one I love ♫ Can’t eat, can’t sleep or heal the hurt ♫ But every single day,
you make me wanna work ♫ A whole lot harder ♫ Right before the morning sun ♫ Gotta work a whole lot harder ♫ I won’t stop for anyone ♫ Well, I work overtime ♫ And I won’t quit until it’s done ♫