♪ Freedia ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ Whatup Fuse this is the
one and only Big Freedia the Queen Diva, ya
best-a believe-a And I’m here at Liberty’s
Kitchen and we’re about to throw down with the diva,
Chef Tasheena to do some Strawberry Shortcake Yaas Welcome Freeida Thank you so much, how you
doin, thanks for havin’ me Absolutely So we’re making some
Strawberry Shortcake Yes For your cookbook Yes Wonderful. So, you’re a
busy entertainer Yes, I am Always on the go Always Right so what we have to
do is, we have to make it easy for us to do this so
we can get in, get out and get back to the money Yes, get back to the money We gonna get to it Let’s do it You ready? I’m ready Alright So we’re gonna start by
dumping in three cups of sugar Throw the butter in Sure…whoosh Alright, comin’ together And then we’ll add
in one egg at a time. The last thing, vanilla So no it’s time to throw
in the dry ingredients. Okay We’re using AP Flower,
All Purpose Flower So, it already as some
leavening in it so that’s gonna get our cake to rise But we’re gonna give
it a little help With a little salt Why we’re putting salt in
somethin’ that’s supposed to be sweet is because it
turns up all the other flavors that
we have in it. If somethin’ tastes salty
that means you have too much. And then, this is the
richness, sour cream. Yes Alright and a little other flour
mixture intermittently In the meantime, what’s
got you wanting to make a cook book? Well you know I’m always
in the kitchen when I’m in town and when I’m able to
cook, the whole family comes over, everybody
loves my cookin’. I did a few popup
restaurants and… Oh nice I can throw down, my
mama taught me very well I bet she did Get ya Booty
Poppin’ Potatoes Booty Poppin’, we recommend
dousing it in hot sauce Twerk twerk
twerk twerk twerk Potatoes are here Ya’ll come and get the
Booty Poppin’ Potatoes to work Can I get ya’ll to
make some noise for me Make sure we get um al
even and we’ll give um a little smack and
they’re ready to go And in the meantime,
we can work on that strawberry stuff. Yes, let’s do it. Talk to me about
your strawberry part Well it’s usually frozen
strawberry preserves and I add it with a
little sugar. Uh huh I do that process
a few times. Strawberries, a little
sugar and keep addin’ it Just checkin’ Now we’ll make
our whipped cream Put this guy on Oh my God never
saw a whip so huge Yeah right, this look like
somethin’ out of the stone age Yes, that is huge Use all of this milk? Use it all Ooh this gonna be some
good whipped cream baby Oh she movin’ fast I love it That’s that Freedia whip Yes I guess we’re gonna be
ready to assemble out shortcake Yes we are Oh yeah So you know we gotta let
it cool for a little while Okay So what we gonna do
while it’s coolin? Twerk? Twerk for the berries,
work for the berries Shake for the berries,
work for the berries I told you I had
a little somethin’ [Laughing] Oh yeah you got
a little somthin’ Alright I think
we’re ready Let’s do it Put some strawberries
on top of that Free we got plenty, don’t
be stingy with the people Okay And I’m gonna come on
in with a little cream Bop bop bop Alright that looks good Now what’s next Free? More strawberries
and more whip That’s what’s up Baby Imma be stuffed Mmhmm Mmhmm Mmm Mmm What it make you wanna
do when you eat it? Explode Explode? It is the Fuse cookin’
throwdown and we’re outta here. I’m about to go eat the
Big Freedia Strawberry Explode Freedia… You gon’ leave
me like that? What if I wanted
some more Free?