Hey this is Jordan, bringing you a 5th update now on my Pheidole colony. This new naturalistic setup has been going really well. I’ve made A few changes since the last video. I’ve added some red sand, which I think really
contrasts the plants and rocks quite well and gives the terrarium that sort dessert/outback
theme I was going for. The sand is actually from central Australia
so that sort adds to that realism. The plants have been growing quite well too. It won’t be long before they’ll be poking
out the top. So I may have to trim them back a bit soon. You can see this one has flowered which is
pretty neat. The ants have doing great too. You may have noticed I’ve removed the brick
nest that was in there last video, so the ants have moved entirely underground now. At first they would only really place brood
in chambers up against the glass during the night and move them out of sight during the
day. But they don’t seem to be bothered about exposing
their brood to light anymore. Perhaps they’ve built up a tolerance to
light or maybe they’ve just discovered that the light doesn’t pose any real threat to
them like it probably would in Wild. So they’re sort abandoning their natural
instincts a bit. The Chambers are usually quite small and scattered
around. This is the largest chamber, that’s visible
to me at least. So you can see there’s heaps of pupae and
larvae in there. They tend to Favour this spot in the middle
as the soil often remains quite dry here. There’s a good deal of soldier puapae around
too. Which is a good sign the colonies doing well. Here’s another underground section, which
sees lots of ant traffic. They really didn’t like me shining light
at them like this, they look as though they’re getting a little agitated here. They’ve been constructing heaps of nest entrances
lately, dozens of little ant hills have been popping up pretty much spanning the entire
surface area of the setup. So they’re really making use of the whole
space. I find they usually build entrances amongst
the roots and stems of the plants. It changes all the time though, they constantly
build entrances and then abandon them for new ones. I notice when I place in a bit of food which
is a little too heavy for the ants to carry to the nearest nest entrance they may just
start making a new nest right where the food is. Just by digging up from underneath it until
it slowly becomes submerged. This setup has been attracting some other
animals. Namely these little fruit flies you see here. I feed this colony Apple quite frequently
and they really love just sitting on the slices and eating away. So they’ve been living in here and repopulating. Subsequently the flies started to attract
some spiders. So There’s a few in here at the moment, only
very small ones but yeah they’ve been feeding well, making webs and catching lots of these
little flies. Occasionally I see they catch some of the
ants too. But I only really see one or two every now
and then so I’m not worried. So I’ve got a bit of a mini Eco system going
here which is quite cool. I’ve been experimenting a bit with the colonies
diet recently and I discovered they really love nuts, ive been giving them peanuts, almonds
and I tried cashews as well and they especially love the cashews. So that’s been a major part of their diet
the past couple of months. And they look to be benefiting from it. Workers are looking a really healthy size. It’s Probably the biggest I’ve ever seen
them so the larvae must be getting well nourished as they’re developing really well. They love their honey. I’ve been putting little drops on the leaves
of the plants. Notice there’s a soldier here who is actually
drinking the honey. I’ve never seen a soldier consuming honey
directly from the source like this. The regular workers usually will feed them
via trophalaxsis, so this was quite unusual to see. So that’s all for this update, I’ll probably
do another one down the track. I wanted to ask you guys and girls if there’s
any that watch these videos, what do you want to see more of on this channel? A lot of people request me to do more colony
updates, some people want more footage of wild Ants. I’ve been thinking of doing some tutorial
style videos that would cover some FAQ I receive. Like how to find and catch queen ants or how
to successfully raise up a newly caught queens. So leave a comment and let me know what sort of future videos you’d like to see from me. As always thanks for watching and I hope you