(rock music) (laughing) – I can’t see. You always (mumbles) for the win. I always come for the win. You’re watching me come for the win, whoo. I wanna make the world’s largest Oreo. I’ve already decided
that’s what I wanna do. I can’t wait to do it. It’s gonna be awesome. Let’s go round up stuff to make the thing. Let’s go, yeah, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Shall we go? Let’s go. (hip hop music) Okay, let’s buy some stuff. I got my list here with me. Got quite a lot of things already at home so I don’t need to buy everything. My girlfriend’s translated
stuff for me into German so I’m gonna spend three
hours looking around. Is that flour? Flour. I’ll get two to make sure. Cocoa powder, kakao. Is that it? One of each, I don’t know. Yeah, I just need butter and eggs now. Should be easy enough to find. Eggs, eggs, eggs. Look the same in every country. Not gonna throw those. Don’t want them to break. And, butter. There we go, I’ll get three of those. Jesus Christ I need a lot. Okay. Got me stuff. But, I can’t leave without
an energy drink, can I? Yeah that’s some old
Green Monster, why not? (hip hop music) Yo, okay so you remember
how I said on the last video that we’re moving back
to England permanently? And, that the set here I always
sat on, was already sold? Yeah, it’s gone. I’m just gonna have to sit
on a chair from the balcony. Can you hear the echo? That’s crazy. That’s so loud. I’m sorry about the audio quality. There’s nothing I can do. The room is just empty. Look there’s the room, look. There’s nothing. Couch is gone, all the shelves have gone. The dining table where
I did my work at, gone. The mattress out of the bedroom, I think we’re just gonna have
it here and just live here. So for the next one and a half months, I’m just living on a mattress
in a big ol’ empty room. (laughing) So, in the bedroom I’m (mumbles). I’m sorry about the mess. It’s insane. This is just like the spare room now. We can’t watch TV, we’ve got no TV. We can watch Netflix
on the laptop I guess. Let’s move this mattress. I’ve got it, got it, got it. Welcome to cooking time with Caleb. Today we’re gonna be making
the world’s largest Oreo. (tinkling bells) I’ve already gone ahead
and pre-measured out all the ingredients we
need for this recipe. We can just get straight into doing this. I don’t have a clue how to make Oreos. So, let’s watch a YouTube tutorial and we’ll go along with it. – Hey guys, it’s Rachel and
today we are making homemade Oreo cookies. To start out, you’re going
to need three cups of flour. – Okay, let’s put the flour in. Jesus Christ (coughing). – [Rachel] Add in 3/4 cup of cocoa powder. – Got my cocoa powder. I don’t want it to
explode like the flour did so I’ll just put it in myself. Okay, we’re out. Come on Rachel, what next? – [Rachel] Now I’m going to
add a teaspoon of baking soda, a quarter teaspoon of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of baking powder. – Soda. – So, that’s the salt. – [Rachel] Then I’m just gonna go ahead and give this a whisk. – I think that’s right. Okay, what next? – [Rachel] Moving over to our stand mixer you’re going to need
three sticks of butter. You’re also going to
add in two cups of sugar and then just cream them together. – Butter and sugar. Going to make me cream. It’s sounds a bit sexual. Just put the sugar in the butter or do I put the butter in the sugar? I don’t know. I’ll just put the butter in the sugar. (clattering) I broke it, I broke it. Oh god. I hope my girlfriend ain’t watching. I’m sorry, I’m sorry I broke your thing. (clattering) Oh god. Did she mix it with? She’s got like a machine that mixes it. That’s cheating. I haven’t got a machine. I’m a machine baby. That’s stupid, that was stupid. This. This is not working. The thingies are picking off. Oh god. The sugar. (grunting) I can see stars. What the fuck? (laughing) – [Rachel] Having a stand
mixer makes this so easy since it really does all the work for you. – (mumbles) I can’t
disagree with you on that. (farting) Still looks like mashed potato. Okay, that’s it, I give up. Next. Next, next, next. – [Rachel] Slowly add any dry ingredients. – Oh god. If this turns out right
it’s a god damn miracle. Jesus it’s all over me. So sweaty. I wish I didn’t do this. – [Rachel] Crack in
two eggs one at a time. – I’m doing double what she’s doing so I gotta crack four eggs. (cracking) Good to go. Look at this. Still powder. Why does hers look like dough? What did I do wrong? (farting) I think that’s actually all right. I think it worked. What I’m planning on doing
is making four half circles, putting ’em in the
oven, and then in theory I can put two halves together
to make the two top pieces. And, then put cream in the middle. In theory it sounds like it should work. Why is my voice this high? In theory this should work, but it probably won’t ’cause it’s me. So, half a circle on
each piece of tin foil. Don’t know if I made
too much of this stuff or not enough. I don’t know. Just like smash it on I guess and start play dohing it. ♫ Instabun can ♫ Instabun – [Caleb] Whoa. – [Rachel] Now back these up at 350 for about 15-17 minutes. (farting) – Okay so they’ve been
in there for like an hour and 15 minutes. I think they’re starting to stiffen up. I’m gonna take these out, put the other two in. Still not done those yet. For another hour and 15 minutes. I’ll leave them all night to cool. It’s like half past twelve at night. (groaning) Okay. Now the other two in. Whoa. Careful, careful, care. Aye, it fell off, it fell off. One hour, 15 minutes. (farting) It’s gone 2am right now and
these have been in the oven way longer than the others. Ohh, no. It broke in half, no. Careful, careful, careful. Whoa, okay. I’m going. Sleep time. (drum pounding) So, Raquel or Laura or
whatever her name was says we’re gonna make this frosting. – [Rachel] Here I have two sticks of very nice and soft butter. And, I’m going to add in
two cups of powdered sugar. At this point, go ahead
and cream it together. – Butter, powdered sugar. So, you get that spoon
that we broke earlier, put them together and then mix it up real good. This is so hard by hand. – [Woman] Why don’t you
use my electric one? – Where were you earlier? – [Woman] It’s there all the time. (laughing) (whirring) – That actually looks
like how it’s meant to. And, I can’t believe it. – [Rachel] Now, once the
cookies are cooled completely, it is finally time to frost them. And, we’re gonna do sandwich
another cookie on top. – Okay, so I think I’ve
somehow managed to make this look like an Oreo. Oh no. Let’s just hope that that stuff sets and holds it in place now. I’ll see you later. Jesus Christ, I’ll be
glad when this is over. (drum pounding) God, oh god, oh god, oh god. Whoa. Whoa, world’s largest Oreo. I didn’t get the milk. You can’t have an Oreo without milk. No. God damn it. Shop (mumbles), 10 minutes, me milk. Oh god, oh god. Oh, yes. Okay. (pinball machine clanging) Oh yeah. Nine out of 10 fit in my bag. I’ve gotta carry one. I’m sweating so bad. That’s good and do this Oreo milk thing. Jesus Christ, this is hard work. Ten inches of milk. Put the milk in. But, I don’t know if 10 will fit in here. (dramatic hip hop music) So, obviously you can’t have an Oreo without dunking it in milk. I think that’s just like the rule. Got my Oreo, got my huge thing of milk. I don’t even know if this is gonna fit to dunk in there. Okay, three, two, one. Oh yeah, it’s in there. Oh my god. No lie, I like it better
than an actual Oreo. Anyway if you wanna go
and make one yourself, watch the original video
that I watched earlier, Rachel’s video. I put a link to it under
the description below. Oh. That’s gotta be five pound right there. First of all, I can’t believe
it actually turned out good after all that happened. And, second of all, this
is the most delicious of the world’s biggest
thing that I’ve made. This is awesome. (punching) Mmm, this is so good. Okay I’ve invented a
new way to dip the Oreo into the milk. Get a huge chunk in your mouth. Like that. And, you just dip it in. What? What’s happened to my eyes? Everything is like foggy. I’m not even joking. What the hell? It’s like a fog over everything. Whoa, that’s crazy. (laughing) I can’t see. Whoa, don’t ever dip your face in milk and then open your eyes. Seriously, what? I gotta go rinse my eyeballs out. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I really appreciate if you give me a nice big thumbs up. Follow me on social media too. That’d be awesome. Thank you for watching. Please comment, thumbs up, subscribe. Tell your friends, tell your
family, everyone you know about me, going for the win. (belching) Stay awesome. What?