(heavy rock music) (heavy sigh) – Butter. Great way to start the day. Yo it’s your boy kill ’em for the win. I always kill ’em for the win, and you’re watching me,
kill ’em for the win. Wooh! We’ve decided we want to make the world’s largest Reese’s peanut butter cup. Yeah baby. So I’ve got an idea in my
mind how big I want it to be. We’re going to the DIY
store to buy some buckets. That’s how big I want it to be. And then we’re going to the shop to buy the chocolate
and the peanut butter. It’s going to be insanely
heavy so we’ve got a car. Then we’re going to a lake. – [Girlfriend] Yeah. – We’re going to to the lake. Got the drone, get some good fruitars, got some things to talk to you about. – That’s it.
– That’s it. That’s everything. Bye. The biggest one. – [Girlfriend] That one. – It’s this one here. This is big. – [Girlfriend] We can
use it as a peddling pool when we’re finished. – Poo, it stinks. Yeah I wanna do a Reese’s that big. This is gonna be awesome. That’s gonna be huge. No one’s made one bigger
than this, have they? – [Girlfriend] No. We got the buckets, they smell real bad. We’re gonna drop them back off at home so they don’t make the car stink. What is it? I’ve never smelled that
type of plastic before. – [Girlfriend] God it makes me sick. – And then we just need the
chocolate and the peanut (coughing) chocolate and peanut butter. (grunting) Okay I’m just gonna leave them out here. Hopefully the smell will leave them. Need those are cling film, or else the chocolate
sticks to the smell as bad. They smell so… Jesus Christ. (background chatter) – [Girlfriend] What is it like
being kill ’em for the win? – Hectic. Crazy. – [Girlfriend] What’s
the most stressful thing? – Being with you. Okay so I’m at the shopping center. Got some nice Christmasy lights
going on in the background, but I wanted to talk about snow. We’re in Austria. It’s known for loads of
snow, and there’s no snow. It meant to be snowing today, weren’t it? – Yeah.
– Yesterday and today no snow. In fact there’s even the sun out. Four or five weeks I think
until we go back to England. Hopefully some snow will come. We can go skiing, that’d
be awesome to vlog. If you would like to
see me skiing in a vlog let me know in the comments below. – [Girlfriend] He never skied before. – I’ve never skied before. That’s gonna be funny. Lots of accidents. So yeah, let’s go buy this stuff. Let’s go. You broke. There we go. There are so many people here. So yeah there’s peanut butter here. It’s really expensive for some reason. Only gonna get 10 jars of this. Okay I’m on the home baking aisle ’cause chocolate seems to
be lowest, cheaper there. I’ve got this, it’s just dark chocolate. Might try to add some milk to it, but there in these huge bars. I think there’s 16 in a box. I’m gonna have to get three boxes full. (grunting) Woah. Cling film, we need cling film. Eh, how many? One, two three, there we go, three cling film. And a Monster, shh. All paid for. The lady who served us
actually said she’s worked here for 15 years, and no one’s ever
bought that much chocolate. We set a new record. (grunting) Let’s go to the lake. (gasps) – [Girlfriend] Rich is crazy. – Okay so my list of
things to talk about here. Girlfriend face reveal. So many people ask me
when you were gonna reveal my girlfriend’s face. Let’s persuade her. How many likes on this
video and you’ll show it? – [Girlfriend] How many likes
that I show my face on camera? – Yeah. – [Girlfriend] 30,000 likes. – Smash that like button
and we’ll see if we can get girlfriend face reveal. 30,000 likes, let’s do this! – [Girlfriend] Yeah, good luck with that. (upbeat pop music) Woah. That’s crazy view, isn’t it? – [Girlfriend] Yeah, I like it. – Woah, we’re so high up. That view is crazy, look at this. Hold on, I’ve got fingerprints on my lens. (burps) (laughing) – [Girlfriend]
You destroyed the moment. – We’re gonna get the drone in the air, and get some awesome footage
of that with the drone. It’s sunset, it’s gonna
look so sexy, so cool. (upbeat pop music) Jesus it’s so cold and my noise is red. I feel it, my fingers. Anyway we got some nice
footage of the sunset. Looks so nice it’s unreal. There it is over there. So yeah I had the camera
recording this sunset, I had the drone up in the
sky and nearly lost it. It lost connection with it,
couldn’t see what was happening. I need to get in the
car, I need to warm up. Back in we go and then we’ll
make that world’s largest Reese’s cook thing. Yeah, let’s go. (dramatic music) Okay so here we go. It’s time to make the world’s biggest Reese’s peanut butter cup. Here we’ve got 48 bars of chocolate. These are 400 grams each. 48, 400 grams of chocolate. Yeah, I’ll try it. So it’s dark chocolate
though, so when we melt it we’re gonna have to
add a bit of milk to it ’cause I’m not 90 year old,
I don’t like dark chocolate, and Reese’s aren’t made
with dark chocolate. Anyway, we’ve also got
10 jars of 300 grams of peanut butter, and
an insanely huge bucket. I don’t think the camera
shows how big this bucket it. This is how big it is. (giggling) So first we need to put the
cling film in the bucket. We need to line this up with
cling film so that when we need to get it out it’s not stuck to the sides. I think we’re gonna melt
about 18 bars of these. Fill the bottom of the bucket, and then we’re gonna put the
bucket outside and let it – Set
– Cool down. Set, yeah, we’re gonna let it set. In the meantime we’re gonna
have the peanut butter in the freezer, so like it’s
stiff so we can mold it more. Jesus Christ so much to do, let’s go! (upbeat pop music) That’s all 20 bars for the base. Just gotta spread it
out, make it look good. I’m gonna go and put it outside. Let it fully set. We’ve melted 20 48 bars. (girlfriend gasps) (dramatic boom) So I’m spreading the peanut
butter all around the center. And spreading some more melted chocolate we’ve already got ready, round the edges. Yeah, let’s do this. (upbeat pop music) I’ve used it all in
here, I’m not eating any. (laughing) (upbeat pop music) (dramatic boom) It’s been about two hours. It finally dried. Chocolate’s nice and solid. It’s been about eight hours in total. We started at five p.m., it’s now one a.m. This is crazy. We’ve got the final batches
of chocolate melting, three batches. Get the final batch of chocolate on there. Let it cool overnight, and
then first thing in the morning I’m gonna be eating this thing. I cannot wait. It’s gonna be like a dream come true. It’s gonna be like heaven. (sighs) So anyway yeah, let’s get
this chocolate (grunting) (upbeat jazzy music) (dramatic crescendo) It’s the next day. This is completely solid. I’m gonna try and get
it out of the thing now. (banging, squeaking) – [Girlfriend] Oh my god. It’s like a baby’s been born. – Jesus. (laughing) – [Girlfriend] Looks amazing. – I can’t believe it. It actually all went right. (grunting) Jeez, this is heavy. (laughing, grunting) – [Girlfriend] Show how thick it is. (grunting) This is the biggest thing we’ve ever made. So we’re gonna weigh it and then dig in. Ooh. (upbeat pop music) This thing weighs 52.2 pounds. 23.7 kilograms. (laughing) Let’s get the knife and cut
this thing open and try it. Ultimate Reese’s peanut
butter cup taste test baby. Let’s go. Do you want a slice? – [Girlfriend] Yes, slice
it like a cake, isn’t it? – Yeah. – [Girlfriend] We can see the inside. – So perfect, I just can’t destroy it. (grunting) Woah. Just a small piece you say. (girlfriend gasps) How gorgeous does that look? – [Girlfriend] It looks delicious. – Woah. Taste test, here we go. I don’t know what to do with it.
– Like a burger. – My mouth’s not big enough. This is gonna get all over my face. (grunting) It got on my nose? – [Girlfriend] Yeah. – That is gorgeous. No lying. Tastes exactly like a
Reese’s peanut butter. That is insane. Oh it’s so good. Leave me alone. I’m gonna be here awhile. (dramatic boom) I’m done. I can’t believe I ate the whole slice. I can’t eat anymore guys. It’s insane. Hit that thumbs up button down
below if this is the world’s largest Reese’s peanut
butter cup you’ve ever seen. I know it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. When I make the world’s
largest something I usually just destroy it, but I just can’t. This is my baby. So much work went into it, it’s so nice. I’m gonna actually keep
it and slowly eat it. I’m gonna be doing a Twitter follow spree. Make sure you go follow me
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there, follow me Twitter. Go now. I’ve gotta go. I’ve gotta go, got a lot to clean up. Gonna keep this cool outside. Don’t want it to melt. Thank you very much for
watching this video. I really do appreciate it. Please comment, thumbs up, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your family. Let everyone know about me. Kill ’em for a win. Stay awesome. (burps)