Oh what like my new purse I just want to see what it was and apparently it’s like oh you can put stuff in it I don’t know I only try once just for fun Congrats thanks well looks like BMO looking good [Music] I always loved these little streets we always get lost always it lost so easy to get lost Wow here we go oh pretty [Music] all right we came to inside them again we filmed here I don’t know a year ago or something anyway we’re gonna do some errand and also we have to buy some postcards that’s why we came here we’re going to eat lunch and also we found this really beautiful Korean traditional tea house hmm that’s uh we wanted to go we’ve passed it several times over the years what we’ve never gone in they have like traditional desserts and tea and it’s uh I think it’s a little pricey yeah I think it’s definitely worth I hope I want to experience it at least once right so we’ll see how it goes Hostel okay now I kind of know where we are yeah yes [Music] Jim chopped my mother maybe when we were visiting parents up yeah your mom’s always better go oh he’s good too lots of people out shopping today oh good one Wow let’s get this one – very cool [Music] I know exactly where we are we already found this place sewing at that yeah for only exactly now we come here like once a year yeah usually once or twice a year when the weather’s like this really nice work it’s humid and we’ll enjoy some traditional desserts [Music] oh we found any poundage Oh the desserts look good [Music] I don’t know how to take this up huh look there’s so much [Music] really hmm Edna’s clothes from her Oh now the other one was driver Senate [Music] okay so we’re heading out we had this yujacha aid and as usual refresh oh it’s amazing and we’re so thirsty cuz we’re hot we’re gonna get tea but we’re like no that’s not gonna happen and yeah that kind of talk or mochi fruit mm-hmm yeah amazing when we were paying yeah one of the workers she recognized us she said she’s watched her videos before I got ten sheet masks my summer must-haves are also my oil slick yeah my whore scrub haul all for 13 bucks 50% off sale I’ve run to that place whenever they I get that text message kyu-ho in the zone don’t mind all our boxes there we just got like a bunch of stuff shipped my seat post because I am super tall we need to extend need to put like an extension I’ll look I’ll be mall why do you have to be in your litter box now ha ha done this is exciting yeah we we actually partnered up with a I bird about a year ago almost I feel like almost every single time we post a video we get questions about how is your video footage so smooth how can you ride a bike and have smooth footage like that it’s these AI bird is very kindly sent us their next gimbal you’ll play – oh this is the first one yeah this is the one that we’ve been using since we got it I probably know on the video we already made this yeah we’re reviewing this device of course you take the black one there’s silver and black for this one we don’t have like any expensive fancy camera we just use our phone so right this has been a huge help for us when filming when like walking or riding bikes or painting and stuff like that yeah the battery life is supposed to be better you can take like three hundred and sixty degree shots time lapses and it has like a face tracking recognition mmm Oh smoothing it’s lighter so you have to download their app to connect with Bluetooth so you can zoom in zoom out the other one didn’t have the app right no so we’ll leave like the link in the description box in case you’re curious right a little more about it there are like sixteen more features right first one it detects the face and things like that so you can definitely find more information on the website I can’t wait to go out and try this uh-huh we’re gonna fill a dish yeah I love this case so much better okay let’s go and we just left this is the magpie that cheese’s beemo all the time he was teaching he flies down the window and fly shot and he just he goes back and forth and back and forth on that route are you scared of that where were you he brought you are you all there’s bandit [Music] we rode bicycles to get to Kangnam station we’re going to have lunch here these sandwiches are actually like pretty decent price not like the $15 sandwiches and not mature at all right and we get discount yeah telecom discounts yeah so two sandwiches are less than the price of one sandwich at that other place and there’s our flying come on but we felt like sandwiches – so did you want to swap one one yes each have so the bottom sandwich is all my chicken and the other one is the ham and cheese panini see these are how big do you remember it’s like sandwich season once a week we use sandwich and every time we do report it so it looks like juicy changes I couldn’t even your phone like it looks a lot like it oh let’s workout yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah [Music] [Applause] perfect [Music] oh so nice first day there I believe thought it was like summer it’s too hot yeah no that’s perfect for me it’s mom oh yeah let’s get back boo I think I’m gonna feel like ice cream later Oh [Music]