[TV clip begins] “all right cheesy blasters you take a hot
dog stuff it with some Jack cheese folded in a pizza you got cheesy
blasters and then all the kids say thanks Meat Cat and then Meat Cat flies away
on his um skateboard” “I can’t eat this” [TV clip ends] hey what’s up guys welcome back to
binging with babish where this week you might be wondering is this the new
kitchen? no it’s not it is my alma mater high schools learning kitchen when
they’ve been kind enough to let me come back and experiment on their students,
with cheesy blaster. it’s a recipe that involves jack cheese hot dogs and of
course pizza so we’re gonna start by oven baking our frozen pizza. I’m going
with frozen supermarket bought ingredients here because I imagine this
is what liz is talking about. one of those frozen snacks that are part of the
ongoing public effort to make children less healthy so we’re gonna do is the
song says. We’re gonna take some hot dogs stuffing with some Jack cheese and then
fold them in a pizza I later found it more effective to butterfly the hot dog
entirely and place the cheese into its gaping maw covering for maximum meltage. I’m also doing a backup pizza here that first pizza was a little overdone for my
taste but it’ll do for a practice round I’m gonna start by trying to make a sort
of individual cheesy blaster that is cutting a strip out of my pizza, placing
a single hot dog in the center, and rolling to completion. let’s take a look
at the cross-section here.. nothing really to write home about but, we have to do it
according to the binging with babish bylaws and be careful with your first
bite because it’s gonna remind you just how hot cheese is physically capable of
becoming and also maybe opted for some regular hot dogs because these natural
casing joints were just making it too difficult to eat. so let’s try again this
time with an I think more appropriate pepperoni pizza and two cheese stuffed
hotdogs the entire thing rolled into one horrific package. not only will this be
more impressive to your dinner guests but also it’s gonna make I think for a
better cross-section. let’s take a look oh yeah, now that’s a cheesy blaster, now
if you’re 30 years old like me and you don’t want to die in 3 years you got an
invite the culinary Club at your high school the Tang gang. come on in here
guys, these kids were kind enough to invite me to their school and now they
get to eat this thing have at it guys. I’m gonna go have some kale or something… yeah look at these animals go, disgusting breathtaking. alright thanks guys now let’s take a break from corrupting America’s youth
and try making a babish version of the cheezy blaster which I think can only
the form of a calzone. what I’ve got here is a pretty simple pizza dough if you
want to see how to make pizza dough go check out the video in the upper right
hand corner, now, and since this recipe is good for about four small pies I’m going
to take a quarter of the dough and turn it out onto a lightly floured work
surface stretching and rolling if necessary into maybe a 14-inch round.
standing in for hot dogs I’ve got some spicy Italian sausage here and I’ve got
three different kinds of salami. I figure that’s good enough for Meat Cat and
standing in for jack cheese is some low moisture mozzarella, now let’s start by
saucing the inside of our calzone normally we wouldn’t do this I’ve served
sauce on the side but we got to try and be slightly true to form here. top it
with some mozzarella some of our chopped salamis, followed by a bit of our
Italian sausage and how about some ricotta since the original cheesy
blaster also had two different kinds of cheese. we’re gonna fold this guy up just
like a big ol calzone using a sort of empanada folding method around the edge
to crimp it closed we’re then going to use a serrated knife to cut three steam
vents in the top if you don’t this thing’s gonna pop in the oven and
normally we use a brush to brush the whole thing down with egg yolk but they
don’t have any so I’ll be sending them one in the mail. about 20 minutes later
and it totally matched that oven and we’ve got ourselves a lovely looking
calzone. let this guy rest for like ten minutes before cutting into it otherwise
you might burn your little fingers out and dig in making sure to document a
hearty cheese stretch this is after all a cheesy blaster and of course here to
help me induct it into the clean plate club is the Tang gang thank you guys for
having me back to your school and please make healthier life choices than I do.