[Movie Clip Begins] “I’m Inventing a new pie in my head, I’m calling it
‘I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby’ Pie.. ‘Baby Screaming Its Head Off in the Middle of
the Night and Ruining My Life’ Pie New York style cheesecake, brandy brushed… “and Jen a special strawberry chocolate oasis pie. You got that?” “I got that” “it’s
downright expert a thing of beauty how each flavor opens itself one by one
like a chapter in a book” [Movie Clip Ends] Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Binging with Babish, where this week we’re taking a look at the pies from Waitress. Now, Adrienne
Shelly the writer and director of Waitress was tragically killed back in
2006 and since it’s the last episode to come out of the old kitchen I thought
it’d be cool to donate a portion of the profits to the Adriene Shelly Foundation
a nonprofit that helps support women filmmakers. There’s a link in the video
description where you can contribute as well. But, now it’s time to get down to
the business of making pies. Now we’ve made pie crust a few times on this show
we’re just making a basic food processor butter pie crust you can check out how
to make that via the link appearing in the upper right-hand corner of your
screen… right now… as always once we’ve formed the dough into a sort of pie
crust patty-cake we’re going to wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate
for at least 30 minutes ideally an hour before pounding and rolling out. I should
probably also tell you what we’re making today we’re making “Bad Baby Pie” or “I
Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie” which is a very simple quiche with ham and brie
cheese. so once you have pressed not stretched your pie crust into its
cooking vessel we’re going to decoratively crimp the edges of our pie
crust into the classic wavy thing pattern and then we’re going to chill
again for 30 minutes.. it’s going to help prevent the crust from shrinking too
much when we par bacon, which we’re gonna do right now. line it with foil and fill
with pie weights or if you don’t have any of just some brown rice or beans
will do and go ahead and par bake for 10 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit during
which time we’re going to make our quiche filling. the only way I’m gonna
deviate from her recipe is adding a little bit of cream to the beaten eggs.
then we’re going to let our perfectly prepared par baked pie crust cool off
for about 30 minutes before layering in some wedges of brie cheese the same way
she does in the movie and a few hearty handfuls of ham pour in the egg filling
seasoning with a little bit of salt and pepper making sure everybody’s pretty
evenly covered and then I’ve got a baking sheet that
I’ve been preheating in that 425-degree oven I’ve lowered the oven temperature
to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m baking this guy for about 35 minutes or until
set. then I’m going to let it cool for maybe 38 45 minutes until it’s still
warm and cut myself a big ol slice and as you can see the way the brie is
stacked makes it pretty localized to the center of the pie, but you’re not gonna
hear me complaining but alas it’s not going to join the clean plate club
because it needs something else some chives some garlic some caramelized
onions give it a try yourself get creative and just pick out the ham if it
doesn’t turn out well… Next up, we’re going for old horny Joe’s personal
favorite chocolate strawberry oasis pie we’re gonna start by making a chocolate
crumb crust out of precisely 25 finally processed Oreos and 5 tablespoons of
melted unsalted butter. mix until it resembles wet sand and begin to press
into your removable bottom tart pan some ramekins from our Amelie episode are
perfect for pressing it into all the nooks and crannies you want to get this
nice and even and not too thick we want this to be a chocolate pie not a
chocolate crust pie we want to set this crust shape so we’re going to part bake
it for about 8 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. during which time we’re going
to prepare our filling. we’re combining one of the quarter cups of heavy cream
with a dash of instant espresso powder, a dash of allspice, and a dash of cinnamon
to account for the exotic spices described by old Joe. we’re bringing that
to a bare simmer and then adding it to nine ounces of chopped high-quality
chocolate. we’re going to slowly combine these. you want to whisk slowly because
you don’t want to introduce too many air bubbles. don’t worry this is sped up
footage, I’m not actually whisking that fast. then once everything’s nice and
homogeneous we’re adding it four tablespoons of unsalted butter cut in
small pieces. again, whisking gently to combine at this point it should be
cooled off enough that we can add two large lightly beaten eggs. again, whisking
slowly, again- air bubbles, and there we go we’ve got our chocolate filling it’s
gonna be a nice rich almost ganache like filling that we’re going to pour into
our cooled pie crust. and then to finish off the last few of those dastardly
bubbles pop them with a skewer as they rise to the top. we’re then putting this
guy into a 250 degree fahrenheit oven for 30 to 35 minutes until jiggly, but
set with light cracks formed on its surface. while we let this guy cool
completely on a rack we’re going to make a simple
chocolate glaze to hold our strawberries in place we’re combining three
tablespoons of hot butter with two ounces of chopped chocolate covering and letting get all melty and stuff for 30 seconds, uncovering and whisking to
combine and then for a little extra Sheen we’re going to add a tablespoon of
hot water, again whisking to combine, make sure to whisk slowly because bubbles.
We’re then pouring that over top of our completely cooled cake spreading nice
and evenly over the top and then beginning to shingle on sliced
strawberries this is after all “Chocolate Strawberry Oasis Pie” so make it look
nice like a desert rose and to extract this pie from its mold simply put it on
top of the large can and pull down the fluted sides and at long last it’s time
to cut ourselves a piece that’s looking good like chocolate pie not chocolate
crust pie and let’s give it a taste now I know you were probably worried about
the powdered espresso but that just sort of amplifies the chocolatey flavor it
doesn’t make it coffee like which would be weird with strawberries and I gotta
say I only recommend it and it’s joining the clean plate club off camera. Last up
and probably my favorite, is a New York style cheesecake with pecans and brandy
we’re gonna start by making our graham cracker crust processing together six
whole graham crackers along with two and one-third ounces of brown sugar
processing until fine and then adding two and 1/2 ounces all-purpose flour,
seasoning with a little bit of salt and processing once again.. before making
things moist, with 7 tablespoons of melted butter that we’re gonna process
together until it reaches the consistency of wet sand. and now we’re
gonna butter down a springform a 9-inch high-walled springform pan to be precise
before adding our graham cracker crust and tamping down again using a ramekin
until even and flat. and we’re gonna partake this in a 325 degree fahrenheit
oven for 12 to 14 minutes or until it just starts turning a lovely Brown. now,
time to make the cheesecake filling we’re cutting up two and a half pounds
or five whole things of full fat cream cheese into a stand mixer and we’re
adding five and a half ounces of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. making sure our
stand mixer is plugged in. and blending for about a minute until thoroughly
combined… we’re gonna be doing a lot of stages of blending because the more we
blend the filling the smoother it’s going to be. so scrape down the paddle
and the sides of the bowl add another five ounces of sugar and mix
on medium speed again for about a minute. scrape down the sides again and
now we’re gonna add a solid third of a cup of sour cream, along with the
squeezed juice of one half of one lemon, and a nice heaping teaspoon of vanilla
extract. blend to combine medium speed about a minute. Now we’re gonna start
adding eggs we’re starting with two large egg yolks, blend for a minute,
scrape down the sides. and then we’re going to start adding six whole eggs, two
at a time, blending for a minute each and then
scraping down the sides. rinse and repeat. it’s gonna take a while so we
can just make some a pleasant conversation in the meantime…. who do you think is hot or Roz or Daphne? during which season did Frasier really start to
go downhill? I only know how to talk about Frasier… okay now that we’ve got
our Frasier pleasantries out of the way we’ve got a nice smooth cheesecake
filling. that we’re going to take one additional step to make sure it’s extra
smooth by passing it through a fine mesh sieve. and then it’s time to finally pour
it into our pre-prepared crust like oh shoot!!! I forgot to butter down the sides
of things!!!! so I’m gonna meticulously pour out and clean out the sides…. and then
make sure you brush down your springform pan with an extra layer of butter before
pouring in your cheesecake filling. and as has become the theme of this episode,
bubbles are the enemy. they can just cause your cheesecake to crack so run a
fork over the top, and pop them as they rise to the surface then we’re baking
this guy, slowly, at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. taking it out,
to again pop any bubbles that have risen to the surface. I will not have a cracked
cheesecake then we’re putting this guy back in the 200 degree oven for up to
two and three-quarter hours. until its internal temperature reads 165 as you
can see there’s a few stab points on here it doesn’t matter cuz I’m gonna be
covering this up with pecans, despite my ranting about cracks, within blasting
this in a 500 degree fahrenheit oven for about 6 minutes and up to 12, until it
gets a lovely burnished Brown top. we’re gonna quickly run a paring knife around
the outside of the cake to make sure it separates easier later, and letting cool
for three hours at this point we’re ready to unmold the cake, but we’re not
ready to eat it yet… sadly enough. we’re going to wrap it in plastic wrap and
fridge it for an additional four hours and now that you’ve spent the better part of
a day making a cheesecake… let’s pour ourselves some brandy! I’m kidding. we’re
just brushing this down with brandy because that’s what the pie genius Jenna
did in the movie and then we’re topping it with some toasted and chopped pecans
pecans, pecans (pronounced differently each time) and now finally we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. a
towering slice of rich, velvety, creamy New York style cheesecake with- and I
would say shockingly crisp crust I couldn’t taste the brandy at all maybe a
brandy syrup would be better but this was absolutely fabulous I really
recommend you try this one. get creative with sauces and toppings as we enjoy
another worthy entry to the clean plate club, off camera.