In this cake tutorial you’re gonna see
how to make a rich black buttercream. Frost and decorate with buttercream drop
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This is about 2 cups of buttercream. it’s Italian meringue buttercream. you can use
any kind of butter cream. Blend in 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa. then 1 tablespoon
of black gel food coloring. This happens to be Americolor black food gel.The
color will deepen after it sits for at least an hour. If you can, do this step a
day in advance. If not then go for a walk like I did, take a break, smell the
flowers, and voila your buttercream is now darker. Ok so I skipped a step by
mistake, but it’s not too late. add about 1/4 cup of powdered sugar sifted into
the buttercream. This will give the color something to grab onto and also to bond
with and deepen it. And I actually did add a few more drops of black to really
make this even more rich. This is strictly a demo cake. I just took
some cakes out of my freezer that I have, extra cakes laying around, and I cut them
into squares. And then the sticky shelf liner here is helps to hold the cake in
place. And a piece of cardboard under the cake works really well as a base. Start
with the crumb coat which holds any loose crumbs in place and prevents any
from getting into the finished coat. A bench scraper really helps to smooth out
your buttercream. If you look below the videos. all my
videos. I have a link to my Amazon shop which has all the tools that I use in my
videos. To make drop strings with buttercream
use a soft and very smooth buttercream. If needed just pop it into the microwave
for a few seconds. Use a small round tip number two or three. touch the cake then
squeeze with even pressure while pulling the tip away from the cake. Let the
string drop naturally as you move from left to right.
Then touch the cake when you have reached the end. If the string breaks you
can refrigerate it to firm the buttercream and then carefully remove it. The pearls are a little safer these are
snail trails basically you can literally just do the pearls and skip the drop
strings if you want. This is totally up to you. Create your own unique design and
you know you don’t have to do everything exactly as you see it here. If you do try
this cake though let me know and use the hashtag cakes with Lorelie. I’d love to
see it. For the border use a larger round tip. I
think this is a number 10 but you can just use whatever tip works for you and
create a beaded border also known as a pearl. I think this is the
perfect border for this cake. The perfect fruit to top this black
jeweled box is Blackberries. I cannot believe how perfectly they matched. a
little gold on some of the berries is used just to tie in the gold edging. These two, Evynn and Harrison. they are so
eager to learn all about cakes and of course to steal away with the berries.
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