orson welles I knew when I saw the
script the script was written by James Ramsey Ullman who wrote a book called
white tower about climbing a mountain in the imagined emolia’s or Emma Leia’s
whichever you want to Branson and I asked him he’d write the script and he
came back with a typical Geographic script I said oh no romanticized this
thing what do you he said oh god I’m glad you asked me to do so he did came
back with a magnificent script and Welles was in Europe and he couldn’t
come back to this country because the only and oh the Internal Revenue Service
so much money I’d say oh I got him out of that but I called him up and I said
are you interested in I’ll pay you 15,000 bucks if you narrate
this he said sure he said you know I’m a mountain claim was there was a mountain
to climb so I went over to Rome and I met him and we did it in about four days
and uh it was an RCA studio and in Rome and it just became a smash jane goodall
became even bigger and we used orson for about the first six shows I think but
what I did was well how how did you first think of Orson Welles as a
narrator I had always thought of arson wells I heard as I told you way back the
war the world but then I used to look at when I was looking for voices I’d look
at army films I’d look at all kind of film he did a lot of work just to make
money in Europe so he could earn enough to come back to the States
he was running around with it was a girl I can’t think of a name very well known
start time does any digit or and he finally married his third wife to whom
he stayed married I had more fun with Orson Welles
I used to take an extra week to go over that hours budget that I needed ten days
to now took about three days and he and I’d
wander around Rome and Paris and London and Madrid and all over the place I had
an awful lot of fun with him and he was so fat he weighed about 300 pounds at
the time I once wrote down what he ate for lunch where he went to a fancy
restaurant in Paris he had a double two plates of a double Roy roll of oysters
then he had a steak followed by another steak then a chicken and then dessert
all washed down by a hole what do you call that big thing of champagne
whatever the big bottle is I forget the neighbours and he drank it out of a big
bottle he was just he was an incredible man and bright is a dollar and he’d like
me and I liked him we got along from the first minute we met and he used to send
me telegrams you know you send a cable meet you
Penn Station 4:30 afternoon he started off dear Bob which tickled me tickled