CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE Mousse cake is one of the world’s wonders. You can make it for your birthday party or
to celebrate with the family. Definitely, everybody will love it, because there is
a thin cake layer on the bottom, then a tall layer of chocolate mousse and the shiny
and lovely glaze covering everything. It’s impossible not to love it! And this is what I am going to teach you today! For my cake, I’ll use the Mint Cake mixture by Fleischmann, and I will add 2/3 cup of cold milk, 3 tbsp of unsalted butter and 3 eggs. I mix this for 5 minutes and bake to 180˚C
for about 30 minutes. Moustache: In a preheated oven. Yes, always preheated, love! You there, preheat the oven at least 20 minutes before, because most of the ovens take 20 to 30 minutes
to get hot completely. To know if your cake is ready, follow that granny’s tip
which I’ve taught you here already. Insert a toothpick right in the center of your cake
and check if it comes out clean. Now, be careful! Sometimes people are nuts to check
if the toothpick is clean and after this leave the cake inside the oven for more time,
even when it’s ready! This makes the cake dry. Moustache: That is the person who doesn’t have faith. To make the mousse, I’ll use 240g of dark chocolate,
which has 70% cocoa. The amount of cocoa makes a difference in this mousse,
because it will make it thicker or softer. For example: if you’re using milk chocolate, which
will have about 25% to 30% cocoa, your mousse will be too soft for this amount of egg yolk
cream that I’ll be adding into it. So it should be another recipe for a milk chocolate mousse.
In this case, you must use the 70% cocoa chocolate or something similar. The biggest problem of it is that many brands say that
the chocolate is dark and actually it doesn’t have the right amount of cocoa. It has more sugar than cocoa,
so you have to find a trustable brand that sells you a chocolate with 70% cocoa. If you want some other sorts of mousse, there is even
a white chocolate mousse, click here or here or here, click here and I will show you some options on the website. The first thing I need to do is melt my chopped chocolate. To know more about the double boiler technique
and to learn how to make a perfect one, click here and watch the video that I taught you how to make. Moustache: Did you teach people how to make a video? I will need an egg yolk cream to mix with the chocolate, so I need 6 egg yolks and 2/3 cup of crystal sugar,
both mixed together until smooth. Moustache: And what do you do with the whites? If you want to make some desserts with the whites,
click here and I will show you how to make some macarons on the website. You will have to use lots
of whites to prepare it. Or click here and check the delicious lime pie that
I made on Depois dos Quinze. If you’re watching my on tablet or cellphone, all the
links I say in this video are right bellow, at the description. To finish my egg yolk cream, I will need 230ml of whole
milk and 1/3 cup of sugar. It’s right, 1/3 cup. I used 2/3 in the egg yolks and
1/3 cup into the milk. I will take this milk to boil. When it boils, I pour it over the yolks,
whisking all the time, and then I sieve back in the pan to remove any peel. I will cook this cream slowly in low heat until
it reaches the nappant stage, which is when you pass the finger on the back of a spoon
and the cream doesn’t go back to where you passed your finger. Like a barrier. Moustache: Not a barrier, like a passage. Yes, like a small passage. If you’re using a thermometer, the right temperature is 82˚C. What I’m making here is nothing but a cream anglaise
without the vanilla. Pour the cream over the chocolate The ganache is ready and I will hydrate 3 gelatin leaves,
which is about 9g of gelatin. If you want to use gelatin powder, use 10 to 12g because
I think it’s less powerful than the gelatin leaves. This mousse is also perfect to it just like this
when it’s nice and cold, but then you don’t have to add gelatin because you won’t need it to be thick. In this cake, we will slice it, so
that’s why we need the gelatin. In that case, use just the ganache and the whipped
cream, which I’m going to add next. If you want to learn more about gelatin, click here and watch a video that I made just about
gelatin, it’s quite interesting. After your gelatin is hydrated, melt it on a double boiler
and add a little bit of the ganache into this mixture and combine, because when you’ll
add this into the ganache, it will be much easier to get everything well combined. I swear this is the final step to finish this heaven’s mousse! I will need 400g of double cream, which I’m going to whip. When it’s in firm peaks, I add 1/3 of it into the mousse, mix well and then I fold in the others 2/3. What now, baby? Moustache: From the center to the edges, from one
side to another… The pastry chef song! In other words, you fold in gently to not loose air. Moustache: No, say it right now. Because my song
was ridiculous. Another very important thing is that this ganache can’t be hot when you’ll add the whipped cream. It must be at about 25˚C, which is at room temperature. If you add the whipped cream when the ganache is hot,
you’re gonna loose all the air. Your whipped cream will go back to the liquid stage again. And if it’s too cold, for example, your gelatin might get too hard and it won’t be easy to combine the whipped cream. So leave it to cool at room temperature and when it’s
okay, add the whipped cream. Moustache: But why don’t you teach them an easier
mousse, like that one you made just with chocolate and water? That’s true! This mousse is great, if you want to watch it,
click here and make it at home. It’s made with water, only. So if you’ll use a milk free
chocolate, is great for who has problems with lactose, but I wanted to teach this one because
it is classic in the french tradition and we use to make lots of things, including cakes that have many layers. This mousse is great because it’s consistent
and perfect for slicing. While I whip my double cream, I keep stirring the ganache
because it is important that it doesn’t form a peel on top of it and also because it
cools faster. Now let’s assemble it, guys! It’s easy, it’s simple: I will assemble this cake as it was
an entremet, so for you there who wanted to know how to make an entremet, this will be the perfect tip. The first thing I need to do is unmold my cake and
slice it with about 2,5cm – 3cm. Don’t worry, we’ll eat all the rest and make some coffee while we wait for this cake to cool. To make it easier, I will put the mousse into a piping
bag, because it will be much easier to arrange it into the cake tin. Moustache: Who doesn’t have the piping bag… Don’t cry, stop crying! Take a supermarket plastic bag
and put the mousse inside it. No, not a supermarket bag. It can be a freezer plastic bag. Moustache: Or you can steal a ketchup package from
a cafeteria. Cut the tip and use it. Now that the cake is sliced and the mousse is in the piping bag, I will prepare the assembly cake pan. I’m gonna use a cake pan with a removable bottom,
because it is much easier to unmold this later. The acetate, which I’ve explained already in many other
cakes that I made, you can click here or here, take a look.
The acetate is that one you find in stationer’s or in pastry shops. I will arrange it all around the cake tin for the mousse
doesn’t stick and to make easier to unmold this cake later. After this, the most important step is that I have to spread mousse on the cake tin’s edges, so when I’ll place the cake here it will seal correctly around the tin. Then, you press your cake to make the mousse
come up all around it, so the cake will be inside the mousse. To wet this cake, I will use the cherry syrup I taught
you how to make here, so click here to watch it, but you can use any sugar syrup you want.
You don’t have to wet your cake, if you don’t feel like doing it.
It’s up to you. To finish, I will add the mousse into the cake tin again,
and then I’m gonna use the back of a spoon and pull it up on the edges, so this part of the cake will be
smooth for when I’m ready to pour the glaze on top of it. The cake will be nice and flat,
very, very shining. Following, I fill with the mousse and shake it like this just to make it flat. To finish, I take the mousse cake to the freezer for
3 hours. When it’s frozen, I will make the glaze to pour on top. So wait a while. To make this glaze, I will make a very similar recipe
to the one I taught you here. Click here to watch it, it’s the éclair’s glaze, a delicious
fondant that I taught you how to make. The only difference is that this glaze is more liquid,
so go to our website, click here to check the full recipe of this cake. In a small pan, add 90ml of water, 70g of cocoa powder, which is about 3/4 cup. It must be cocoa, it can’t be
the chocolate powder. 200g of crystal sugar, which is about 1 and 1/4 cup
and 2 tablespoons of glucose. Take everything to boil and when it boils,
add 150g of double cream. Boil it again and set aside in a bowl. Hydrate 3 gelatin leaves and when it’s ready,
add it into the chocolate cream. Mix and process for 1 minute until smooth. My glaze is ready and when it reaches about 35˚C,
in other words: when it’s warm, I will pour it on top of my frozen cake. The first thing I need to do here is to unmold the cake
and place it on top of a pot like this, because then I will pour the glaze on top of it and everything that falls in the tray can be reused on another cake or some pie whenever you want it. This is my mousse cake! It has a delicious and very soft
layer of cake in the bottom, and then the chocolate mousse, which is super velvety
and, also, this shiny and lovely glaze, which you can use in any entremet or cake that you’ll make at home. It is perfect like this. And delicious! I hope you like it and if you do, make it at home and post
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