from bacon doughnuts to charcoal ice-cream the internet is full of wild food trends which ones are a buzz and which ones are a bust [Applause] [Music] movie there seems to be a pretty hot topic dr. Brian take it away yeah guys so here we have bone broth smoothies movie bowls so everybody’s for the most part how to smoothie before and maybe they’ve had some bone broth but put them together and it’s a great healthy combination this bone broth has a high concentration of really key minerals like phosphorus calcium magnesium and it also contains collagen which is great for the skin anti-aging look how great a skin my skin it doesn’t taste like bones it doesn’t take they do so much to me on their like here put this in your esophagus it’s great for digestion again it’s great for the elasticity of the skin because it has that collagen yeah and it’s a great way to weight loss aid so you know you can’t beat it it comes in a protein powder we were I started I’m all about the brain healthy brain health guy ice I have bone broth almost every morning and this is fantastic and it’s great for skin as well absolutely you know a big filling you yep you could throw in the the collagen is actually very filled with protein so you add the protein bone broth into your fruit and veggie smoothie in the morning and you got a great combo there berries all right I am gonna say this is a bud I probably won’t make this movie but it’s not bad it’s not bad and I’m surprised I thought it was gonna be awful it’s not you right at home and tell us what you think on social media yeah okay it’s delicious yes next we have up next is edible flowers getting more and more popular you see them on your salads you see them in your cocktail yeah this I would not think it was edible I’m just gonna go for it okay which doctors like you’re saying that they’re becoming really popular you’re seeing them on cakes salads and drinks but botanists are telling people to think before they eat because sometimes they’re safe but sometimes they’re poisonous so it’s it’s not worth the risk if you must unless you’re a botanist and you know what’s poisonous and what’s not so what you’re saying is you’re throwing a party you want to liven up the salad or the death don’t just go in the backyard and pick a flower like regular stuff like rosemary so doc it’s a third course time for a little dessert we’ve saved the sweetest for last so what is this dessert now we’re going to guess it’s hummus yes it’s made from chickpeas but we’ve skipped the savory part that you typically use as a vegetable dip so none of the garlic none of the olive oil instead you substitute with simin with a little chocolate powder you can add chocolate chips you can use your fruit to dip so it sounds promising all right you know cinnamon it looks like fudge you know it can manage a blood sugar spikes you know I like I like anything that manages blood sugar sugars can shrink the brain all those blood sugar spikes so you know I think a lots of antioxidants delicious is a little a touch of coconut in it yeah really good I like really good you can doctor it up whatever you want with your knowledge in your Suites and it’s a healthier substitute to the other version of the Home Ec I feel a buzz coming on this I’m giving this the buzz okay you can find the recipes for these dishes on our website the doctors you