Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy and welcome to what
is shaped up to be a very cool collab. Something I’ve been doing in my personal
life for over three years now is every Wednesday I sit in my bathtub, and I read
a book and I have a beverage. Sometimes when I do this, I just pick whatever book
and whatever beverage are at hand, but sometimes I like to pair them up, and
because of this tendency, I asked some people in the BookTube community to pair
up a book and a beverage, and tell us why. And I am so delighted that so many
people decided to participate in this. All the links to their channels will be
listed down below, and there are so many books on this list that I now want to
read. And, also, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was getting a little bit
thirsty watching the footage. Get your mind out of the gutter, Susan. So without further ado, here are some books and beverage pairings. Paige: [sings] Kathy… what did you
message me with? So I am terrible at making decisions, so I picked three books.
I only have two drinks, mostly cuz one goes with one book, and the other goes
with the other two, I think. Hi, I’m Paige, from The Princess and The Scrivener, and I’m
the Princess. I’m gonna recommend We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union,
who is one of my favorite celebrities… ever. This book is her memoir. It’s just a
series of essays dealing with race, sex, really tough subjects. It’s a really good
book, and I’m gonna pair it with pretty much any kind of wine, but the only kind
that I drink is White Zinfandel, because red wine is so bad. I can’t do red wine.
Although I do think red wine would go better with this book, partially because
she’s drinking red wine on the cover, and partially because there are red details
in the cover itself. So, yeah, definitely read this and enjoy a glass of wine
because you’re gonna need it. So I’m suggesting To All The Boys I Loved
Before, which is a super cute book. It’s by Jenny Han, and it is an own voices
book about a young Korean girl, or half Korean girl, in any case, just finding out
that she wrote these letters to boys that she had crushes on when she was
younger, and turns out somebody sent them to the boys. So she’s dealing with that.
It’s a very cute book. I like this one more than the sequel, so far, and I
haven’t read the third one in this series, but I love this book especially.
And I’m pairing it with Rekorderlig Berrry Cider because it’s one of my
favourite drinks and it’s super, like, flowery, and for lack of a better term
berry-ish, and I think it just kind of pairs as well because they’re both really
cute. I am suggesting The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace. It is a poetry collection that deals with sexuality, being a woman, pretty much,
abuse, some pretty tough issues, as well. I love this poetry collection so much, uh…
being the Princess, you know, big on that. But it’s also in a series that Amanda
Lovelace has started. The next one comes out this year, I just don’t remember
exactly when. Yeah, Amanda Lovelace is a really great poet and I am a big fan of
this book especially. I got a signed copy from work because I’m special like that.
I’m going to pair this with Rekorderlig. They kind of have similar colour schemes… almost, like, opposite colour schemes in a
way. Yeah, this is my favourite drink, and my favourite poetry collection, so
that’s the main reason why I’m suggesting them together. I think as far
as, like, the flavour of the drink and the flavor of the book, for lack of a better
term, they’re not super similar, but still
enjoyable together, because sometimes opposites do attract…. sometimes. RJ: Hey folks,
I’m RJ Beam from Premeditated Fiction. The book I want to recommend is called
Time’s Up by Janey Mack, and the drink that is best to pair with this would be
whiskey, preferably Jameson. Why? Well, Time’s Up is about a young lady by the
name of Maisie McGrane. She comes from a long line of police
officers and lawyers and her dad, who is a high-ranking police officer, sabotages
her career forcing her to no longer be a police officer, but to be a meter maid.
And her family this long line of cops and lawyers they’re all old-school Irish
cops, and so quite often throughout the book, you know, or actually the whole
trilogy of books, Maisie is known to be drinking a number of different things,
but she always goes back to whiskey. So I think reading about this young Irish cop
and, you know, talking or taking a drink from whiskey, it’s a great pairing to, you
know, pass your time. Hope you enjoyed my
recommendation; see you later. Shelly: Hi, guys. I’m Shelly from Collyofthewobbles
and the book I want to recommend to you is Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by
Becky Albertalli. I love this book. It is a queer book about a young man named
Simon who exchanges emails with a guy in his high school named Blue. Sadly, somebody
tries to blackmail Simon because they find out that he is gay, and they find
the emails between him and Blue and it follows this beautiful, wonderful email
relationship that Blue and Simon have, and it gives me all the feels. And the
beverage that I would drink to go this has to be an Oreo Milkshake.
Simon is obsessed with Oreos and I will read you my favourite part of this book
while I make you an Oreo Milkshake. “Breakfast is obviously an Oreo granola
bar or Oreo Pop Tarts. No, they’re not gross. Shut up! They’re amazing. Lunch
should be an Oreo Pizza an Oreo Milkshake, and a couple of those Oreo
truffles my mum makes. Dinner is a deep-fried Oreo served on top of Oreo
ice cream and for a drink its Oreo dissolved in milk. No water, only Oreo milk. Dessert can be all Oreos straight up. Sound reasonable?” I think I
just met heaven. Cheers, guys. Jess: Hi, my name is Jess. I’m from From to You Video,
Photography and Book Reviews, and also From Jess to You Services. I thank Kathy for
having me here. I was supposed to come up with a book and a drink and I had to
scratch my head really hard, and I couldn’t think of anything until I
looked at my shelves, and all I could think about was coffee. I have Along for
the Ride by Sarah Dessen, and the reason I have this one is
because the main character, whose name I completely forget… it is -ah that’s hot! Autumn. She is
visiting or staying with her father and his wife and their new little daughter,
down in North Carolina for the summer, and she is an insomniac, for the most
part, and lives on coffee. She is a coffee addict and I sort of
am one too, only I like my sleep. So basically I just when thinking of a
drink, I couldn’t come up with him other than what I do is coffee, and I thought
it went up really well. I liked this one. Autumn and
Eli are really good characters, and I liked how they play off
each other.sS if you are okay with a, kind of, a woman’s fiction in a YA genre,
contemporary romance type of thing, I say you should probably at least check this
one out. Angel: Hey, Youtube, my name’s Angel. my channel
name is XOXO Angel Rose, and I talk about books and pop culture and my pets and
whatever else I want to talk about. The first book I’ve chosen is
Once and For All by Sarah Dessen, and this is about a girl, Luna, whose mom is a
wedding planner and so she works for the company. She’s not so sure about this
love thing because she, maybe, had her one great love in life and it didn’t work
out in the end. She meets someone, Ambrose, who comes to work for her mother’s
company and he is just happy-go-lucky, and he is just a fun time, and so they
make this bet together so that she can get out of her comfort zone and date
around, and he can commit to one girl. The drink I have chosen for this book is
champagne and I personally love a good little bottle of Martini & Rossi.
I think it’s a great champagne. I chose champagne to pair up with Once and For
All because it’s a book about starting over, a fresh start, letting love in your
life again, and getting outside your comfort zone, and I think that is
everything that champagne sounds like. Champagne is a drink that you drink on
exciting celebrations, as you drink it at weddings, to celebrate love, and this
lifetime commitment, and I think it’s a really great drink pairing with a
beautiful, fun, fluffy, lovey book. I also picked The Hating Game
by Sally Thorne. This is a really cute chick lit book about two rivals at a
publishing company ,and they’re both vying for the same job, and they hate
each other, but what do you know? Things happen and maybe they don’t hate each
other so much. And it’s really cute and just so fluffy and adorable. And the
drink I have chosen for this is a Bay Breeze, which is a cocktail. Really any
cocktail, but my personal favourite is a Bay Breeze, which is part vodka, part
cranberry juice, and part pineapple juice. And like my first book choice, also, it’s
just a fun, cute, fluffy, book that gives you all kinds of feelings. It’s chick lit and I think a cocktail is as chick lit as it can
get. I just think it’s a really cute, delicious, juicy, sweet pairing of
literature and liquor. Saajid: So one of my favorite beverages to have is peanut punch, which is a very popular drink here in the Caribbean. It’s thick. It’s
delicious. It’s filling. Get your mind out of the gutter, Susan. What I like about it
the most is that it’s a drink that really say satiates me, which is a very
difficult thing to do given that my stomach is a bottomless pit. Now if you’ve
been to my channel, you would know that YA contemporary is one of my favourite
genres, but unfortunately as of late I found that time and time again, a lot of
them aren’t really enough for me. They’re too short for my liking. They don’t – they
don’t say satiate me. Like the peanut punch. You understand what I’m sayin’? But that was definitely not the case with I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican
Daughter by Erika L. Sánchez. This is about Julia, whose older sister Olga passed
away. We’re following her as she uncovers some unsettling truths about her sister,
as well as discovering herself in the process. Now here’s the link, right. Peanut
Punch is a beverage that blends many different flavours together to give you,
you know, just, like, a really fulfilling drink, and this book does just that. Here
we have a coming-of-age story that deals heavily with grief and mental health.
A story about family, romance, and friendship. A story that implicitly and
explicitly centres issues of race, socioeconomic status, and immigration
within the context of all of this. Sánchez manages to weave together all of
these ideas in a raw and natural way, to give readers a rich story, full of nuance
and honesty. I humbly suggest that you fix your lives by reading this book, perhaps
with a cup of peanut punch to have while you’re at it. Maaretta: Hi, I’m Maaretta. I run a Booktube channel called Ruby Soup With Pearl Juice and I am on
this collab recommend Always Coca-Cola by Alexander Chreiteh, and I am pairing
this up was a beverage called… well it says Pepsi Max, but it’s any kind of Cola
brand, really. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Max, Lidl’s Cola. Anything goes really, and this book
is about some women’s lives in Lebanon and one of the main characters,
due to its magical realist slant, has an obsession was Coca-Cola and even when
she’s pregnant she does drinks Coca-Cola all the time. And I’m also like that. I’m
a Coke junkie, so that’s why I want to pair these two up. Willow: Ow! What’s that for? I think – I think she bit me because I got the title wrong. She apparently is a big
fan of this book. Hello my book and a beverage recommendation are
I Hate Everyone But You by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin, and a Cherry Cola, and my
reasoning for, for pairing these two is because there is a slight mention of
drug use in this book and Ava, who is the straight-laced one in this friendship
that the book is about, is very upset that Jen, her friend, is openly admitting
her drug use via email ‘cuz she’s worried that the school will read it and find out
and suspend Jen for taking drugs. So she insists that they use a code,
which is Cherry Cola, and so that is my book and beverage recommendation. Say hi! okay, you’re gonna just… okay. Dana: Hi everyone, I’m Dana Abercrombie and I want to talk to you about this wonderful book, Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios. And not only do I
wanted to talk about this book, but I think that this goes wonderful with this
orange grapefruit and a little bit of honey drink. Freshly made, by the way. Now let’s talk
about the book first, so that the drink makes some sense. The book is very simple;
it’s about this girl who falls magically, head-over-heels in love with this guy,
and she believes that he is going to be, as they say, the cat’s meow. They’re gonna,
you know, have this relationship, he’s gonna be loving and kind and caring and
always there for her. And then later it progresses and to” oh I’m gonna get
married with this guy and have babies”. Imagine this is all in her head, and her
fantasy, when she meets this guy and everything seems perfect at first, and
they do have this attraction and she really, really does feel something for
him deep, down inside. As the relationship progresses, it becomes very unfortunate
that he ends up being a very abusive guy. I mean
mentally and physically. You got a lot of shoving, a lot of physical matches, and
it’s just one of those heartbreaking things, and the book is not just about an
abusive relationship, but it’s also about overcoming it and making your fractured
self whole again, and realizing that only you can do that for yourself. No one can
make you whole. Not a person. Not an animal. Not a plant.
Not even your favourite food. Only the love that you have within yourself can
truly make you understand how strong and wonderful and powerful of a human you
are, and I think that this book is just amazingly, mind-blowing in that way. And
it’s a book that everyone, no matter their age, should read. Now why this drink?
This drink is a grapefruit, blood orange, with a little bit of honey. Now this is
the reason why I figured this would be in the great pairing. Now honey, as you
already know, it’s sweet. It gets you in. Really, you know, at first. Ever heard the
phrase “you’ll catch more flies with honey”? It’s like the mask that this
guy is wearing, because he’s not, at first, gonna meet her and just start beating
her and being mean. No, no, no. That’s not how you get into relationships. You’re
gonna be sweet, at first. Then it graduates into orange. Orange is not as
sweet. Now if you didn’t get one that’s, like, really ripe, in the great season,
it’s gonna be a little bit tart, and that’s how the relationship in this book
ends up going. It goes from really sweet to a little tart. And then the blood
orange comes in. Blood oranges are very very tart. Some might even describe them
a little bit as being sour, especially if you could get them off season, like I
actually did by mistake. Mine was a little a little sour, as well. So when you
mix it all together, you have all these different tastes of sweet with tart and
a little sour, which I think matches perfectly with this book, and this
relationship. Thank you and enjoy your reading! Amara: Hey, Kathy its Amara in Seattle and today
I’m here with a book recommendation per your request.
This is Perfume by Patrick Süskind. Originally was called Das Parfum. He’s a
german writer. Perfume is a classic and what’s really cool about this, is this is
a book I’m recommending to you because it was recommended to me by a friend I
was visiting in Melbourne. She actually bought me this book, and I read it a
little bit on the plane. Now why I’m recommending this book to you is a
couple of things: it’s a very interesting read as someone who writes, because it is
so well crafted, and it’s so visceral and so sense oriented. Scent oriented,
moreover, because everything about Perfume is about scents, and it’s
interesting to see words become concepts that are recognizable in like nasal
passage-y kind of ways. It was a fascinating read. It was a fast read, and
for a classic it’s, like, real digestible. So totally
recommend this. Was really glad i read it, and when I was discussing it with my
best friend, he said. “huh, I wonder? Is that Perfume like the movie?” and there’s
apparently a movie version of this, also. It is a kind of a read that pushed me a
little bit. Love to stay in genres that are really comfortable and classics
always make me a little like ah… So what am I recommending you drink while you
are in the middle of this murder? This is tea in a Stormtrooper cup. It’s a Teavana
Comfort Tea. That means it comes from Starbucks. It’s comforting when you’re in
the middle of something that is uncomfortable. Also, because this book is
so much about scents and smells, tea is so much about scent and smell, that I
thought it was a good pairing to do tea and a classic. Also, cause, like, tea and a
classic. I also really love that this is an international book in a lot of ways.
It’s clever, interesting and one of those reads that once you’ve read it, you kind
of can reference it forever, so I’m thankful. It’s one of my favourite things
about classics: you read them and then you start to see that they are something
referential that you can use, kind of in life in general. That’s my choice, and I
put it in the Stormtrooper mug because, also, murder. Have a good day! Jenny: I recommend
TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, paired with the nice glass of milk. Kathy: Thank you so much to everyone that
participated. There are so many new books on my TBR, some of which I have already
read since you guys started sending in footage, so thanks. In the comments below,
please let me know your favourite book and beverage pairing, and why. Be sure to
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