The next guy coming to the stage. He hosts two other, oh 3 other open mics in this town alone he hosts an open mik every
Thursday at Gellazi across street That show starts at 9 it’s free. He hosts a show
every Wednesday evening at 9. That is a contest. It’s an open mic with a chance to win $100. That is also a free show. And every Friday night at 7 p.m. He does a show at Patero’s. So he’s a really busy guy. And on top of all of that he runs a website called So if you enjoy his set please contact him about all of that stuff before he gets away. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage my good friend
Captain Jsin! Alright team I only have 5 minutes and this is what I did today. I got on Facebook this afternoon and I said hey everybody give me some random… I said hey Book o’Face because that’s what I perfer to call the Facebook is the Book o’Face. I said give me some random things to talk about tonight, and I’ve got a list of 17 things that we’re just going to rant about tonight. The top of which is Facebook Cause There’s a lot of poop on Facebook, isn’t there? A lot like figuratively and literally there’s a lot of ridiculous poop Facebook.I don’t know about you but I find myself sitting there just like scrolling down scrolling down and then I realize that I’ve been on Facebook for like 12 hours, looking at poop! This is absolutely ridicules. My eyes have turned from blue to brown because of all the hope that I saw on Facebook Its not teaching you anything there’s no
there’s no you’re not learning anything when you go on Facebook and you get on there’s no facts There’s fake facts. There’s pretend facts. There’s all kinds of made up shit on Facebook. There’s shit on Facebook too. I was going to keep it G, I guess we’re not. There’s shit, all kinds of shit on Facebook and you’re not learning anything. Nobody is ever being taught anything on the Book o’Face. It just doesn’t happen. There’s arts there is. There’s lots of cool art that you see on Facebook though it’s… it’s… it’s stolen mostly. It’s mostly just like hey check out this picture I found and kind of claimed. Look I took a picture out of a movie and I put words over it because I’m creative. I’m crative. You know, I don’t have any actual talents actual artist. I can’t draw and I can’t write but I can take these 2 different mediums and I can shove them together and I can make some shit for you to look at while you are crusing on the Book o’Face. That’s how this whole thing works. It’s really like a grass-seeds movement is what the Book o’Face started as. it was supposed to be this thing where you can connect with your friends and connect with your family see what’s going on in the lives
of the people that you care about and instead it’s a bunch cats playing with shit It’s just on there. It’s just all day long it’s just… just… just shit it’s just shit. It’s all just shit. And apparently there’s weird things like the duck face phenomenon. Not sure what this is all about but apparently if you watch enough Facebook enough shit on Facebook you will literally grow a duck bill. Your lips will literally grow so big from the amount of intelligence that is falling out of your brain that you will grow a duck bill and duck feet. You’ll be like that kid in that book that wanted all the different animal parts and ends up looking like a freakand they put him in the zoo. You know what I am talking about, with the big long monkey fucking tail. Apparently we’re going to R! We’re just going to keep jumping this thing up higher and
higher as the swear words fall out my face. My duck face. I guess that’s where I should have used… I could have used duck instead of fuck. Maybe that’s the duck face phenomenon is people trying not to swear on Facebook because your aunt and your grandma and everybody else who you don’t want to see to the things that you do after the Wednesday night, Monday night funk jam…don’t post it on the Book o’Face. Instead sit at home and eat cheese and crackers. Cause cheese and crackers is a good snack, right? It’s delicious you can have it with wine because that goes
really well the other thing that’s on Facebook. Right? People whining! It’s just covered the entire thing is just painted with complaints. It’s either shit about cats, or cat shit, or shit that people just have to talk
about other people because there is just too much shit to bitch about it’s just whine whine whine, you got some cheese and crackers with your fucking whine. I’m not getting through this list fast enough. Let’s get some Turtle Wax because it makes a horrible dessert. It’s just not good. Today is 4-21 it’s national random drug test day. And we shouldn’t be laughing about these things because overall the world, America we’re killing people. We’re killing people. 55 people in Yemen today, alone! I’m getting ’em all in. Because you know, what’s better than a nice rant about random shit off Facebook It’s the best thing since sliced bread and adopting puppies It really is. I can’t fit a Reagan joke in here because it is too soon It is too soon and I’m not the kind of guy. I don’t like to make fun of actors. Somebody put dro vs reggies on here I wasn’t sure if this was reggae music and some kind of rap music or hydro vs regular weed but basically what I am saying is learn how to fucking type and I’ll put your rant. Solar powered sun visors! that’s a fantastic idea right Sun comes
up it turns on, it doesn’t actually do anything but there is a little blinking light that say’s hey this is on! I am winning right now I’ve done tiger’s blood and I ‘m on edible garden weeds and I have food poision and that’s the reason I called into work today not because I was worried about the
random drug test! Look for this video on facebook. You guys are fucking awesome! Captain Jsin and his 27 other personalities!