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brace yourself. Today I want to show you how to make Boondi Ladoo, which is everyone’s favorite. So keep watching. So here we have taken chickpea flour that’s Besan. So around one bowl of it. To this we are gonna add little water at
a time and keep mixing this. So make sure that the water that’s been added is very little at a time and then there is no lumps in it. At this stage if you add by mistake more water you can no not to worry you can add a little more flour. So you can see the texture is nice and smooth but still the pouring needs to be over what it needs to be the pouring consistency so we’ll add a
little more water to this so you can fry your body so the batter
is almost done here the consistency we’ll find out if it’s
right or wrong while Frank but here as I can see it’s almost kind of done so now
we will get the kite of rider motifs so a kadai is already hot so we’re going
to add oil to this and the meanwhile also simultaneously we’ll start making
the sugar setup here so yo I have taken a 1 bowl of sugar to this we’ll add around 1/2 bowl of
water we’ll add the orange color to this of
just a pinch of it and crushed cardamom powder and we’ll let it simmer so oil is hot
enough now we have taken a perforated Latin and we are going to pour this
through this we have to make sure that we only try
this for 30 seconds because we don’t want them crispy they
just want soft get this off so you’re our sugar syrup is ready and
also our bowls we’re gonna mix in here we’ve already added cardamom seeds now
we’re going to add some mass melon seeds to this and we’ll make sense
and we’re gonna leave it to rest for seven to eight minutes and then mindlessly so these are your
Bundy’s when they saw happen in the setup this is how it looks so now you’re
going to bind them into a round shape this is the size take a little bit of it
and just now so these are your house when they love
you sleep so great your guess is the value with these wonderful lactose I
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