the boss you guys have been like in the video you
guys have been destroying it so if we get a hundred thousand likes on our last
video which if we did then you’re watching this and you guys are savage we
are building the box for spaceship but this has to last a week with tarps on it
let’s see what happens oh yeah oh my god no no no make it a booster right it did
everything right the angles the date it was all there there’s no way we’re going
to be able to fly in this rocket ship this ain’t no rocket ship great Fox for
graveyard so much down Jake okay promise promise all our viewers a box for
spaceship that should last I gotta go away for Marvel where are you going
going to the desert knock I failed them with the Box board spaceship and if I’m
gonna prove that I truly am the Box sport god
I can earn their life but Jake there’s so many dangerous things out there in
the desert there’s thanks to scorpions God they
even say its arms Jake they’ll simulate oh I’m gonna survive in the desert for
24 hours you’re right I need to know I can do it I have to prove that to not
only me of course I’m going to go to the desert Logan I’m going to survive the
same song in a box for the probe that I might do it okay we’re almost at three
million subscribers it’s a hashtag wrote three million you
think our viewers are going to share this video with all their friends I hit
that subscribe button just going to the desert look Jake how are you going to
get there glad you asked folks that this the desert transportation device put in
the coordinates Sahara Desert to the desert Oh because I’m into the double canteen
trust your survival knife there you go all right that’s time to survive a
cancer hey what’s going on guys
Papa JQ from Djibouti and we are out and we are in the desert oh my god it’s so
bright bro it’s over I can barely see right now but guys welcome to the desert
and today we are doing a test we’re doing a test because we want to do a
24-hour desert box sport I need to see you guys if I can survive in the desert
there’s I mean there’s snakes there’s scorpions double that there’s
probably our worst enemy it’s that this stuff right here literally it’s
everywhere it’s just sand heat and not fun there’s no fun there’s no water
there’s no pool for Papa Jake this is it this is the desert we’re in really
important territory I’m going to get inside with the GoPro and I’m going to
see if I can survive a simulation of a sandstorm because that is probably the
number one thing that could affect the box 4x scorpion no scorpions getting
through this door but a sandstorm sandstorm come around here I don’t know
if I’m going to make it before we do this epic experiment of a sandstorm
versus a box for it we want to know if you guys want us to do an underground
Boxford out here you guys wants to dig into the sand like deep and fill it with
a box board make an underground box fort bunker then smack that like button if we
get a hundred thousand likes on this video guys we will build an underground
box for bunker then it’s completely submerged under the sand so we have a
couple ways that we’re going to simulate the sandstorm today guys I’m basically
going to get in and we’re going to do box 4 vs sandstorm in the desert all
right time to get in this thing bunker down as best I can I don’t know
about you guys but looks like the winds taken up there’s a storm coming so this
is home this is where we’re going to survive we got a pillar we’ve got a
little bit of tape oh that’s great we’re already got a lot of stands coming in
here there’s literally all saying everywhere there is not one inch of
anywhere on my body or around this place that there’s not saying the desert is
not a place you want to go if you don’t like salmon to be honest with you come
and there’s a Samsung cotton so I guess our best option is to board up that cuz
that’s going to be the number one place that something can get in so I’m gonna
bore up the wall with the leftover tape we have and just bunker down as best I
can I mean there’s some places holes and gas
to thank you get in but luckily I’ve got mice and goggles and I’ve got this so I
can keep it out of my mouth and hi alright guys got the door boarded up
with some tape that’s not good I still got some reserved tape so if we start to
find some holes or hopefully the answer is a blowhole in here but if anything
does come in here I should be able to fix it pretty quickly older than the
sand which is obviously my number one enemy the heat it’s extremely hot in
here with the door closed we’re in a desert there is a Sun and well I can’t
even talk because I’m so hot right now I have no food no water
my only shelter and only means of survival is literally a box for so
hopefully we survive oh gosh oh no it’s starting it’s
starting okay okay hope okay alright so right now it
seems like some sands kicking up hit inside of the box for it box or told
them pretty well we’ve got a little bit of sand leaking in here we can use the
sand or advantage you can pile it up make sure no more saying yeah a little
bad some work but maybe oh no that’s like it always comes in oh it’s coming
in the top it’s coming in the top bad because I’m sweating all man I don’t
even know if I should put on all my equipment yet I’m going to hold off my
equipment as long as I can I don’t want to put it on so I put my thing up and my
glasses down I’m going to get way too hot way keep an eye leave the wagons oh
I’m just going to fill it like three or five degrees in span
there’s nowhere to hide from it The Doors holding pretty well all the street all right like a rolling pretty well one
issue we might have with the sand right now is if it not piled up on top of the
roof this room could come crashing down the only thing we have holding up the
entire roof is one pillar but this thing does the whole words coming down and the
box was just going to flow apart 10 everywhere I’m putting my last I’m
starting to be a fan particle there’s snap particles all over you see in the
light their budgets and she’s came back and been bad out there
oh my god so I pick it up alright I’m here my glasses on all Judas to go fat this goes outside or
pick it up real bad gasps oh my god those bottles they’re part of the rooms
already starting to cave in the walls are just like sand particles ripping
through oh god oh god that is really bad really bad Oh whoever said literally
swimming soup here there’s nothing I can do is lobbing it
everywhere I looked everywhere go let’s bring it
Bob ah the dark the dark
as a dog my dog oh my god girlby
Oh ha oh what’s that
forget the room besides of course once an old man Booton roof superstand me sandstorm sob
the roof caved in the front door blew open i’m literally covered in sand from
head to toe the floor is just covered in sand once I
start kicking up guys it becomes like shards of glass it like rips your skin
oh my god I got sand on my dear oh no no no what’s happening let’s just say the
entire upstairs climbing up on the roof we literally have Sam piling up on the
roof that’s not good she’s the tape where’s the tape
oh god oh look at that the roof caved in we’re going oh we
going oh did the whole Virginia oh yeah I ripped and then oh my god
the blackboard it’s just true it okay okay all right honestly to think I have
to say I’m do looking at me right now you’re probably like Papa Jake
everything failed but that’s not true when the sandstorm started to kick up
the box port hell no sand particles are getting through and that stuff once the
door blew open I didn’t realize how fast the sand was moving like when that blast
of sand hit me it literally started ripping my
skin it’s like little tiny shards of glass flying through the air at you
through the box itself protected me through most of the video against all of
that the problem was was that once enough dancer to pile up on top of the
box this happened when the whole thing caved then stand in my ear Wow now that
there’s a desert sense check the damages just like the whole
box gave in group kids in side panels caved in but the walls held and is
placed horn we’re going to poor guys when we first came in here the floor was
actually pretty clean that was just a massive sand success from the fact that
we built a box board that could survive a sandstorm but it did fail because
after enough sand piled on top the roof caved in so I gotta say it’s a half
success we’ve built the wall strong enough but not the roof the roof needs
some work maybe some more pillars and this thing would work that was probably
the least one box for challenge I’ve ever done mainly because there is sand
everywhere in everywhere around everywhere on everywhere but guys this
has been the box fort verse – sandstorm hope you guys enjoyed it and guys don’t
forget if you want something pull out here and make an underground box fort
smash that like button we want to try and get a hundred thousand likes and we
will do the underground box for literally underground out in the desert
it will be awesome you