– Oh, that hit me. That’s real bad.
That’s a bad bite. That’s a bad bite!
That was a bad bite. – Brain freeze! AGH! – [Mark] Don’t make me
laugh, it makes it worse! (Mark and Mario laughing) – So cold! (tropical jungle music) (guitar music) – Come with me. He thinks he’s
picking out his lunch. That’s not gonna be his lunch. – [Mark] There it is. Is that it? – [Mario] Yep. Original. Glorious Spam. Look
at that sandwich, it looks delicious,
don’t you think? Not so much. – [Mark] I want my Hawaiian ice. Alright so, easy access. – [Mark] Yep. – Peel it up. And a
little snack for Coyote. – [Mark] Gotta have
his lunch, right? – Yeah, he’s gotta eat the meat before he can have the desert. – [Mark] I agree. – Alright, let’s go. – [Mark] Alright. – Alright guys, so
Hawaii is famous for several different foods, But nothing more famous
than Hawaiian shaved ice. So today, what I’m
gonna do is try to eat as many cups of
shaved ice as I possibly can. Hope you guys are ready for
the brain freeze challenge. Oh look at this guys. Don’t feed the chickens. So right now, Mark and Mario are ordering my first
wave of shaved ice. This is actually
one eating challenge that I’m looking forward to. I absolutely love
Hawaiian shaved ice. – Uh oh. Here it comes. – [Coyote] Oh! The
first two! Here we go! – We have the local. – [Coyote] The local! – Strawberry, blue
vanilla, Li Hing Mui, and snow cap.
– Okay. – And piña colada is pineapple,
coconut, and snow caps. – [Mark] Thank you! – Alright, first
two. Here we go. Wow, those look incredible. – [Mark] Hold on, hold on,
hold on. Wait a second. – [Coyote] What? – [Mark] Those are for us. – [Girl] Here’s the third one. – [Coyote] Oh, this one’s mine. – [Girl] This is the Bomb. – Oh, the Bomb! – [Girl] Cherry on top,
root beer, and snow cap. – [Mark] Nope, nope, nope. Not yet, not yet, not yet. – What do you mean not yet? You gotta get shots
of them first? – [Mark] Mario and
I had our lunch and you haven’t eaten lunch yet. – [Coyote] This is my lunch. – [Mark] No, this is desert. – [Coyote] What? – [Mark] Clearly,
this is a desert. – [Coyote] I’d
consider it lunch. – [Mark] Um, how about that? Classic Hawaiian lunch. You can’t have your desert
until you eat your meat, right? – [Coyote] Spam? Glorious spam? Actually, I did know
that this is one of the most famous
foods here in Hawaii. And look at this little
Spam man inside of the can. You guys really
want me to eat Spam before I eat the shaved ice? – [Mark] Well, we’re
gonna eat these. – Well, what if I
puke from eating this? – I don’t think you’re
gonna puke, man. It’s– – You have to cook
it though, don’t you? – [Mark] No, no.
You can eat it raw. But it’s a Hawaiian delicacy,
just like pineapple. But it tastes like meat. Let’s go ahead and open this up. – Okay. I don’t know about this guys. – [Mark] It’s coming out. Holy!
– Oh my gosh. No, I’m not eating this. – [Mark] Alright well, our
Hawaiian ice is melting. – [Mario] Yeah man, hurry up. – Ugh. – [Mark] Wolf it down, man. We got melting ice here. – Pretty sure you’re
supposed to cook this. – [Mark] Eat, eat, eat. Come on. – Mhmm. – [Mark] I’m gonna sample this. No! No! – [Mario] Let me see,
how does it taste Mark? – Mmm.
– Good? – Pineapple. – This is awfully greasy. It’s like, salty Vaseline. – [Mario] Nope. More for me. – [Mark] Mmm, how
does that taste Mario? – [Mario] Really good. – [Mark] Mhmm. Yeah. (retching) Come on. At this rate, you’re
not getting any ice. – [Mario] Yeah, it’s
gonna melt, so… – Ugh.
(retching) – [Mark] Is it salty? Alright, if you
take one giant bite, I’ll let you have
some Hawaiian ice. – One big bite? – [Mark] One big bite and
I’ll let you start this one. So let’s see, there’s
your reward right there. One massive Hawaiian
sized bite of Spam. Come on. Get it down. (vomiting)
Oh no! (Mark laughing) Mario, he couldn’t eat the spam. What happened Mario? – Coyote just doesn’t
have the stomach. – I puked on the GoPro. – [Mark] Alright. Good
effort, good effort. So you don’t like Spam. – This wasn’t supposed
to be a puke video, guys. – [Mark] This one’s
called the Bomb. – This one is the Bomb. – [Mark] Or Da Bomb. – Mmm. So much better than Spam. Ah, that’s good. Mmm! My chest. – You having a heart attack? – It’s freezing up. – Is this the Spam? (laughs) – Mmm. Anybody getting
brain freeze yet? My chest is getting freeze. – Chest freeze? I think
that’s from the Spam, Mario. – A little too much
sodium for you, buddy. – (laughs) I think he’s
having a sodium heart attack. – How about your teeth?
Do your teeth hurt? – [Mark] No. – Come on. Let’s go. Alright, I think if
I take this down. – [Mark] Brain freeze? – Woo, my teeth! Nah. – It’s just really cold, I’m
not getting a brain freeze yet. – [Coyote] No brain freeze? – Not yet. I think it’s too hot out
here for a brain freeze. – It is hot out here. Really hot. (slurping) Mmm. That’s good. (Mario laughs) Alright. I think we’re
ready for round two. So which is this one? – [Girl] That is
mango, coconut, and– – [Mark] Ooh, that’s a good one. – This is lime, blue
raspberry, and grape. – [Mark] Ooh, that looks
like all you Mario. It’s got the coconut
on top, and everything. Oh, look at mine! – [Girl] This is rainbow. – I get the rainbow. It’s like the Hawaiian rainbow. Look at that. – [Coyote] Awesome. – [Mark] So whoever finishes
their Hawaiian ice first doesn’t have to
eat a bite of Spam. – Okay, I like that game. – [Mark] You like that? – Yeah, ready? One, two, three. Oh this one’s a lot harder. – Oh gosh. – Oh man. – [Mark] It’s really good. – I’m just gonna eat it. – Good tactic. – Oh this is bad. Uh oh. – Got a brain freeze? – Something’s happening. – Now a brain
freeze is caused by all of the arteries
that surround the outside of your
brain contracting. And they send
signals to your brain that this is too cold,
you need to slow down now! Or it’s only gonna get worse. And trust me, it does. I feel it the most
in my teeth though. And in your temples.
Teeth and the temples. – My face. I can barely talk. I don’t enjoy
shaved ice anymore. – How we doing? – [Mark] I’m halfway. – Can’t feel my lips. And actually, the way
to cure brain freeze is to actually just
press your tongue up against the
roof of your mouth, and the warmth from your tongue will warm up all of the
blood vessels and capillaries and will cause them to relax. – Hey guys. Look over
there. Look at that dog. – Hey! No cheating. – That was a dirty trick Mario. – What are you
guys talking about? You’ve got no proof. – Agh! That hit
me. That’s so bad. That was a bad bite.
That’s a bad bite. That was a bad bite. – Brain freeze! Agh! – [Mark] Don’t make me
laugh, it makes it worse. (Mark and Mario laughing) – So cold! I gotta go for
another rush, ready? I gotta power up. – [Mario] Mark won. – [Mark] Look at that.
Put them to shame. Put them to
absolute, Spam shame. – Ugh! – [Mark] You’re just like
turning into a spider monkey. – So cold! – [Mario] I don’t
know what’s happening. (Mark and Mario laughing) (slurping) – [Mark] Mario, you still
have to finish your food. – I can’t. – [Mark] You can do it. – You’re gonna have
to eat Spam, bro. (Mark laughing) Finished. Oh my gosh, my stomach
is freezing. Ugh! – [Mark] You know, I
know a way to warm it up. – [Coyote] No, I
ain’t eating Spam. – [Mark] Oh yeah, you lost. – No I didn’t. He
didn’t finish his. – [Mark] No, only the winner
doesn’t have to eat Spam. The two losers eat Spam. – I ain’t eating no more Spam. – [Mark] You’re gonna have
to eat a little bite of Spam, that was the deal. – All that’s coming back up. – [Mark] A bet’s a bet. – You guys wanna see what a
rainbow waterfall looks like. – [Mark] That counts. Yeah, mhmm. Your turn. – It’s about to be
a rainbow waterfall. – [Mario] Oh no. Here, wash it down with this. – I swallowed. – [Mark] Here, put that in. – Wash it down with that. (Mark laughing) – [Mark] That is a rainbow Spam. – I don’t think I can
eat anymore shaved ice. – Nah, see. This whole trip
we would finish a shoot and Coyote would be like, “let’s go get shaved ice!” Now you got it man. You got all
the shaved ice you can have. – We got one more
round, don’t we? – [Mark] Yep. One more round. – One more round. Alright guys, TV timeout. One more round coming. (upbeat relaxing music) Oooh. – [Girl] Liliko’i and coconut. And then a Caffeine
Monkey, coffee, and banana. – [Mark] Caffeine Monkey? Mario? – Alright, I think
I’m out of this round. It’s you and Coyote. – Yeah, there’s one
more coming out. – No, I think that’s it. – No, no, no. There’s
definitely one more. – I think there’s
one more coming. – These are the organic ones. These have all the fruits. This is like the healthy side. Gotta have these.
– Mmm. Smells good. Smells really good. Mario seems to think that he’s
not going to be getting one, but I think that he
is sorely mistaken. – Sunset, with mango. – [Mark] That one
has the mango, yeah! – Thank you! – Look at that one. – Oh man, my teeth hurt. – This one has caffeine in it. So it’s giving me like
a caffeine rush too. Mario, I wanna
try some of yours. – I think Coyote got
a major brain freeze. – [Mark] I got ice cream
in mine. What’s this? What’s this? I have ice cream. – You have ice cream?
– Mhmm. – That’s going to make
it harder for you to eat. Oh no, I have ice cream too. (dramatic music)
Oh no! This one’s actually really good. – Mmm, oh yeah. Ooh, the ice cream
is really cold. – My head hurts
so bad right now. It’s frozen. – [Mark] Mine’s pretty good. – Mine is too, I’m
trying to enjoy mine. – Mario, you didn’t
finish yours. Get back down there. – [Mario] Look who I’m
sitting next to, man. Maybe we should
just leave him to– – Delicious. – [Mario] It’s messier. – [Mark] Mario… (laughs) – Woo!
(loudly exhales) That’s a lot of
shaved ice, guys. – [Mark] Obviously
we had fun today, but Hawaiian shaved
ice is pretty amazing. – It is. Now, Wishing
Well Hawaiian shaved ice, here on the island of Hawaii
is absolutely phenomenal. If you guys can ever make
it here, try the shaved ice. There are nine different
flavors combinations, three of which are
completely organic. And I can tell you this much, if you’re gonna eat shaved ice, just take your time
and you won’t have to worry about brain freeze. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild, we’ll
see you on the next location! – [Mark] Can brain
freeze kill you? – No, it can’t. If you thought
eating nine flavors of Hawaiian shaved
ice was entertaining, make sure to go back
and watch the episode where the crew
challenged me to eat one of the world’s stinkiest
fruits, the durian. And don’t forget, subscribe,
so you can join me and the crew on our next location! (bear roar)