Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I am dressed like Merida from the Movie Brave ! I got so many request from you guys to do something Brave themed And I was thinking -HHmmmmm- while watching the movie I saw that she and her brothers and all of her family were eating these Iced rolls and I thought -That’s what I wanna make- So today we are gonna be making the iced rolls from Brave Let’s Get Started! The things you’ll need will be: 3 cups + 3 tablespoons of bread flour 1 and a half cups of butter at room temperature 8 eggs Half a cup of milk An additional 3rd cup + a tablespoon of bread flour, we are keeping this separate for a reason 1 package of active dry yeast Quarter cup of sugar And 1 table spoon of salt You will also need: Some maraschino cherries Royal icing with a little bit of orange juice added in Aand a plastic bench scraper Now Let’s Put it All Together! The first thing that we’re gonna do is warm our milk. I put this in the microwave for about 30 seconds You wanted warm to the touch but NOT hot Add our yeast and our smaller measurement of flour to our milk Then take a spoon and mix it up to make a paste Set it aside for about 10 minutes to Let It Do its Magic Our yeast is ready, I’ve put it into a larger mixing bowl Wisk together our sugar and all of our eggs first before we use the dough hook Before we put this onto the mixer add 1/4 of our flour Mix together until the flour starts to disappear and add more flour We are gonna be adding it in 4 parts this is 1 of them mix -add your flour- mix Then, in between, add a little salt. Just remember add your flour in 4 parts and the salt after the second Close the mixer, turn it to a low speed and as its goin’ slowly add our butter Chunk by chunk Our dough is mixed. Over here I’ve got a big bowl and some flour. Sprinkle the bowl, I am also gonna sprinkle some flour on the top because this dough is VERY sticky And we gotta get the dough out of there and put it in the bowl Our dough is in the bowl, now we are gonna tuck ’em in Just got a little clean kitchen towel For this recipe, we are gonna let it sit for about 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours until it doubles in size Our dough has risen and now we are gonna cut and measure them into 2 ounces ♪WAKE UP♪ Take some flour. Powder your work surface We’re just gonna pick it up, flip it over hope it comes out *poof* Is it g- Did it do it? This looks so cool. This makes me feel like I’m baking in a medieval bakery Like in a castle or something Doesn’t it? Get a lot of flour on your hands and now we are gonna push it down to flatten it out *Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap* Take your bench scraper and cut a little chunk And just put it right over here on our scale, we want 2 ounces HUUUUUUUUH 1.78 tiny bit more BOOM 2 ounces Pick ’em up and you are gonna put ’em off to the side Keep cutting 2 ounce portions until you’ve cut out all of your dough. We’ve got all of our dough cut out and now we are gonna shape it into rolls It’s a little bit different then just rolling it into a ball We’ve got a technique You’re gonna take a little bit of flour, just a little bit this time, not a lot Then you are gonna take one of your measurements And you’ve got some flour on each side Now we’re gonna fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it and fold it Now we are gonna put the folded side down Then I’m gonna roll the dough in my hand its gonna go between my thumb, my palm and my pinkie Once your ball is ready we’re just gonna pick it up, place it over here onto our cookie sheet line with a piece of parchment paper. And you don’t wanna put more then 12 balls onto your cookie sheet. You don’t wanna crowd them. Got all of our little rolls on our cookie sheet and now it’s time to put them to bed one last time. So you are gonna get your little kitchen towel and put them to bed Now, wait 30 minutes. Let them sit at room temperature After they’ve proofed we are gonna take the towel off Ooo look at that They grow up so fast Now we are gonna brush our rolls with a little bit of egg wash Over here I’ve got 2 eggs mixed up with just a little bit of salt , paint over the top This will give ’em a nice shiny golden brown color It’s time to bake! You’re gonna heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake theses for 22 minutes Once your rolls have baked and had plenty of time to cool. Now it is time to decorate ! Over here I’ve got a little bit of royal icing in a plastic baggy And now I’m gonna ice each of the rolls to look like the icings from Brave in the movie The icing on the rolls in the movie are wiggly like this. And then I’m just gonna fill it in. Our rolls are iced and over here we’ve cut our MARAschino cherries in half Then we’re gonna stick ’em on the top 1 a roll ♪♪TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA♪♪ Here are the iced rolls that we’ve made today They look just like the ones from the movie Brave *yam yam yam yam yam yam yam* A big thank you guys for suggesting something Brave. And I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these treats on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter And if you guys make these treats, please take a picture and send it to me. I love seeing your baking creations. I just get a big kick out of it. It makes my day! And if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies please let me know Leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen Alright thanks again you guys, bye bye Ooooooo now I get to eat one just like in the movie Mmmmmm Mmm MMM I really like this recipe because the roll is not too sweet so when you have a little bit of icing at the top, it’s like the perfect combination I’m gonna eat this whole thing This is mine