today we will make bread pudding recipe firstly, we will grind the bread slices into a blending jar like this take a mixing bowl, add eggs and beat them now add vanilla essence, melted butter and powdered sugar mix it nicely now add milk add bread crumbs mix it nicely add in cardamom powder as well keep it aside for 8-10 min add sugar into a pan or vessel add 2 tbsp of water now turn on the flame stir it continuously and keep the flame on low to medium stir it till sugar get caramelized turn of the heat and transfer it into a mould immediately do not grease the mould spread it evenly transfer the prepared mixture into this wrap it with a foil paper prick it with a knife boil 1 liter of water into a deep vessel place a stand in between this place the mould on the stand cover the lid and steam it for 40-45 min on low heat its been 45 min check it with the help of a knife, if knife came out clean it means its done take it out and let it cool down demould it