Oh my gosh. I know I just found a dead fish in it. It was gross. These three things look spicy. (Muffled scream) It make me go like this (Imitates seizures) It’s a peculiar taste. Is that coffee? (Spits) I think it’s weird that kids drink coffee (sips) in Brazil. I hate coffee Are you serious? Cow poop. (Laughs) (Excited noises) No, I would not eat fish in the morning. I know I wont like it. I hate salmon. This bit is pretty soft, it could be my pillow I actually would have this for breakfast. Africa? Finland? What’s Finland? Oh! Okay. This doesn’t look like a breakfast to me. I’ve never seen a black egg. does it taste good? So it kind of has like a portable toilet smell, and also (chuckles) a rotten egg smell. This is delicious. I really eating a old egg? Really good. It’s really good. (Monkey noises) It tastes like french fries. And french fries are good. There’s prawn? Mmm, I don’t really say um… Geometry. Airlines. Take a-(mumbling). If I eat a lot my mom usually calls me a pig. Mom are you even listening? Mm-hmm. I don’t think my friends would eat this for breakfast because their moms would say it would be too unhealthy This is bright. People have this for breakfast? Wonder what would happen if I fold it in half? That should be cut? Okay cut. (Claps) (Subs by ArchimDaniel) And boys have a penis.