I’m an active kid. Parents certainly encouraged
me. I just found that I gravitated towards baseball and that kind of took off from there. I attribute a lot of my success to
those upperclassmen. The Seniors and Juniors when I was a sophomore, that
kind of took me under their wing as a mentor and
then taught me what it really meant to play competitive high school
baseball at the time. Certainly a dream come. An
experience that every boy, at least who wanted to play
professional sports, dreams about, is that call to the big leagues. Albee
was somebody who was drafted and I remember him going up to the minor
leagues and I was going up to the minor leagues as well. He was in the Cleveland Indian organization and I was in the Brewer Organization. And so it was a a friendship that we had that
started when we played together in little league and in ninth grade at Kino Junior
High. And when we’d play in those all-state, all-star teams in high school, getting to know each other and then
getting to face him in Cleveland as a member the Milwaukee Brewers was a fun thing to do. To have somebody
else from your hometown, kind of, going the same trail and path that you’re taking, An
amazing ride. I couldn’t have done it by myself. I couldn’t have kept the train on the tracks, in a sense, by myself. And it’s my wife that’s been
such an amazing supporter. I decided to invest in myself and go
back and invest in education, which I’m now working as a pediatric
dentist out in the East Valley. And just loving every minute of it. My advise, certainly, is dream big but also take care take your education very serious because it is something that will pay dividends for the rest your life. For me, a big thank you to my family. From my parents, my siblings, and to my kids that are now supporting
me and I’m able to support them, to my wonderful wife Tara and the twenty years we’ve had together.