hey everyone it’s James from fun foods
and today I’m gonna show you how to make this bubblegum ice cream. now this is a fun
homemade ice cream to make so keep watching and I’ll show you step by step
how to make this. now the first thing we’re gonna do to make this is start out
with a large bowl and to that I’m going to add two cups of heavy whipping cream now just whisk this on high until it
forms stiff peaks now that its forms stiff peaks we are gonna add some
sweetened condensed milk I have one 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk now we can add our flavoring which I’m
using bubblegum flavoring you can get this at Amazon I’ll put a link in the
description below where you can get ahold of one so I’m only gonna use a
little bit of this because it’s very flavorful so about 1/4 of a teaspoon I’m
also gonna color this pink because you know bubblegum and pink goes good
together that’s good and we’re just gonna fold all this in you just want to
fold this to you this nice consistent even color now we’re gonna cut up some
of our little Bubblegum’s here we’re just gonna cut them in half and just be
careful not to cut yourself you may have to use a sawing motion and then just
kind of push it down it’s okay if it’s more than half like that so do a little
cutting motion at first just to kind of hold it in place and push it down just
cut up about 15 to 20 of these and that should be good and while I’m cutting
these up don’t forget to check out my cotton candy ice cream I made last week
it was absolutely amazing it tastes amazing it reminds me a lot of this
recipe only this is bubblegum not cotton candy but check it out I’ll put one of
the little cards up above and also a link in the description next what I’ve
done is taken some of these double bubble bubble gum and I cut them in half
and this would they look like this is probably like 15 or 20 of them that I’ve
cut in half we’re just gonna pour those in there crumbs and all and fold those
into the mix now that that’s all done what we’re
going to do is bring in our freezer safe dish here and we’re just gonna scoop
this out into our freezer safe dish all right so just tap down your tray just to
even things out and I’m gonna put some more of these bubblegums on top just
for some add its color and decoration and now we’re just gonna put some
plastic wrap on this just to prevent it from getting freezer burn push it all
the way down into the ice cream put our lid on put it in the freezer for at
least four to six hours overnight better now our ice cream has been in the
freezer overnight we’re gonna pull it out and take a look at it oh yeah nice
let’s pull all our plastic now we’re going to dish this out so that we can
taste it and of course you can take some left over gumballs and decorate it a bit
with those now stop it taste us I’m gonna dig into
this and see how our bubblegum ice cream tastes get a little bit of the ice cream
a little bit of some of those bubblegum in here mmm it’s very good if you love bubblegum
you’re gonna love this now that you see me make this bubblegum ice cream go
check out my ice cream playlist it’s gonna put it right here just click on it
and you can see a whole bunch of fun ice creams go check them out and I’ll see
you guys next time also at this time it’s a good time to
said time how many times it’s come into our and it’s yeah it’s bubblegum ice
cream if you go check out my