Welcome to another episode of Panlasang Pinoy we are going to make young coconut with pandan dessert. here are the ingredients young coconut small tapioca pearls vanilla ice cream water sweetened condensed milk table cream or all-purpose cream unflavored gelatin (clear) buko pandan flavoring let’s start. the first step is to combine water and powdered gelatin once combined, we will give is a quick stir add the buko pandan flavoring I will stir this again the next step is to heat-up a sauce pan and then pour the water and gelatin mixture that we combined earlier we’ll stir this until it starts to boil when it starts to boil, turn the heat off while still stirring, and then we will transfer this to a gelatin mold after pouring the mixture in the mold, let it cool down for a while for it to solidify to make the process quicker, I recommend that you place this in the refrigerator after it cools down a bit while we are waiting for the gelatin to be ready, let’s move on to the next step combine the condensed milk, table cream, young coconut, and tapioca pearls in a bowl start with the condensed milk note that the amount of milk should be less than that of the table cream you might notice that I did not use all the contents of the can once the cream is added, make sure to mix it well next is to add some small tapioca pearls this is an optional ingredient let’s stir this to remove the lumps we’ll add the young coconut last the next step is to thicken the texture of this mixture that can be done by refrigerating it you can place this in the freezer if you are pressed for time when the gelatin gets firm, slice it into cube the result should look like this once the cream mixture thickens, we can now combine it with the gelatin scoop a serving of the mixture and combine it with some gelatin gently stir and then transfer to a serving bowl or glass we are using a martini glass for this demonstration well top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream after adding the vanilla ice cream, here is our young coconut pandan dessert