Today we’re gonna show you how to make buko pandan salad. Buko pandan salad is like a Filipino version of fruit salad
that draws its flavors from coconut and pandan leaves. To make it start off by
pouring in half a cup of fresh coconut water into a mixing bowl, followed by
half a cup of table cream, and three and a half tablespoons of condensed milk.
Then just quickly mix everything together. If it’s still a little chunky
after you mix it, it’s totally fine. It’ll eventually dissolve once you add in the
other ingredients. Afterwards, add in 1 and 1/3 cups of coconut gel, which is
also known as Nata de Coco. Then throw in one cup or more of fresh coconut
shavings and one package worth of pandan flavored gulaman. If you don’t know how
to make gulaman, we’ll have a link on how to make it in the description. And then
just mix everything together. Buko pandan salad tastes way better if you’re able
to use coconut water and coconut meat from a fresh young coconut. If you want
to learn how to extract them from a young coconut also be sure to check that
video out in the description below. You can immediately eat your Buko pandan
salad as is, but we like it best served chilled or half frozen. It’s
talagang tasty!