Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy we’ll make young coconut salad dessert here are the ingredients that we will need shredded young coconut sugar palm nata de coco these comes in different colors pineapple chunks fruit cocktail sweetened condensed milk and table cream or all-purpose cream let’s start the first step is to combine all the ingredients starting with the young coconut and then we’ll add the fruit cocktail the pineapple chunks the palm sugar and the nata de coco I am using two colors of nata de coco for this demo. Use whatever color you prefer we’ll gently fold the mixture after combining all the ingredients add the condensed milk and we’ll add the table cream next after adding condensed milk and table cream, we’ll fold the ingredients for the last time all the ingredients needs to be well distributed remember to be gentle when folding to prevent the fruits from being crushed once done, we will refrigerate this for a couple of hours to chill