– my ass I like them all what’s up everybody I’m Shinichi I’m Satoshi a couple of weeks ago we asked you guys to choose between bar mochi and malasadas it was gross but in the end most of you wanted to ask Nick bad emoji that’s right and I’m personally happy because this is one thing I really miss eating in Hawaii and I have yet to see one of these things sold here in Japan now if you like mochi and you also like the flavor of coconut you are going to love this let’s get started Oh you you so here is bottom ot all I can say is that I know I am going to love this very interesting texture mm-hmm really is and it’s like mochi right yes it’s very muchi it’s like mochi but it’s also kinda like a brownie no and the flavor of the coconut mousse is pretty strong and you can taste the butter but it’s not super strong and of course you know it smoochies but if you like what you’re gonna love this here you can see we got it’s just like mochi you know it’s sticky as a stretchy but oh the outside is crusty so that kind of reminds me of a brownie mmm so delicious give this a try if this is intriguing to you I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it if you like mochi so we like you guys to help us in deciding what to make next time we’re thinking Japanese pastas so i YouTubed one I choose one um okay my favorite is spaghetti napoletan and it sounds Italian but it’s not it’s totally Japanese spaghetti napoleon now put it on google it and to see pictures of it and uh I’m sure you agree with me that it looks delicious believe me it tastes delicious and my suggestion is a menticles spaghetti ooh my sister’s favorite and what is meant I got spaghetti Mexico is fish egg fish eggs okay and that may sound gross to a lot of you but it’s not it’s really delicious anyway let us know which one you’d like us to make next time leave it in the comments down below also let us know what you thought of today’s recipe and if you like mochi and you like coconut definitely give it a try I think you are going to love today’s butter mochi thanks for watching join us again every Tuesday Saturdays for more videos like this one Wednesdays and Fridays for more fun stuff see you guys take care have a great week and then Oh