[Music] lots of people try to imagine how butter beer would taste from the Harry Potter books but how many people have recreated that recipe with a real-life Harry Potter this is my favorite Wizarding beverage addled dare I say it this version is spectacular little alcoholic Oh which is slightly different to the universal version but more like the books spoke silence okay it’s a really sweet drink yep just slightly less sickly the buffa Scott and butterscotch so what we’re going to do is combine doshas leche melted butter treacle which will help it believe malessica Lee and a pinch of salt that later on can really sweeten the rest of the drink now everything we know about butter beer is it has a lovely foaming head on it to replicate that we’re going to whisk two egg whites in a bowl over some hot water with a lot of sugar and we’re going to do that until the sugar is dissolved and it’s nice and portable that Sikhi silky like a Swiss meringue or like an invisibility cloak that’s more velvety I think velvety is more magical I don’t know boys just stroking your out what would you say is your favorite book out there the third I like the third one which ones that the one after the second one I just got I stepped out you next week so so view you’ve read the book slow oh are you serious you’ve not written books no pain which may also be the reason why the second is eight years get round to making butter beer have you seen the films because we had to allow these guys to find out what it actually was have you seen films see bits of one of the films maybe you honestly have no idea about the whole Harry Potter thing do you know no way let’s get my wig into myself I’m actually shocked I think we should try and correct this somehow and I think we should have some incentive to try and correct this because I can’t believe you’ve got to the ripe old age of thirty without I’m only 29 when does this come out oh here’s a challenge for you I got homework now if this video gets 20,000 likes then we’ll spend a whole day on Facebook live reading the first Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone out loud on Facebook live on the sorted food Facebook page deal I hate you now once we’ve got that lovely silky texture and all the sugars dissolved we can whip up two kind of soft Pete with a hand mixer and then we can whisk in and Buster this is buttered beer after all all based on it so we got slightly less sickly than butterscotch we’ve got our beer foam we now need to drink itself and that’s twice as much cream soda – ginger ale and out of cream soda does how your teeth are for the second bit of super sweet vanilla based and the ginger ale obviously is slightly alcoholic plus we’re adding in some almond a cure so ours is now colic – yep as apparently the one in book was so I think it’s pretty obvious if we were to compare ourselves to characters from Harry Potter we all know who you would favor who do you think the rest of us would be I have a good authority that your Haggard right number one it’s Hagrid’s oh that’s the one yeah yeah that’s the one we’ve got the ginger beer and cream soda now how alcoholic do you want to make this little a ginger beer in there how much almond cure well this is the thing and this is the thing I really like about this one so this recipe doesn’t actually exist like in real life it inspection of all this is is an interpretation and lots of other people are going to have their interpretations this has been made include suggestions and things like that obviously not the link knowledge of reading the books so what we’d love to get from you is how else would you have imagined butter beer tasting would you put something different in it let us know down below in the comments question is off talk cold because I heard in the book it was hot well yeah because it was winter they went down to hopefully they went through broomsticks probably used as a way to warm up alright so you have read the books in our version it’s cold much like a universal like a slushie so we’re going to blitz up some ice and into there we’re going to add in our beautiful sweet mixture now with a bit of luck if you give this a go at home it will be worth a lot more than the two sickles you’ll pay if you go to the hogshead you’ve definitely just read the Wikipedia page it comes up top of Google search results when you search for butterbeer just relying on the information these guys give me and a bit of extra Wikipedia there we go so there’s our slushy drink top it up with our alcoholic cream soda ginger beer and leave room for a foaming head on top now if we’ve got this right it should be real pumping and nice and real smooth going down it’s Alberta best sorted you’re such a muggle we made butter beer cheers Cheers yet the official thing or is there some sort of spell we have to say Oh tell me if we like any of those thick wow I can’t even taste it phase that is only jerk I’ll never keep the butterscotch wow days Thomas good though it’s really good to kill what the vanilla cream soda and the ginger oh my goodness he pays pays actually delicious this contains a waistline and by expanding spell doesn’t it mm-hmm if you want the recipe for butter beer then check out the links downstairs and remember two things if this video gets 20,000 lights then we’ll read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone out loud on Facebook one condition you make me bust me to go with it number two you don’t deserve the weight you are not allowed that that is and don’t forget to tune in this Sunday from ultimate Disney battle Grauman’s that bring their favourite viewer easily click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right to go for one of our favorites [Music]