Breakfast – Valentine’s Day Today is Valentine’s Day and to enchant
that special person who I am sure you will spend the night with, you can make
this marvelous breakfast in the morning. It has bacon, fruit, juice, many good
things and I’ll show you how to make it! Start with two slices of bacon and arrange
them together forming a heart shape on top of a grid placed over a baking tray. Bake this in a preheated oven to
250˚C until it gets really crunchy! Now I am gonna make a fruit board. First thing I do is to cut some pineapples
slices with a heart cutter. You will have some heart-shaped pineapples! After that, I arrange some strawberries
and melon balls with raspberries and blackberries because your
love certainly deserves it! With the remaining fruits, like pineapple,
melon and strawberry, put them into a blender with some water and make a
nutritious and tasty smoothie! If you are enjoying this video give it a
thumbs up and share it in all social networks! Also follow me there, they
are listed next to me and when you make this wonderful breakfast to
your love, post on Instagram with #ICKFD and tell me what he or she
thought of this delicious breakfast! Now I cut a slice of bread with about
1 or 2 fingers thickness and with a heart-shaped cutter, I make
a little heart how in its centre! Then, just toast your bread on a hot
frying pan with some melted butter. When on side is golden brown, spread some
butter on the other side and flip the slice. Break a large egg in the middle,
add a pinch of salt and put a lid to cook the egg and the
bottom of your toast. Now fry the little hearts too,
the ones you have just cut. And then serve this lovely board with
the bread, the bacon, the little hearts the fruits and the smoothie! I am sure anyone who is
beside you will love it! This was my lovely breakfast for you! Now I’m gonna enjoy it with Paulo! Love you, kisses and
see you next week. Bye!