Alright so good morning from Seoul, South
Korea. It is a bit of a lazy weekend today. A slow start. Sam was watching baseball so I’ve been waiting
for him to be ready. Yeah, my team lost. The Cubs lost. Womp womp. I’m a little depressed. But anyways today we’re kind of doing brunch
so we’re at Caffé Bene (카페베네) which is one of our favorite coffee chains and Cafe
Bene (카페베네) is huge in Korea. Like a few years back they had close to a
thousand branches spread out across the country so it is super popular. So yeah, we’re here to have some drinks, some
food and we’ll be showing you that as soon as it arrives. So funny story. Originally we came here because we wanted
to eat their gelato waffle because when we used to live in Korea that is what we’d get
every single time. And their waffles are so good because they’re
all like caramelized and fluffy and they are just amazing. So we came, we placed our order and then we
noticed like the buzzy thing. It was calling us back right away and we’re
like wow? That was fast. Too fast. But no I go downstairs and guy is like waffle
impossible. So I guess I don’t know they were out of dough
or maybe something happened so we had to change up our order so I’ll show you what we got
instead. And I think it still looks good. It is not going to be gelato waffle but we’re
still getting one of their top specialties here which is their gelato. Nokcha (녹차)! And we’re getting the green tea nokcha green
tea (녹차) flavor. Yes. And what else do we have? And we have a hot cheese bagel with jalapeno. That looks pretty good. You can see the cheese oozing out. Yeah. And then this I’m pretty sure is a new product. I haven’t seen it before on the menu. It said topping pastry. So we’ve got some kind of pastry here with
whipped cream and chocolate powder. It is definitely big! Yeah. And a drink. Vanilla latte. Alright Sam what are you starting with? Ah, I’m going for the good stuff. Going for the green tea gelato. Oh la lah. Look at that. Oh man, that is so good. Such a rich rich green tea flavor. Alright, what is next. What are you going to get in to? How about your coffee? Why don’t I try that. Vanilla latte. My vanilla latte. So let’s rip off the top here. Try that. Take the lid off. Show us how frothy it is. Good point. Because otherwise you can’t even see it. The viewers want to see. Frothy. Very frothy. How is that? That is a good latte. Yeah. Although it doesn’t have that strong of a
vanilla taste. But really creamy. Really good. Alright, so we’re going to share the bagel. Cutting that in half. Oh yeah. Man, look at the cream cheese. Oh wow. Thickly stuffed. Totally oozing out. Woah. Totally oozing out. So this one in the middle it has cream cheese
but they also put like I guess a regular mozza cheese and melted it on top of the cream cheese
so it is like decadent. Look at how cheesy that is. I know. And you also see the chunks of jalapenos. Look at how thick that is. That might be. It is a behemoth. It is a behemoth. Mmmm. Is it good? Yeah. That is really nice. So how would you describe it? Super cheesy with a bit of a kick. So Sam is going to attack the topping pastry
before it melts. Yeah, time to attack this big bad boy. So I think they put some whipping cream and
cocoa powder on it. I’m not entirely sure. It is slowly losing its shape. Oh wow. Just from cutting it it kind of has the consistency
of a cinnamon bun. So let’s try that here. Mmmmm. Oh wow. Okay. Yep. That is definitely whipped cream. Yeah. With a bit of cocoa on top. And the pastry itself it looks like really
big but it is actually really kind of light and fluffy. Yeah, very light and fluffy and it is perfect
for putting this type of topping like a whipped cream on top of it because it is just adds
a lot to it. Is there anything in the pastry? Does it have raisins. Um, let’s investigate. Let’s actually investigate that. I didn’t get anything on my first bite. Investigative eating. I don’t think so but it does have chocolate. It does appear to have chocolate on that. Chocolate is always a good thing. That is really good. Yeah. Nice and light. So what is your favorite thing so far that
we’ve ordered? Well, I mean obviously the gelato but I haven’t
tried this one yet so. The bagel? No, the bagel is up next for me. Why don’t I just take a bite right here. I’m going to take one of yours. Go for it. Just stealing yours. Mmmmm. Oh wow. I’m kind of glad you ordered something a little
bit savory. It is spicy too. I’m feeling that spice. I keep saying that. Yeah. This is really pleasant. Sometimes it is good when you know like because
they didn’t have the waffles this is getting us out of our I wouldn’t say our comfort zone
but out of what we’d normally order. It forced us to try something new. It forced us to try some new things. We decided to make the video so we’re rolling
with it today. So we polished off all of that food. It was really good. The two items we liked the most were the jalapeno
bagel with cream cheese and real cheese and also the green tea gelato. That was fantastic. So in terms of price point it came to just
under twenty thousand Won (원). So I think it was actually was it nineteen
thousand? Yep. So that is ₩19,000 KRW and roughly that
is about sixteen or seventeen US dollars and not bad value. I mean we got three different food items and
really large drink. So it is not super cheap but it is the kind
of place that you want to come and relax and have a nice sweet treat basically. Yeah, so if you guys come and check out Cafe
Bene (카페베네) make sure you get the waffle. Yes. Demand the waffle. Hahaha. Alright, that’s a wrap from Seoul (서울). Tata.