Hey guys! This is Karina. It’s Ronald, and we are
from SIS vs BRO. And today, we’re doing the super
duper cuckoo cake challenge. So we have our cake batter ready,
and we just need to add some amazing toppings. So we have a bowl of papers. We pick a paper. Whatever it says is what
we put in our cake. So let’s begin. Who goes first? Rock, paper, scissors. Alright. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot. I win. I’m always picking paper. Okay. What am I gonna get? What do I get? What do I get? I get bites, no– KitKat bites. KitKat bites? Yeah.
>>No, those are the best. There you go. I’m so happy. But don’t put all of them in. We have to save some for later. Okay. Yeah, I’ll help. Oh, there we go. Okay. How much–
Shoud I put a handful? Uh, yeah sure, maybe? Ah, there’s so delicious. I just spattered on top of it. Oh. Okay. What do you get?
What do you get? Chips Ahoy! Yay, and I
get the rainbow ones. Yay. Rainbow Chips Ahoy! Yes! Now, let’s open this bad boy. Whoa, and they’re mini,
they look awesome. Okay, my turn. What do I get? I get carrots. Carrot. Out of all the things,
why carrots? Here you go. Carrots. I’m gonna put three. Alright, three
of those beautiful tasty ones. Well, at least for me. Chocolate Chips? Are you kidding me? Karina is the chips master. Yeah. I know. Alright. Awesome. Guys, check this out. It says on the front,
swirled in milk white chocolate chips. No fair. Yes fair. Check this out you guys. Look, they’re so pretty. Baba. Mama. Okay, that’s enough. No! We need a little more. Okay, my turn. What do I get?
What do I get? What do I get? I get blueberry. Yes, I’m gonna gave
the best cake in the world! Me? No, me. Oh… What am I gonna get? Please be like something
like a like a strawberries. No. Marshmallows? Yes, marshmallows. Yay!
>>No! Give me the marshmallows. Gimme, gimme, gimme,
gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Oh fine, there you go. Oh, look at these
rainbow marshmallow. Karina’s luck is
on point right now. I love these marshmallows. They’re so fluffy. They feel so fluffy. Okay, my turn. Can I feel one? Yeah, they’re so fluffy. What do I get? What do I get? Please be good I love you. I think I just saw M&M’s. M&M’s! Here you go. Okay. Just… M&M’s I love you– This is so good. What am I gonna get? What am I gonna get? You’re gonna get… Please be something bad. Froot Loops. Alright. I don’t really
like Froot Loops. Yeah, but I think they’re the best. There you go. Now… Alright, that should be
enough Froot Loops. Okay, my turn. Oh, this was a fun game so far. Well it seems good to me. Cheese. Cheese, you got cheese. I get cheese. Oh my God. Everyone’s dream just got crushed, but not mine. Cheesecake, OMG. It’s gonna be beautiful,
but not as beautiful as mine. Because I have so
many colorful things. Okay. Go ahead, pick your paper. Oh. Strawberry. Okay, they’re not that bad. Well, blueberries are better. There you go. Well, I pick this paper. What do I get? What do I get? Come on. Teddy Grahams. Grahams. Teddy Grahams. They’re like chocolate
chip cookies. Hey, Teddy Grahams. At least, something
good finally. Like… Yeah, at least something good. They look awesome. Alright. We only got three more things. Which one do you pick? Which one? Which one? Which one? Skittles! I got the Skittles. Oh, Karina, we still
have Lindt chocolate. Who is gonna get
the Lindt chocolate? So much colorful things today. My cake is gonna
be beautiful today. Well, mine is so like… Dark colored. Yeah, except for the M&M’s. Okay, your turn. One of them is Lindt chocolate. One of them is bacon. Please get bacon! Please! Which one? Which one? This one is Lindt chocolate. Bacon, bacon,
bacon, bacon, bacon. It’s the Lindt chocolate. It’s Lindt chocolate. Yes! Yeah! Oh, that’s what you get, missy. Bacon in my cake is
gonna ruin everything. That’s the whole point. It looks so beautiful. I guess I get my bacon. Here’s your bacon. Alright. Really… It’s smells like bacon in here. It smells delicious,
but I wish I had chocolate. Oh, it smells amazing. Smell it, you guys. Smell it. Lindt the chocolate, Lindor. I don’t like bacon that much. Bacon’s the best. Poor Piggies. Oh, here it is. Plop. And just one more… There we go. Now it’s time to mix it up. Okay, let’s do it. Color all around. Oh. Oh, no offense, but I think
the cheese is gonna ruin everything. But look, it’s so
colorful on mine. Whoa, look at mine. It’s like there’s
nothing in it. The marshmallows done it all. You’re so lucky you got marshmallows,
but I got Lindor chocolate. Where is some? Oh, there’s some. I think our cake is ready
to go into the oven. We’re gonna bake it,
and then after, we’re gonna decorate it. I’m so excited. So we finished baking the cakes. We split the batter into 2. So we have 2 cakes each. So now let’s choose
the frosting. I’m so excited. This time, I’m going first
because you went first last time. Okay. I don’t know… Which one? Which one?
Which one? Which one? This one! Please be chocolate! Vanilla! I get chocolate. Vanilla is still good,
but not as good as chocolate. Pass the vanilla. Pass the chocolate. This is so creamy. Look at it. Let me see. Alright. Let’s put it on top
of our first cake. I don’t know how to
put frosting on cake. Ronald, just put it on the knife,
and spread it around. Oh, okay. This cake is gonna
be so delicious. I can’t wait to try it. Me too. I’d rather have chocolate than vanilla, but this is still going to
be the best cake ever. Karina, I got some
of my finger. We finished doing the frosting
on the first cake. Now, let’s put the second cake on top,
and add more frosting. Alrighty. Plop. Okay, let’s rock and roll. Oh yeah. Wow, this is
the best cake ever. It’s going to be magical. Filled with wonderful treats. Mystical. Mythical… And bacon. Okay, now it’s time
to put on the edges. Alright. I need a little more
on the top here. We’re finished with the icing. Our cakes already look amazing. And now, it’s time to put
on the toppings. I’m so excited. Okay, I’m gonna go
first this time. Alright. What do I get? OMG Cluster! Yay, I mean no. I wanted them. OMG! Clusters. Okay, look at them. Let me check. Guys, look! It looks awesome.
>>Does it say OMG? Yeah, right there. Alright, right in the middle. Wow. It looks so amazing. I want a better topping
than that. Like what? Smarties. These have almonds in it. At least I think so. What do you get? Okay, I got sprinkles,
but what kind? Chocolate! Chocolate sprinkles. Out of all flavors,
she got the chocolate ones. Alright. Black with white. I got these awesome
chocolate sprinkles. All right, let’s
put them everywhere. Alright, I think I’m ready. Okay, my turn. What do I get? I get…
It’s a tiny piece of paper. No, it’s not tiny at all. It is… I got sprinkles. But what kind? What kind? What kind of sprinkles? Please don’t be the pink ones. What? The what? Star Sprinkles! Oh, star sprinkles. I was going to say I’m hoping for them.
>>The star ones. They’re really colorful, so they’re gonna
brighten up your cake. Yep. Star sprinkles. So many stars. Okay. There you go. Enough. Alright, I wonder
what I’m gonna get. Oh, what are you gonna get? Gummy Bears. I am a gummy bear. I am a gummy bear. I am a yummy yummy yummy
yummy yummy gummy bear. This smells amazing. Oh, Ronald, smell them. I just put them all
over my cake. Why does it have to be bears? Why not snakes? Because bears are more pleasant. Then why not unicorns? Oh, yeah. Why not unicorns? I wish there could be
a gummy unicorn. Yeah, they should make
gummy unicorns. That would be awesome. I am a gummy unicorn. Alright, your turn. What am I gonna get? What am I gonna get? Wait, is this more sprinkles? Wait. Chocolate syrup. I just got this
chocolate syrup. You’re getting
chocolate everything. Alrighty. Let’s do this. Oh no… Yeah. I am chocolaty. My turn. Ronald, if I get
something not chocolate, I’m gonna get quite mad, okay. What are you gonna get? Did you just get the Smarties? MiniEggs. Yay, they have chocolate inside them. These are the MiniEggs,
and they’re eggs for Easter. Which have chocolate! That reminds me of the song. I am a mini egg. I am a mini egg.
>>That’s not a song. Guys, check this out. They’re so awesome. I’m gonna put them
all over the place, and they’re so colorful.
>>Like it’s Easter. Yeah, it’s Easter. It’s an Easter cake. Even though it already passed. There we go. Alright. What’s the next
one going to be? What am I gonna get? This one. No. Did I just get more sprinkles? I just got the gummy worms. And they’re extra sour. They’re called Gummy Sour Worms.
>>Wait, it’s a sour gummy worms. No! You got the sour ones. They look so colorful. Let me see one. There’s different colors. There’s a pink one. There’s a pink? Oh, I got an orange. Orange and pink. Oh, it’s so pretty. And then over here. Alright. I want something
chocolaty again. Please.
>>Don’t, please. Don’t get smarties. Blue sprinkles. Okay, good. You didn’t get the Smarties. I love sprinkles as well. You barely see them. Yeah. But they’re gonna be tasty. And a little
bit more on the top. Oh, and sprinkles
just knocked out bear. They killed that guy. This one. Please don’t be Smarties. Please, please. Please. I just got strawberry syrup. You got all the syrups. No! Okay, let’s pour
some of this in. Oh, look at that. It’s so beautiful. Wow, let’s put them
on the sides a little bit. Alright. One of these are Smarties. Please, pick the one without Smarties. I have a feeling this one. Please, please. I’m crossing my fingers
while I’m unwrapping it. Please, please. No, you didn’t! I got pink sprinkles. At least it’s pink. I got all the sprinkles. I got the Smarties. Wait, we don’t know
if this is where Smarties. Maybe they’re trolling us. No, but only do it
after I put it on my sprinkles. You have so much sprinkles. I know. And I have so much syrup
and chocolate. Yeah. This is going to be called
the sprinkle cake. Alright, that should be enough. And now, let’s look at this. What if it’s… If it’s not Smarties… It is Smarties.
>>It’s not Smarties. It’s Smarties. Look at them. I want smarties. So I guess we’re done
decorating your cake. Now, it’s time to cut it up,
and eat it. So we got the knife. Let’s cut these babies up. Here. Can’t cut the edge. Come on. There we go. Alright, in my plate. Alright, I’m gonna take it out. Oh, look it’s so good. Oh, look at all the colors. I love how there’s
like the frosting in the middle. Looks like a real cake. Okay, let’s see mine. Alright.
Here. I’m going to help you cut it,
just in case you need help. Right there.>>Here?
>>Where it’s–>>Yeah.
>>Okay. All the Skittles are just
dropping in that hole. Oh. Alright, I need
your plate Ronald. You got the fattest piece. Check this out. Looks amazing. That looks like heaven. Oh, it looks amazing. Okay, so now it’s the time
to finally try it. I’m so excited. Okay, we’re gonna
dip in in 3 2 1 go. Alright… Oh my god! It’s so good.
>>So good. It’s amazing you guys. You have try this at home, it’s so good. Ronald do you taste the cheese? No. Do you taste the bacon? Yes, I taste the bacon. It’s beautiful, its marvelous
it’s the magical. It’s amazing. There’s Smarties here I can pick up. How does the Smarties taste
with chocolate sauce? Mmm. I’m getting smarter. Oh, this is the best scoop of the year. Alright. This is amazing! So good. I like the OMG Clusters. Oh, I wish I could try some. You got the best cake. You started off good, but now I got better. So guys, let us know in the comments
section down below which cake do you think is more tasty? I bet it’s Ronald. Ronald
has chocolate Galore. Galore and some sprinkles,
and Smarties. So delicious. So good. So guys, we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you
all next time. Goodbye. Now’s your chance. So good. The best. Better than better. Oh yeah.