It is long time I had called you and told you to make samosa for me, till now it is not made. This is samosa, it takes time to make it, not like cake which can be made very fast. What did you say? Cake can be made very fast, do you know how difficult it is to make the cake? Anybody can make the cake, but only this tea vendor can make such tasty samosa. Ok, if you think that anybody can make the cake then tomorrow there is a cake competition. And the Mayor is going to give the trophy, you all also make a cake and bring it, let’s see who wins. Ok, we will make the cake and get it tomorrow and we will win the competition, what you say Patlu? Yes, since you have told then we will do it. But right now run from here or else the Tea maker will bake us into a cake. Let’s go, the competition will begin now. Oh my god! It is not only difficult to catch John, but it is impossible. Chingam sir hold this cake, we will catch John and John and come. Oh my god! Cake! Motu Patlu thank you thank you Motu Patlu. Chingam sir to whom you are telling thanks? It is difficult to get a friend like Motu Patlu. I had forgotten that today is my birthday. But see they remembered and made a cake for me. And now they have gone to catch John. Oh my lord! This cake looks very tasty, let us eat. Yes, Chingam sir cut the cake. Motu Patlu has gone to catch John, we don’t know when they will return. And the cake will get spoiled. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Chingam sir. Motu Patlu thank you, thank you for the cake, where is my birthday gift? You want gift, ok Patlu let us give him his gift. Take this! Oh my god! Have we done anything wrong? Why this punishment? Asked for a gift, getting beatings. Oh my god! Help! I am feeling hungry, how about the cake? I think now it is our turn to eat the cake. Wow boss! What a rhyming. Stop, don’t even try to touch it. Thank god they didn’t eat the cake full, let’s go fast the competition must have already started. Let us eat some samosa. Can’t you leave the samosa for one day? We will be late. Look Tea maker, we are going to take part in the cake competition, quickly wish us good luck. My good luck is always with you all. Good luck without samosa is not good, give us fast. Not a single, samosa I will give, yesterday you made me fool and ate all my samosa, go away from here. Over there Motu is, who has not paid my grocery bill from last two months. Not only yours, he has not paid mine, the milkman’s, the house owner’s rent. They are making cake and eating it, but to give our money, they don’t have, hit them. Catch them, stop. How will you take and go our money? Hey! Stop! Catch! Stop, you people have got some misconception. Why did you stop? You are shouting and saying, stop it! My cake got over, Patlu now what will we do? The competition is of the cake not the piece. Motu Patlu, where you all are running with the cake? I am very much annoyed with you. First you gave me the cake, then don’t allow to eat. You people have not wished me for my birthday. And then when I asked for a gift you all started beating, why? Tell? Chingam sir please keep quite he is very angry. I will not keep quite where is my cake? Where is my gift? Where is the party? Take the cake take your gift and here take this happy birthday. Oh my god! What is this happening? Have I said anything wrong? Sorry, very sorry! Stop in the name of law, swear to you in the name of law. Oh my lord! What has happened to Motu? Come with us you will come to know. If any contestant is remaining then please get the cake here, or else I am going to announce the result. Why are you crying Motu? Contestant is there, but the cake is not there. Only this piece is left. You made such a small piece, now know how difficult it is to make a cake? Patlu empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you only do something. Idea! Mayor our cake was so tasty, that on the way people pounced and started eating the cake. With all those difficulties we tried to save this piece of cake. No problem, bring it here I will taste it and tell you. This is a samosa cake. Wow! Samosa cake. Wow! What a taste? These people are first. Mayor sir you have eaten the samosa, taste the cake. Oh sorry! This cake is also very tasty. Motu Patlu are the winner. Long live!