– Just look at her hands and my hands, that’s the difference here. (drums) – I’ve been making cakes for 8 years. How is this a contest? – Well, Bree has the techniques, but does she have the creativity? I don’t think so. – I am a professional cake decorator and owner of Bree’s Cakes
here in Los Angeles. – I’ve maybe made like 3 cakes in my life. I have been drawing my whole life. I don’t feel as confident I think. At least the colors will be nice. – I feel really confident about this cause I do this everyday. – Hi-five. (squeals) Let’s do this.
– Alright. – Wait, there are rules? – What kind of rules? – Okay.
– Okay. That’s necessary.
– That’s doable. – Okay. (suspenseful music) Oh.
– Oh. Okay.
– Okay good. So I decided for my Sweet Sixteen cake to do very vibrant colors
cause if I was 16 again, I’d want bright colors like
pink and purple and blue. So I’m gonna take all those colors and make a striped buttercream and then top it with a fondant bow. – So today I’m gonna be
making a cake inspired by my favorite book, The Little Prince, and I’m gonna make the
cake look like a meteor, then I’m gonna make a little
rose made out of fondant. It’s gonna be great. – It’s not as easy as it looks, is it? – Oh, no. Awful. Oh no. Are you supposed to knead it like this? – I don’t know. (laughs) I’ve never used it before. – This black goes with anything. – There’s gloves, your
hands are gonna get dyed. – Oh, it’s for art. – You’re like my competition right now, I can’t tell you everything. – Oh. I’m not here to win,
I’m here to make friends. (laughs) – I am 100 percent self-taught
and I taught myself how to make cakes from watching TV shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes. I used YouTube a lot, just
kind of Googled things, and here I am, 8 years later,
and now I own a bakery. (upbeat music) – So, I’m gonna do something really crazy. – Uh oh. Are you gonna cut it? – Yes. I’ve never shaved a cake like this before. And it’s really hard. – It’s very risky of you to do that. – Yeah, I’m a risk taker. – You’re a whisk taker. – A whisk taker! – You’re welcome. – The story of The Little Prince is this little kid that lives on a planet called Asteroid B-16, and he falls in love with a rose that grows on this planet. – I’m gonna take a deep breath for her, and say a quick little prayer. (upbeat music) – I’m really happy with it. I’m happy that the colors
didn’t bleed together, and that the border
stayed structurally sound, and the bow is standing
up without collapsing. – This is Asteroid B-16, which is like, 16th birthday, so it makes sense. It’s thematic. It was an accident, but it worked out. It was a messy process, you can see that on my
hands and the table. I think it came together pretty well. Now I guess strangers are gonna come in and judge our cakes. – Do we have to be here when they judge, or can we like leave? – You know guys, I didn’t
have a Sweet Sixteen, just cause I’m really bad at planning, but I would’ve loved for
either of these to be my cake. – This one definitely
sells the Sweet Sixteen, something about the colors
and there’s a bow on top, so it’s almost like a
present and a package. This cake, I think, is
slightly cooler to me, just cause it’s weirder. – Is this like a Beauty
and the Beast thing? I don’t really know. – I think this one
represents the theme better. – I am super impressed. I do not know who to choose. – This one, though, I have
to say is my favorite. It’s a rainbow, it just looks like I want to put it in my mouth right now. – If it were my Sweet Sixteen, which I really wish it was, I would take the weird one. – For like a 16 year old girl, I would think that this
is what she would want. This is what I would want. – I like this one. – This is the cake I’d want to cut into on camera in front of all my
friends on Instagram later. (applause) – Thank you, to the people. – Congratulations. – Thank you. Well, what do I win? Yay, look at my trophy. It says, bragging rights. – The Little Prince was kind
of an obscure reference, and I kind of made it for myself, like a selfish artist. – Oh, this is going up
on a shelf in my bakery. – Can we eat them now? (upbeat music)