All right campfire chefs, we’re going to make
a delicious, practically gourmet treat that just goes to show you that a marshmallow is
an essential element to any classic campfire-based dessert. To make this outdoor specialty, you’ll simply
need to get a roasting stick, a bag of marshmallows, a package of Rolos and some sea salt. Then,
just cuddle up next to a fire that’s had time to reduce to a nice hot bed of coals. To begin, place the Rolo into the center of
the marshmallow, then place the marshmallow on the stick for roasting. Roast the marshmallow until it’s that nice
golden brown color and then make sure that the Rolo has melted so that it’s nice and
gooey. To finish, simple sprinkle some sea salt onto your freshly cooked creation, and
just like that, you’ve created the perfect salted caramel campfire treat. I hope you
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