– Hello my name is Calah Leah. And today I’m gonna have two chefs compete to make my dream dessert. (laughs) – [Alexis] Hi, I’m Alexis. – I’m Calah. – Nice to meet you. – I’m Matthew, nice to meet you. I love your glasses. – Thank you. – If you could come up with any dish in the world, what would it be? – A cookie cupcake. – So when Calah said she wanted to do a cupcake, I was really happy. But then she kept going. – [Calah] And put the
chocolatey flavor cupcake. No, not the cupcake, but the cookie. – The cookie. – [Calah] So chocolate
with white chocolate chips in them. – [Alexis] Okay, so like a chocolate mix? – [Calah] Yeah. Then you put the glaze, then you put the cupcake… – On top of the glaze. – Yeah. – Okay.
– Got it, got it. – [Alexis] And then what’s on top of this cupcake? – The glaze, then the cookie. The glaze again. – The whole layering aspect of this cookie cupcake contraption, that’s when I got worried. – [Calah] Pink frosting, like strawberry frosting. – [Matthew] Strawberry, even better.
– [Alexis] That sounds good. – Then you put the other thing, the other layer. – The other layer? – Yeah ’cause, they cut it in half. – Right, right, right, right, right, right, right. I’m wondering about the size. Is it gonna topple over? Maybe I should make something bigger. Or maybe I can mini. Do you like any decorations, do you want it to be simple or do you want it to be kind of wild? – Well not like wild wild. – Okay. – Like wild enough. – I think chocolate cupcake, white chocolate, chocolate cookies, and strawberries are a great mashup. As long as the structural integrity stays in tact, we’ll be good. – Do you think we can do it? – Yes. – Okay, cool. – I think you can do it, a lot. – I think we should go do it. – We’ve got cookie on the bottom, glaze, cupcake half, more glaze, cookie, frosting, cupcake half, and more frosting. Am I feeling confident? I think I’ll get there. – I’m going to first make a really nice round chocolate cake. Then have some great strawberry
buttercream frosting. Then a giant chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, more frosting, another
layer of chocolate cake. I’ll put frosting with
a lot of great garnishes like fresh strawberries. – [Alexis] Matthew’s an amazing cook. He does really great work. He’s gonna be a good competitor. I’m gonna make a really
moist chocolate cake, put some strawberry glaze on it. A cookie that fits perfectly on top. Frosting, strawberries, cake, and then repeat. – Alexis will do her best. I know I’ma do my best. But I hope I come out on top. I’m starting with my chocolate, white chocolate chip cookies. And then gonna move onto the cupcake that I’m turning into just a normal chocolate cake. – I too am starting with my cookies. And then makin’ like a mini six inch cake. I just sifted my two flours. I’m using regular flour and bread flour. So I’m gonna brown the butter. So it’s gonna get this
really dark, nutty color. It’ll boil a bit since some of the fat cooks off. So I just added a bit of water to bring it back up to a cup. Now I’m gonna add the sugars. So adding brown sugar. White sugar. And then we’re gonna
add the browned butter. Oh my god that looks amazing. – So right now, I’m
starting with the butter, brown sugar and regular white sugar to cream together for my cookies. And now I’m adding the eggs, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda. So I’m pushing my cookie dough into the same size cake tin that my cake will be baked in. So that way they’re all evenly sized. In order to do some
cool decorations on top, I think I might make some interestingly shaped cookies. What I wanna try to do is make a little cookie sign that I can stick in the cake, and it’ll say ‘Calah’ on it. – That’s so cute. – If I can somehow spell her name out in white chocolate. – Do you wanna try this? – It’s good. Wanna try some of this? – It’s really good. They’re both really good. You have more of a chocolate cookie. – I do, yes. – [Alexis] So that’s
also gonna be different. – [Matthew] Okay, cool. Like normal cookie batter.
– I’m just doing chip on chip. One ice cream scoop equals one cookie. But since I want this to be bigger, maybe three of them. – [Matthew] Go big or go home. I’m going into the oven now. Here I go. – I mean so far I feel pretty good. – She didn’t do exactly what I think Calah wanted with the cookie. I think maybe Calah was looking for that chocolate cookie with the white chocolate chips. So that’s what I’m aiming for. While you were gone, they tried to get me to say some mean things about you. – Did you say anything? – [Matthew] No. I was considering thinking, I could be like, “Bring it on, (bleep).” But that’s so not my nature. I’m doing the same creaming thing for the cake. Just like I did for the cookie. Just to help it aid a little bit and it’s little more liquidy, I’m gonna add a little bit of oil as well. – I am going to boil water. And then add cocoa powder to it as my first step to the cake. The hot water, the cocoa powder is gonna make a more intense flavor than if you just added plain cocoa powder. Or if you added cocoa powder to cold water. I’m gonna sift the flour, baking soda, sugar, and salt. So now adding the cocoa. – Now that my cake batter is done, I’m putting them into these cake tins. – And so it’s actually interesting to see how different our batters are. Yours is much more thick and actually looks more cake-like. Whereas mine is pretty liquidy. I’m gonna start on my glaze. And I’m gonna use a ricer to actually mash the strawberries. I realize this looks kinda gross. But it’s just an easier way to get it all kind of pulpy. – And now I’m gonna move on to making the strawberry buttercream. I’m not creaming, necessarily
the butter anymore. It’s more just kinda aerating it. And then adding the
freeze-dried strawberries that I’ve crushed up. And that’s gonna give me a really bright pink strawberry frosting. Oh yeah. Almost like strawberry ice cream. – Okay, that is so good. – Thank you. – [Alexis] I’m gonna
start on my buttercream. I’m going to add powdered sugar. Vanilla. Again, salt. Strawberry and raspberry jam. Wow, that’s sweet. – I think we’re at the easy part that we’ve all done before, which is make frostings, cakes, and cookies. The layering and the decoration is what’s not as confident about. – I feel really confident flavor-wise. I feel like the decorating, what does a nine year old like? I don’t know. Maybe I’m terrible with kids and I just didn’t know it. – I’m really excited for Calah to try my cake. I think it looks so pretty and I have all of these little touches that I’ll think she’ll really take to heart. I tasted the cookie and the cake, and I like how it tastes. I just hope it’s enough to win her vote. – I will say that I
think my chocolate cake might seal the deal. It’s so moist and it’s so fluffy. And I just think when
she has a bite of it, it’ll be hard to say no. – Okay you two, what do ya got for me? – [Matthew] We have our cakes. – They’re a little different
from what you drew, but I hope they’re good. – I hope so. – This is really tall. – It’s like a big tall tower. – [Alexis] Oh gosh! I feel pretty happy with the cake. It looks like what she drew. And I think she’s gonna like it. So we’ve got the chocolatey layers. There’s a strawberry glaze. There’s the chocolate chip cookies with white and semi-sweet chocolate. – This is good. Tastes like chocolate, with chocolate. And it’s so moist. – I think she’s really into my chocolate cake. – So right here, we have all these really fun emojis for you. If you had to describe
the cake you just tried, which one would you choose? – [Calah] That one. – Oh! – Thank you. That’s such a compliment.
– That’s so great. Calah is about to try my cake. And I’m really excited. I know she’s gonna love it. I think the cookie with her name on top is really gonna push it over the edge. Here is a simple chocolate cake. And then inside, there is a strawberry buttercream frosting. – Oh god, it tastes just like a brownie. So hard. – So this is the cookie part, and then you gotta try
the cake by itself too. – That’s good. – So Calah, you’ve chosen my emoji. But now you’ve gotta choose Matt’s. – [Calah] That one. – Oh!
– Oh! I’ll take it. I’ll take it, I love heart eyes. – Do you need to try anything else before you make your final decision? – I can give you a huge bite of that. – Yeah. – Oh my god, that’s so precious. – Layin’ it on thick, Matthew. Layin’ it on thick. – This is good. This is the best cookie I’ve ever had. – Whoa! – I think the winner is number one. – Thanks Calah. You did great too. Finally. You know, I really needed this win. – I lost. I expected her to really not notice the nuances that I could’ve put into the cake, so I kept it really simple and focus on the decoration. But maybe I should’ve taken those extra moments to really put in all the extra pizazz and flavor into the cake, and the cookie itself. – ‘Cause you’re the winner, you get a big, a big frame of my picture that I drew. – Thank you so much. This is amazing. This is so, so sweet. It kind of, it kind of looks like it, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, kind of. – I feel pretty good. What am I gonna do with this, hang it over my bed, put it in my living room, send this to my mom? I don’t know. I’m pretty proud though. Do you wanna try? Do you wanna try it? (upbeat music)