hi my name is Aidan Reese I’m eight years old today I’m having two chefs make my extreme dish hey Aidan I’m Alexis Claudette hello Claudette Zepeda Wilkins here from San Diego California executive chef partner at Elk Adaline restaurant I’ve always been in restaurants but I didn’t know I wanted to be a chef until my son was born and I thought you know how could I tell him to chase his dreams if I don’t pursue mine so here we’re so Ayden if you were a pirate out at sea what would you eat fatty fish stew dead man’s fish stew so what’s in this – good question some dead fish dead food anything dead from the sea do you like seafood well not really I like salmon he doesn’t like seafood which I find problematic it’s good for your little screwed or maybe it could be a jellyfish I’ll put it did any started mentioning squid I know he’s not gonna like it never had before but it’s worth a try I mean right there me dead bones from like actual humans sure yeah like I’d say the school that’s the important part it’s not the most flavor mm-hmm I’m just gonna choose to omit that entirely it’s a little narcos a little dark on of any vegetables so you can find well there’s one vegetable which they call seaweed have never really tried it it’s worth a try so what normally would a pirate drink when he’s having this dead man stew they would normally drink beer coca-cola mixed together mm-hmm and maybe some root beer like a root beer coke beer float yeah I usually save the cherries for my mom’s oh do you think we can make this dish come alive it’s worth a try the one thing I have going for me is that I’ve done this twice I feel like I now know that if a kid says they want something it doesn’t necessarily mean they want something I am NOT gonna make a stew I am going to make pizza top it with bechamel cheese salmon salmon roe shrimp I’m gonna fry some squid to add some dill and basil and then some real seaweed so it’s kind of a mix for him so hopefully it’ll be like a seafood medley pizza so for my dish I’m going to make a tomato bisque soup I’m gonna carve the skull the ribs the toes I think there’s a pelvis in there too somewhere out of potatoes I am going to make seaweed at jungle out of fried basil for the drink is easy I’m going to make a Fanta float with orange sherbet and two cherries on top for his mom’s Claud I’m so excited to cook with you or against you you’re a chef and a mom you have so much going for you you’re making deep mess anyway I literally don’t know what it’s like so I’m gonna saute the onions get him put it down this will be the face of the blood plasma soup I’m just trying to get really caramelized develop the sugars in the onions last I’ll Susie brought Tomatoes they’re gonna we’ve had a lot of water so I’m making a béchamel which is one of the mother sauces I need to make so many other sauces based on professional mouth I feel like maybe it’ll be a catalyst for him to like hi yes you know this could be dead boys that’s but you’d be part of you say something really gross in there yeah this little burner is a little funky so behind this again I can see alexis is struggling with her burner I just give her mine and she needs a constant heat and induction gives you that have the reputation for being the worst competitor caught up is not only so talented but so nice this is like not really a competition it’s just like getting to hang out with a friend it’s getting this kind of nice nutty brown and then I’m gonna have the milk nice fish thank you it would have like machine guns and stuff like that which pirates do not have no I’m going to make brains made out of Tomatoes I scored the tomato in hopes that when it starts to break down it’ll look like decomposing brain you see how this could stick I’m just gonna do a super super simple salmon which we’re gonna bake silently I feel like I’ve learned my lesson about being too heavy-handed with spices so I’m gonna try to tone it down start making bones right now I am working on the hoard dead guy’s femur bone out of this potato it looks really convincing so far leg bone or thigh bone I gotta make toes toenail uh-huh okay I’m actually feeling pretty excited about something I just ground up chips and I’m gonna dip the squid in them and deep-fry it so it becomes kind of like a like a chicken nugget so I think it might help high in the squid it feels a little moist are you gonna bind it with it something egg you’re gonna slip right off of it again this is why I never win I think a lot of the times because I am a chef of a restaurant and I am a mentor to my cooks when I see someone struggle my instinct is like that like protector mom with the claw that’s really a great suggestion I’m gonna dip the squid into the egg and then into the ground chips before frying what yeah he’s feeling good no that’s not chicken nuggets I mean you can tell that it’s not chicken but it looks pretty cool and you might actually like it don’t mean to toot your own horn but toot toot but now I’m just gonna blend it up to get the consistency of a tomato bisque my brain is still intact well not mine like that one mine’s been shot for years because we’re on a bit of a time constraint and using pre-made pizza dough just rotating the dough like this is a really easy way to stretch it in there do it challenge politely declines I am going to put the bechamel on cheese she’s lots of feet got a really cheating and free of their bone all right I’m gonna bow I feel like he should be honored to get one that’s incredible I’m gonna add my puss heavy cream I feel like yours is gonna be something we actually want it’s not a brush thing just with a little just gonna make it a little classier I’m gonna bake this and then the seafood topping after you spot just babysitting I mean you are doing what I asked for and I’m not so that’s usually what happens well again let’s parent eating I’m looking over at Claudette station and she’s carving a skull out of a potato and I have I’ve seen more healthy-looking skulls but I think it’ll do good news you’re gonna get a rockfish is like a fish with a stinger that one it get scared Stew’s I just got an idea to Bryant the basil seaweed and see if I can get almost like anemone she’s got pizza so I’ve got to pull out all the stops what is my vision just gonna play some with Sam he’s gonna hate this Aidan doesn’t like seafood but I think it could be fun to add some salmon roe definitely an acquired taste but I just want to add like a few Hyundai poppin is not gonna freak out I think it’s kind of genius that Alexis wants to make a pizza because even if you get it wrong on the drawing they’re gonna give the kid what he wants Claudette has made a masterpiece she’s done exactly what Aidan wanted and I haven’t I just I’m not I’m not feeling great that my teeth I got my rotten toe joint school I mean it’s amazing that’s crazy I was so focused on the pizza that I completely forgot about the dream I’m just gonna wing it though I couldn’t think of what else could be purple and orange yes like okay purple orange soda call today huh let’s go see what Aidan things so my pizza’s done and you know I feel pretty fine about it but he asked for stew so I really just hope he actually wants pizza I am happy with the way of the dish turned out visually and I think I think it’s he’s delicious I’m extra and so is my plating so I know he’s gonna like it bring on the dead man Duke it looks like sushi with chicken tenders would see me they got everything they wanted it looks like a pizza oh it is a pizza [Music] that’s good tastes like something slimy kind of like edibles it’s pretty good on to this part oh okay that is weird I do not like that part finally mmm it tastes like all the kind of like sodas combined and it’s good now that’s what I call a stew this is all the stuff I needed I like how it looks like my drawing oh yeah root beer and Fanta mixed together and it also has the cherries on top there for my mom’s here onto the CV [Music] mmm the seaweeds good not like normal CV and now for the rotten fish tastes like mango probably want to keep that on this side looks like a brain had to give me a brain you just had two very different dishes which one do you like better the stew or the pizza what signa pizza I told you the teeth it was a cheese right Alexis because you one who’s gonna just keep the job thank you so much I mean what a drawing this is really this was such a fun competition Claudette was amazing and honestly really helped me out so kind of had this without her losing is not like a failure to me I think failing is not trying it’s a cheese carbs always wins no matter how slimy the stuff on top is chef’s thank you for my dead man stoop yeah [Music]