hi my name is Linden I’m 7 years old and today here are two chefs competing to make my dream hi Linda I’m Alex hi I’m Rhea if you were a fairy what would you eat I would eat a shooting star with pixie dust at the end and see just water seems pretty right to me and then this star but she needs die what does it taste like it tastes like vegetable it’s Devon if I’ve learned anything from this competition it’s that the kid doesn’t always know what they want there’s also eggs scrambled eggs and what’s kind of vegetable do you like Jake tomatoes which is not much that’s not what I expected my mom what is the rainbow tastes like this one I speak oh it’s basically what’s flavor so the star tastes like eggs and vegetables and the rainbow tastes like ice cream I don’t know how to combine two things together Wow beautiful so is there no whoa whoa mmm is it just a simple water actually just water what does it taste like powerful powerful powerful powerful miss it’s a sweet is a sour is a I think our sound I was number to do like limo sour like lime when she said Papa full flavor being I have some ideas alright hey what are you doing do you think that we can make you this drawing in a dish oh pretty sure song alright so we’re gonna go already gonna keep drawing okay so here’s my plan for the base I’m going to use blue and purple sugar so you look like a nice guy for the start I’m going to make star-shaped sandwich with cheddar cheese cucumbers and egg and our cherry tomatoes for that pair of shooting star I’m going to scoot strawberry ice cream on top of it I’m going to use spreaded white chocolate sprinkle some pop rocks for the drink I’m going to use butterfly pea flower tea with lemon juice which changes color for the star I’m gonna do a lemon cookie with a lemon glaze for the shooting part I’m going to make white chocolate brushstrokes with fruity pebbles and glitter and I’m going to make a fairy berry lemonade slushie with some blue on top I’m gonna start by making my dark cookie first I just have my softened butter and I’m gonna put some sugar in there you want to make sure you cream it so that the butter and sugar get like fluffy and texture I’m going to make lemonade from about the fried pea flowers thank you a dilemma there is a chemical reaction and they changes color from blue to purple here in Ray’s plan I am immediately worried so I kind of now I’m just boiling the water coming into today I have a little bit of an idea what I’m gonna do but I’m still kind of winging it fairy wing in it I’m also winging it Alex you are yeah that’s good to know so narrow and then add in the rest of the ingredients a half a teaspoon of salt some fresh lemon juice some lemon zest lemon zest can get like a little bitter I don’t want to add too much cuz she’s a kid yeah a little vanilla cookie flour are you nervous for anything this family relaxed so I’m gonna pop my dough in fridge let this hang out and firm up and then we’ll move on thing so I see that I lost twice it’s nothing to lose and it makes me kind of relaxed and then I start having fun maybe this is the key of the winning I think I’m in a good spot right now because she did ask for egg and she’s not making it Reed is giving Linden every single thing that she wants I didn’t because a lot of the things don’t really go together but that could be why I lose this one I decided to use fruity pebbles to do the rainbow the only thing is that I’m gonna have to separate each color I’m already over this [Music] this was the worst idea they see you got the song so for the tale for the shooting star I’m going to spread white chocolate with spatula nice I think like that also could pop rocks right now cuz it’s wet so it sticks better it’s already popping did you hear that song I love yeah oh yeah this will pass the time simple thing see I’m having fun de sponge oh my gosh I’m making lemonade and I’m going to melt sugar because I just taste it just doesn’t taste like it I fully realized that I am putting a lot of work into separating out each of these colors and I’m pretty sure Linden’s not even gonna care I did it yeah because thank my favorite godmother as I learned from last competition working with white chocolate is a little bit difficult so I tried to make my life easier by buying candy melts which are essentially white chocolate with the colors already mixed in so you don’t really have to worry about the white chocolate seizing up pop this in the microwave ten seconds at a time I made a Hello changing cocktail before but I’ve never used butter fried food for words so I’m gonna show you it’s dingy it’s Bluetooth puffle a color-changing drink that is some fairy magic so what I’m gonna try to do in this put a spoonful here and then take this brush that’s cool the edible glitter and some powerful I was worried about how the brushstrokes of the white chocolate would turn out but I’m loving how they look it looks exactly what a shooting star rainbow with look look I’m just gonna let it set in room temperature it should set up in about like 15 minutes now I’m gonna move on to my cookie please I’m gonna stop making sandwiches one-component I forgot I’m going to add ice cream because she said ice cream – that’s pods I remember she did the ice cream that is another thing that I’m gonna do point ray I’m gonna pop these in the oven to bake at like 350 just until they’re a little bit golden on the edges okay now I’m making Omaha YUM so with the glaze you usually add some sort of liquid – powdered sugars so milk or heavy cream but because I’m adding lemon juice it’ll do the trick easy peasy lemon squeezy easy peasy lemon literally so I got my cookies out there looking good just like lightly golden on the edges I’m gonna just finish my sandwich cheese I like to pee my oh my gum do you want to describe what QP is you be my Japanese Mayo it’s tasteful that’s better Wow I think it’s msg to be honest with you I heard it’s a lie that it’s bad for you yeah I knew that and I want Linda to know I did a youth egg so it’s gonna be a open-faced song huh I’m gonna start peeling these off I try to be really careful so I don’t break them hopefully this works so cool plating my dish I’m so proud it’s looking so good and I think she’s gonna really like it but now I have to make my drink so I’m a just cooking strawberry ice cream I’m gonna start with ice since I’m making a slushy lemon juice sugar the blueberries it is good a nice cuz the berries give it like a speckled look which is kind of like the pixie dust so it’s definitely not blue but [Music] whoa oh it looks great we did it yeah well I’m not very sure who’s going to win this funny but let’s go find out yeah I’m happy how it turned out it’s colorful it looked awesome it looks so cool and I have my secret weapon which is my color-changing drink I’m super confident this point I really didn’t know what was gonna happen today but I am so proud I didn’t give her every flavor she mentioned but it looks spot-on to her picture I am Dhar sandwich [Music] both changing killings I cannot see how facial expression but that’s the sound I wanted to hear [Music] is as rigid and I do so powerful egg on top I suddenly realized I don’t know if she had a pop rocks before I hope she likes it strawberry oh wow that came out flying that’s the cookie that will is definitely a cookie with every run ended up a buck to top up daddy what’s happening but it sounds like she’s liking it I don’t know when is this developed up look like the wood poot of it you know what I bet Perry’s poo glitter so I’ll take that one back hey Jason eight all right so Linden which one did you like sound retreat ice cream or a cookie smoothie I [Applause] finally won [Music] you