oh good oh wait hey I’m Alexis senior food specialist here at tasty my friends have challenged me to cook with a coffee maker I did that a clothing iron I did that too but let’s see what my producer has in store at this time oh boy you have yourself a microwave however you cannot do any research that seems fair I feel like I probably need to elevate it a bit more than a mug cake good luck my friend thank you like this is too easy like I’m being tricked microwaves are a really common kitchen appliance that people use to cook with every day I know I could make a meal in a microwave but I really want to challenge myself to make something really unexpected so I feel good maybe for the first course I’m going to make beet dyed deviled eggs as I was going to get eggs someone was like eggs are going to explode in the microwave so I’m going to put the beet in this dish and pour a little water in it so like kind of steams to cook it maybe five minutes three minutes I’ll start start start slow [Music] okay oh there’s a potato function over here and a beet is kind of similar to tail wait wait I mean this is great that it has the potato function take some guesswork out but it takes 12 minutes it’s gonna be a long day I felt antsy I feel like excited to see if this works I’m patient let’s say oh we’re good so I’m just gonna boil the vinegar and water and salt that I’m gonna have the beach what am i doing okay well it’s humbly expressed time which is 30 seconds so maybe I’m gonna be doing everything in 30-second intervals so because the beet is tender now I can actually just peel the skin right off oh my god this is gonna be crazy so if I was doing this at home I would do it in an oven roast it doesn’t really matter what size there cut into it’s just for dyeing the pickling liquid the pickling liquid looks really beautiful colors really intense this beautiful magenta dude this one I’m so bad at this yeah what am I doing wrong like I just wanted to go wait what did you just do but wait but why would I do that didn’t work okay so if you were gonna hard boil an egg but in a microwave seven minutes that feels aggressive I’m gonna go with six minutes we can do it again moment of truth cool it down just a hair I feel so nervous I’m doing a really bad job peeling is it so hot the white feels very very good I honestly hadn’t considered if it was overcooked I don’t really good I’m just gonna cool these down so I can actually peel them the longer you let the eggs sit in the pickling liquid the more pink it’ll get I’ve been really nice for about 25 minutes now but I’m on my last one I’m gonna move on to the lemon bars this is where my confidence starts to wane I’m gonna melt some butter or if the crust so I’ve got some flour powdered sugar pinch of salt I’m going for a faux shortbread crust per usual I’m just wondering if a crust is actually going to cook in our microwave this isn’t like an oven I’m not being able to really bake it so I think the key for this is gonna go slowly and like doing in increments and checking just so nothing gets really like fried gonna press this down it’s not the finest crust over Purnima so the bottom layer [Music] pizza probably to reheat pizza maybe I’ll just do two minutes and see what happens [Music] it’s kind of cooking baking I think I’ll do two more minutes and see what happens I really want to make sure that the flour is no longer brawl if we can get a firm crust that would be great so I have these amazing lemons they’re Meyer lemons so this is what I’m gonna use to make my curd and I’m gonna try to make candied lemon peel with these like beautiful smooth lemons Oh No it’s burnt the good news is that there is some color on the crust bad news is that I burnt this so let me give it a taste [Music] don’t love the texture I’m just gonna do it again for less time and see what happens it smells really bad in here I’m gonna multitask and at least get the lemon peels in some hot water the thing is I can’t look up any of the stuff so all the timing and the voltage is just what I think is right and I don’t know what’s right so two candy lemons first add the peels to boiling water to remove the bitterness butter is good at this back in research would have been really nice just gonna say that I’m also gonna fork prick the some of the air can get out I think that might have to I’ll do two minutes two minutes and then like one minute and see what happens and then I’m gonna make a simple syrup with sugar and water it feels a little chaotic right now no it’s getting like a dark spot in the middle I use this maybe this is fine I mean this is like a pale pale pale pale pale prospect put you over here there’s America Meyer lemons have a more sweet subtle flavor than traditional lemons they’re amazing Oh sugar and water are dissolved at the peels in and usually you would simmer this over really low heat but again can’t do that so I’m just gonna let it hang out so we’ve got eggs sugar a pinch of salt and I’m gonna add a pinch of cornstarch and then lemon juice so far this is like you would make regular Kurt I’m gonna try microwaving it in 1 minute intervals this doesn’t work we’ll just do it again it feels like I’ve like buried my nose inside of a burnt popcorn bag it’s hard to imagine that this is going to thicken this so usually you’d be simmer in it but it actually looks like pretty thick and syrupy it smells really good whoa so one thing is going well we’re gonna have just candied lemon peel for dessert oh it does the kiss oh my god kind of chunky but I’m gonna taste it I think I’ll put it through the sieve to get any chunks out I wonder if this is enough now I guess I’m microwave it again so if I was doing this at home I would put it in the oven for a few minutes just to help it set maybe Express I’m going back to Express that feels right 30 seconds I’m going to slice up my little candied lemon peel and toss it with some sugar and let it dry I think I’m just gonna chill it and hope for the best we’re finally at the entree I’m going to make tomato chips creamy polenta and halibut and this idea to not roast garlic but kind of got that a similar thing I’m going to lop the top off bowl a little salt so I would usually just roast this really low and slow for a while but let’s see what happens if we do potato I I just like this idea to make tomato chips and actually do a little salt the salts just gonna draw some more moisture out of them just because I want them to be as dry as possible when I do put them in the microwave I’m gonna try to make the polenta I’m gonna use milk you could use chicken stock you could do water maybe the milks bad idea in this case though I don’t some salt I’m just like something is fishy here something’s wrong [Music] how’d intervene sorry smoking oh it’s like on fire I don’t want to say this is a disaster quite yet but this is really not going very well well garlic was best which changes some things so I’m gonna move on to the polenta and see if this works you know maybe it was potato maybe potato was too intense it’s so hot in here it’s like at least eighty degrees and it smells like burnt popcorn it this is going badly how do I know of this not good my confidence level right now is honestly at a like a three at least have can do nothing for you voilá thing is I can’t let my confidence level dip too far because then I’m gonna start messing up it’s not over yet oh my god I honestly like I this is a disaster what is happening I mean maybe it’s fine no no no this is unraveling have you taken me down in three episodes so I’m gonna put one fillet I put some tarragon sometime that’s capers would you like to ask my confidence level it’s about it to sinking right down remember when I was like I’m gonna inspire people to cook in their dorm rooms alive better see how this goes I am so nervous like what if I just don’t do it that’s right so can just let is he oh speaking of all the smells I’m now the person who puts fish in the microwave yeah I got cocky I knew it was a trick knew it was too good to be true it feels like tiny bit overdone to me I can put something on the plate I’m gonna cook off some more fish for real this time I feel like it should save one just in case I think my fish is done let’s just see what happens when we put tomatoes on microwave look at those eggs this is really at the moment of truth oh they’re beautiful the eggs feel a little hard not gonna lie the magenta here is like even more intense than some of the ones I’ve made in the past but I really like it this is gonna be really simple mayonnaise a mustard called it it’s not great it’s not right maybe they will be distracted by how pretty there is or not the most [Music] eggs my friends they’re so cute oh my god I’m gonna chill these in the fridge and top them with chives and bacon event I guess I should see the lemon bars huh the curd looks good it’s not really a pretty even layer here but you guys this is not good I don’t know if we could really call this a lemon bar I’m stressing since these it’s just fun if I can just get one nice square I’ll be thrilled [Music] there’s a square I mean look it’s not focus on if I can just plate things really beautifully maybe it’ll distract them no this is not a thing no one wants to eat this a soggy tomato anyway it’s fine someone’s just gonna get fish what is the plan Bacon’s last thing words of wisdom nope good is there a bacon function bacon in the microwave what I’m doing this thing I’m just worried of whoever tastes this is gonna be like oh you’re a terrible cook [Music] guys good rubbery is kind of like the theme of today honestly this is as good as it’s gonna get right now do I get to know who’s gonna try this Oh God well this is my new boss Oh I’ve prepared a three-course meal I’m so excited I’m so excited for you to the first course our beep died deviled eggs with chives and bacon thank you so much I wasn’t trying to eat this elegantly I think there’s no way that’s Burt Alyssa all right the Bacon’s really crispy the egg whites are the Chinese bit rubbery honest the other than that I think it’s pretty delicious okay course to wit sort of a minimalist thing it’s a halibut just tell about the plating is really pretty [Music] should I just leave it’s not my favorite fish dish sure fine fine feels like a badge of honor right now for your third course you have a lemon bar with some candied lemon peel on top similar though maybe your own I did in a great way coz the curd is super smooth the first and the third were really good I really don’t know what phrases you had to do to get to this place but not bad well do you want to know what what they put me up later you got to turn around did you cook it in this microwave all three courses done in a microwave how did you get the crust crispy the first one burned which is why the room smells like this I was concerned about the burning fume smell when I came in but I didn’t super impressed that you did that in the microwave I was just really like a stove I’m gonna finish it well over there Thanks oh that was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do here I hate microwaves it turns out I never want to cook with one again but I also feel like maybe I have redemption in my future if I can research no hopefully next time will be easier better honestly give me a coffee maker again [Music]