I’m Christina Tosi the chef founder and owner of milk bar today we are going to be giving my childhood favorite peanut butter and jelly a baked over we are here in our Los Angeles milk bar the spirit of milk bar has come in your welcome but I knew there was something that we were missing you don’t actually even know all the crazy things that we’re dreaming up that don’t even make it to the menu it was just a great idea we had it we had a great time by the lab is an invitation into our kitchen and a few times a week we open that window which is our moments where we’re bringing these ideas that have inspired us to life here to be my thought partner I got my bestie over here Scotty B who’s the chef of milk pylab here in LA I’m talking about peanut butter and jelly and I think we should create something that is our love letter to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich there’s this textural dream that comes with the bite of a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have that sort of cloud like bounce of the two layers of bread then all of a sudden you get this burst of flavor and your mind is trying to chase around what’s happening that sweet fruity flavor that you get from the jelly or the jam it’s therapy its gelatinous when you have a bite it is it’s like fireworks in your mouth right a peanut butter and jelly sandwich always gets the job done we definitely have our plan I’m gonna put it to the test we’re gonna answer some questions about layers and texture it’s a loaf cake it’s a little love letter – peanut butter and jelly all right let’s get to work if you’re doing a play on PB&J strawberry jam strawberry jam on to play agree so what do you do there I like doing a frozen so maybe it’s for a baby right we have a plan okay so first up the sorbet my best recommendation buying strawberries is the smaller the better and the red or the better and you want your strawberry sorbet to be as punchy as possible pour them into your blender and puree the heck out of them so from there strawberry puree just into the finest mesh sieve that you have at home so all that you have left is the most bright fruity strawberry puree smells amazing in here we’re gonna put the ingredients together to make the strawberry puree into a strawberry sorbet based and as a stabilizer the easiest thing to use is gelatin this sheet gelatin is going to go into a bowl of water and I like to add a few Ice Cube’s to make sure my water is nice and cold it takes two or three minutes so while we wait for that to happen on a stovetop we’re gonna heat up the smallest amount of this strawberry puree and just some granulated sugar we’re gonna add in this stuff this is glucose it’s an inverted sugar corn syrup at home will do as well this actually helps keep the mouthfeel nice and smooth a little bit of kosher salt and then for a little extra kick citric acid you don’t have access to citric acid a little squeeze of lemon will do the only thing about lemon is that it’s going to impart a little bit of flavor so if you’re using sheet gelatin it should be fully flimsy almost jellified from there you plop it into your pan and you can see just contact – he starts to melt that gelatin into the mixture and I turn it off the second that that gelatin disappears entirely into our mixture standard ice cream maker whether it’s a plug in a hand turn it’ll all do the trick you’re gonna pour that sorbet base straight into the Machine and let er rip for as ever long it takes to bring that sorbet to this really beautiful fluffy but frozen strawberry sorbet state we can’t just use peanut butter 1 because we’re now talking about some sort of frozen layer right my grandma used to always make this peanut butter pie it was a lightened peanut butter but it was like cream cheese base whipping peanut butter and cream cheese almost gives you like a ganache right and then lighten it up with some whip cream I think that’s a super idea I grew up with southern sensibilities and nothing is better to me than in a butter pie if you haven’t had it you need to get some it’s very simple it always starts with cream cheese now most people when they’re mixing anything with cream cheese try and add too many ingredients together and cream cheese is really tricky we’re gonna make sure it’s a nice temperature and paddle it down first before we start to add the other ingredients I’m gonna add my creamy peanut butter to the mixture I’m gonna add half of it first just to make sure the cream cheese doesn’t start to lump up with this peanut butter cream to be nice and smooth give the bowl little scrape down and I add the rest of the peanut butter now that it’s coming together we just sweetened the peanut butter so we’re you can use confectioners sugar confectioner sugar itself has a tendency to want to clump up as well so we’re gonna add the confectioner sugar half and then the other half looks nice and smooth so to that last half of confectioner sugar you’re gonna add some kosher salt it’s nutty the sweetness is starting to come out we may need to make it nice and light so that it mimics the texture on some level of that strawberry sorbet we’re gonna do that by bringing heavy cream into the mixture we need some vanilla extract and I’m going to very slowly start to stream the heavy cream into the peanut butter mixture until it comes together and loosens up pick your realtalk the mixing of anything is like really where it requires time and attention so take your time the secret when you’re trying to add whipped cream to anything is you first have to sacrifice a small amount into whatever it is that you want to accept it it’s really getting the mixture ready so that I can fold the remaining cream in my goal is not to deflate the whipped cream I wanted to stay light and fluffy and I try to always make sure that my spatula ends so that I’m not pushing the air out of the whipped cream so every bit of that white whipped cream has incorporated entirely into the mixture what do you think about like raisin you get the swirl you get another pop of sweetness from the raisins and it looks great are you basically making an ice-cream sandwich then dude right mad at that like how many layers does it go is there texture in it there’s a room back in the loaf pan it’s also kind of cheeky because you’ve got a little pair of a loaf of bread it’s a loaf cake let’s do a cinnamon raisin bread to me is one of those magical things really makes me feel like my imagination is churning I am going to layer the cinnamon raisin bread in the pan it is a perfect game of bread Tetris I was a very big Game Boy girl in the 90s been training for this moment all my life first layer of bread is down I’m gonna use 1/4 of this peanut butter cream if you have an offset spatula at home it will be really helpful in judging that peanut butter cream in two corners of the loaf pan from here off to the freezer for about 5 minutes max all right so strawberry sorbet is one nice beautiful even layer across the peanut butter we’re gonna add peanut butter cream again another quarter of the cream and it can go straight on top of the strawberry sorbet we’re gonna use another quarter of that peanut butter cream and do the same thing all over again and bring it to the freezer three to five minutes before you finish it off [Music] all right so from here this PB&J loaf cake goes off to the freezer 20-30 minutes and slice away it’s time to take a look tap and pull that looks great my friends I’m so excited I mean that’s mighty handsome I would say it looks delicious and what’s going on here you going crunchy I threw together a key nut brittle that I’m gonna crush it oh that’s brilliant PB&J is all about smooth and creamy and rich no I love it fantastic really smooth well crush it I’ll eat six portions and then be like dinner what all right my biggest question is do you think it’s ready to call in the lab camille i think it’s perfect i suppose any one hundred-percent meets peanut butter and jelly all right so you heard it here peanut butter and jelly bake over into this peanut butter and jelly loaf cake is gonna be available through Scotty’s window and milk bar lab you come up and you go are you crunchy or smooth follow us online at milk bar lab to figure out when that happens you’re far away food la that’s okay you can get all your milk bar faves at milk bar Starcom sending a care package depending a care package to yourself is such a good place that’s a strong move we’re here for you we’re here we will make it for you Scottie so we will make it for you do it in England we will make it alright we will make it for you [Music]